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98 inches of FAT black Booty

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skater8 1 month ago
Her azz is reTHICKulous
bidude01 2 months ago
would love her to sit that ass on my face
Bigd8176 4 months ago
Doubt if it's 98 inches, but it is gross....eeeeewwwwww!!!
biggurlgiter 5 months ago
Nothin better than 98 inches of big wide hip ass
gergawy 9 months ago
Gonna get rough up in there!
defonx 1 year ago
New fav !
DarkChocolateStick 1 year ago
There is nothing sexier than a plus seize, sultry, vivacious, voluptuous, curvaceous woman
wifelives4bbc 1 year ago
I'd want her to gain 2 more so she's be an even 100 inches.
blondii 1 year ago
Amazing gal!!! yummy..
ange-demon 1 year ago
knopf87 1 year ago
name of the girl?? want more!!
rockella 1 year ago
onlyhardriders 1 year ago
I like huge asses...but hers just looks like a molted pile of butter.....still would though..
kellysabrina27 1 year ago
Greatttttt shaped girl
bbwfan77 2 years ago
I loves me some huge nigga ass. YUM!
Sikegraffiti 2 years ago
Mmmm delicious
Jack_Maccash 2 years ago
what a bootyfull sight
cjdog 2 years ago
I want to play with all that ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iloveredneckchicks 2 years ago
DAM!Mmmm MMMmmmm Good
sillymanhaha 2 years ago
Damn I thought she was going to break his dick when she dropped her ass down on it.
greendino 2 years ago
98 inches id love to bury my face into forget a plasma id like to stare at 98 inches of mmm tasty allday
insurgence 2 years ago
That ass is immense. She moans so good.
zaphodbeeblebrox_ 2 years ago
"use the whole bottle of this mufucka" I can't take it!
blowes 2 years ago
iyearn4u 2 years ago
She's incredible!! Thanks!!
drewskie94 2 years ago
WOW that is a big ass
billonthepill 2 years ago
fat tramp.
chocolate48 2 years ago
OMG! she can ride me anytime! Love that big beautiful ASS!!!
sweetbeebo 2 years ago
i want that huge ass to sit on my face ^__^ !
knowledg 2 years ago
these damn comments are comical as hell.
Thank you