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Best of Letha Weapons compilation

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bigddluvr 6 months ago
Cum cumshots cummmmmmm
caca51 8 months ago
Great post !
InquiZitor_bmw 9 months ago
dizzy123456789 10 months ago
crossfyres 1 year ago
She is angelic and nasty. I crave her.
MirabeauLamar 1 year ago
Did she ever do a video where she actually swallowed a man's sperm? I don't think so.
jamnallnight 1 year ago
fire67 1 year ago
Do you have any more old school big tit comp. Would love to see em!!!!
rojoe1958 2 years ago
love love love her
facialking 2 years ago
134:00 = pumping Leisa's mouth with her white blouse spread open and huge tits swinging!
facialking 2 years ago
Absolutely outstanding compilation of her best work!
WyldOne 2 years ago
Yummy, thanks!
jasonbowles 2 years ago
wm76 3 years ago
Very nice Compilation
nj_pik 3 years ago
Outstanding. Thank you.
hornygoat69 3 years ago
iluvbigtittys 3 years ago
Amazing compilation
Zardoz79 3 years ago
good comp
dogface999 3 years ago
thankyou so much for this stunning collection. Letha is simply the sexiest woman that ever lived.
toommy11 3 years ago
very long post.uhh.;-) thx.
wwmike 3 years ago
she is so hot
mojoincc 3 years ago
"Do you want me to face you?" She is professional.
mojoincc 3 years ago
If you don't love this, you don't love porn.
skieviking 3 years ago
goodfoot 3 years ago
Geez, I gotta watch more porn!! I didn't know there was 178 minutes of Letha footage in the world. MUCH appreciated!!
tom_thumb 3 years ago
Fantastic post. Just love love Letha and some great cumshots. 5 stars!
GotJuggz 3 years ago
I live Letha Weapons...5 stars
SaintlySinner 3 years ago
Terrific compilation of this busty stripper turned porn star. 5 stars and thank you for your efforts, they are appreciated by breast men everywhere. :)
Hauser309 3 years ago
Ah. Such a classic beauty.
tonsoffun 3 years ago
Thank you