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lesbians seduction

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mr_spinalzo 1 month ago
I really like this. Especially the sweet and shy young girl.
astenalesbian 3 months ago
perfect girl
Aida_Ismurzenowa 4 months ago
У этого видео 2 неверные категории: это старые+ молодые и биссексуалы.
metal_dude 5 months ago
kevlicks 6 months ago
I don't know! Haven't film makers got it yet? A Lesbian Vampire bites the CLIT for heavens sake!
m49nyc 9 months ago
zoisteele69 1 year ago
Johnnybi 1 year ago
Strange - this poor lady can't afford a proper street door.
crazycamel 1 year ago
hoot vampire
kellymansb 1 year ago
Yeaah.. that about sums it up on g45 lame-o. Thanks for taking the time to load up & fire both barrels, pretty Lady.
in reply to Princess18 (Show the comment)
matilde21 1 year ago
Superb..nasty delicious...
mr_spinalzo 1 year ago
Very erotic.
hornydesiguy 2 years ago
truly seductive
link to the full vid here
chrisp1 2 years ago
Loved the vid ... the actors played their parts and gave a show that had the ingredients I look for and love, lesbian Old/young and seduction ... I have only 1 complaint, would liked it to have been longer! :)
jsw34 2 years ago
hot as hell the the vampire sucking her dry makes it even better.
I see the plot as something like this.
Innocent little virgin schoolgirl easily seduced by vampires seduction mind control.
She had no idea as soon as she stepped into the room she had given her body and soul to evil, and would would be dead within 30 minutes, she died while having her 1st sexual experience and was so into her orgasm she had no idea she was slowly dying.
her remains will be found by hunters sometime in a few years and no one will ever know how she died.
seagull64 3 years ago
very cute little schoolgirl all ways wanted to fuck a little schoolgirl
Harryharper 3 years ago
loved it xxxxxxx
lykfckng 3 years ago
The mature has real cute boobs
lykfckng 3 years ago
best seduction ever seen
jons2468 3 years ago
Holy shit, watching this high is the weirdest experience ever. First the crazy singing monk music and then she's a vampire at the end? What the fuck just happened?
pure_n 3 years ago
she's a vampire ! O.O
ville34 3 years ago
Nov. 2, 2012. So sensual, so HOT, so ...... Great.
ahmedali456 3 years ago
kevlicks 4 years ago
Beautiful young girl meets beautiful older girl. A film that would be improved by being explicit. Don't do lesbian if you're not lesbian or bi.
Sara32 4 years ago
Forgive me father, for I am about to sin.... And be a very naughty little girl. Mmmm misty. Love that line and I've used it a few times myself now. Tee hee! X
Princess18 4 years ago
Hey georgek45 u are 1 lame mothafucka hahahaha.. The coment u made woz so dumb. if u think of this movie that way then every porn moie is fake or should i say porn is Scripted lol. U are 1 stupif fool. If u dont like the movie then shut da fuck up and dont watch it u dumb retard and get a life lol.
georgek45 4 years ago
Wow was this filmed in the 70's? The video quality stinks and the outfits and interior design are insanely dated. Also what was with the cheesy zoom transition when they walked into the other room? Did a 12 year old edit this on his Windows computer? And then the "porno" music starts, which involves singing that sounds like monks in a monastery because nothing puts people in the mood like listening to monks sing. When they start getting frisky their is a fog overlay effect. Why on Earth was that put in was the editor trying to tell us to burn are computers rather than watch this pitiful attempt at a dirty film? And then there is the twist ending where the older woman turns out to be a vampire, only there is no build up or hints at all towards this idea. It's as if the director got bored and had some extra fake teeth laying around so he just through that in for no reason what so ever. All in all this movie was down right terrible, it's horrendous structure makes it more of a bad comedy than a porno.
Legionaer 4 years ago
Very nice, thx!
LSM1982 4 years ago
That'a Paige Richards seducing schoolgirl Misty Mundae (stage name of Erin Brown) from "My Vampire Lover." Great Lesbian erotica videos by Seduction Cinema.
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