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Door-to-door Salesman

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purdyboi 4 months ago
I had the DVD a while back. Can't remember what title is. Anyone know? Salesman is definitely hot!
bramstroker1 5 months ago
yeah, that vintage music is pretty irritating, ha!
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andyst 5 months ago
Hot top, cheesy soundtrack what's not to love?
bretonp 11 months ago
o fuck what a salesjob
espanotimido 1 year ago
clean towel alright!!
maxmanx4 1 year ago
Oh hell yes !
horny_bob 1 year ago
I agree. The mouth humping starting at 6:45 was too much to me to take much longer. It's a good thing I had my paper towel handy at 8:55 because I shot out a pretty sizable amount of sperm in a total full-body orgasm.

Thank God I have xhamster as an outlet for it. I pretty much live for my penis, and basically have to--it doesn't give me much choice in the matter.
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countrylover8124 1 year ago
GREAT!!!! "A++++" Keep "UP" the excellent work my friend!
Axelg58 2 years ago
Totally hot and very whackable. Both guys are stunning and the sucking and fucking is excellent. The "home owner" delivers an amazing cum shot.
doug_denis 3 years ago
very hot.
superculo 3 years ago
da sborrata a fontana
superculo 3 years ago
spielzeug 3 years ago
love the story line :-)
AlecinMD 3 years ago
I have this DVD this scene is hot !
kok2010 3 years ago
lol... :)
ParkerMN 3 years ago
Great Vid!
tinyweenersean 3 years ago
WOW! Awesome vid.. simply AWESOME. What a hotty of a salesman! xxxxx
TMitchMd 3 years ago
If this hot men ever came to my door, I'd invite him in with a promise of two big donations. One monitary and one hot and creamy in his hole and encourage him to reciprocate with just a creamy one. Great, short posting, thanks.
tawser 3 years ago
The salesman is so fucking cute!
chris279 3 years ago
my door is always open
kameron 3 years ago
v hot n sexy
Antoine71 3 years ago
Great vid!
jobuddy 3 years ago
awesome vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love to see your collection?!?
Thank you