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Mature Woman Seduces Shy Young Girl...F70

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Islander3 23 days ago
Privatandnice 1 month ago
I love it
alan1953 2 months ago
That's fantastic
ginio0 5 months ago
Cockstrokeme 7 months ago
Great Post
chrisp1 1 year ago
Straight to faves! My fav theme,old and young lesbian loving. thanks.
aussie2004 1 year ago
This one's a keeper!
FTR745 1 year ago
She looks delicious!
Sneakyfox 1 year ago
Heya Gimme2!
I noticed your profile picture (from one of your posts) and was instantly drawn to it. I was hoping this was actually you and to possibly link up as "friends" here on the site. Please feel free to check out my profile and gain a little background, and you can see what a turn on women, as in your depiction, really are to me. I don't generally accept many friend requests or ask too often, but loved your picture and felt compelled to write. Either way, hope all is well.
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Sneakyfox 1 year ago
pretty good...about 15 mins in, it was a real plus to see the older woman at least lick that angel's butthole for a little while...
ginio0 1 year ago
Gimme2 1 year ago
yum yum
mr_knowledge 1 year ago
please . some 1 msg me with their names .cheers
maggymay 1 year ago
That's gone to favorites
Mature is damn hot
EleventhSon 1 year ago
Wonderful film. Hot, Saved.
jynxie 1 year ago
she is hot
masternice 2 years ago
hot milf
GeilerBengel24 2 years ago
so hot
BillLumbergh 2 years ago
The young girl is Marina Maywood. Natasha Skinski is the milf.
istrokedaily 2 years ago
Young girl looks like Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse on HBO's True Blood).
mr_knowledge 2 years ago
I still cant find name of the younger 1,aaahh
50Shades_ 2 years ago
One of the best videos. Love the mature, sweet and sensual seduction.
Frontierman86 2 years ago
Please, what are the names of the girls (or also of one of the girls) or from what this video comes? Thanks!
totti13 2 years ago
who is the mature milf?
vengoo 2 years ago
mr_knowledge 2 years ago
YES, a lesbian vid without a strap-on . now thats real LEZBO
michel58 2 years ago
AWESOME, elles ont l'air de jouir pour de vrai, Quand je carresse une fille, je suis comme la blonde, la main dans la chatte
wiccan999 3 years ago
She didn't seduce her, she blackmailed her.
marissajaquay9169 3 years ago
this is why im addicted to sex
marissajaquay9169 3 years ago
this is why im addicted to sex
Thank you