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Jamila De Marokkaanse Slet - Part 1

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monstercock_69 5 months ago
this is so racist if you understand dutch...
sam_i_i 7 months ago
that hijab makes her real pious doesnt it? fuckin arabs
jayt1 7 months ago
Nice lady
asilboy 10 months ago
şhe is not hijabi not real
master-chief 1 year ago
wow that's racist. Cute girl though.
imbadboy 1 year ago
dutch wc handwashing in the kitchen lol..
tomi50j 1 year ago
güzel natasa
klesk100 1 year ago
Beautiful women, both Moroccan and Dutch! I did not think that women in hijab could be so sexy!
roby2u 1 year ago
Heerlijk hoofddoek mag ze ophouden als ze wil maar de rest mag uit. Wat een lekker sletje.
xiloumbo 1 year ago
marvelous video ,she is so sensual girl . i love when she is on toilettes and after show her small and lovely breat with piercing hhhhhhuuumm . she had a lovely pussy nice hair tiket nice lips and lovely round ass hhhhhhuuummmmmand marvelous small back door . yes more video !!!!!!
Eichel11 1 year ago
wow - hot girls
edl_hijabisluts 1 year ago
Can someone translate what they are saying to her? At least the so called racist things...
brown14bill144 1 year ago
cute Thanks for the posting
Ludwig202 1 year ago
Good video. Thanks for sharing!
pornjunkiee 1 year ago
lmfao at bobolover and belcikaliturk91 and the asskisser buzz_ they both know they got a boner bc of this vid p.s. the dutch guy is saying to the muslimbitch to keep that ugly towel of her head because she is much prettier without that thing and I agree but she don't have to throw it away because she needs something to wipe the sperm of her face lol

@ InterracialFreak I TOTALLY agree with u these leftthinking pussys need to shut the fuck up and just enjoy the porn!!! there are a lot of muslims sucking dick but when the so called religious men (who actually are more haram then hitler) are confronted with it they deny it but when they're all alone they jack off!!
W8jack 1 year ago
Don't waste your time on this shit, it will only bring you an erectile dysfunction. Never the less i will still dream of a real Moroccan beauty.
jerry12-12-2012 1 year ago
If they came to the market, the local sluts will be
tawfi9 1 year ago
no she arab slet she loking only to get money and she from morocco she like to do thie becouse he ask her and she agree and most her family know this
anal-mania 1 year ago
what ıs thıs??? fuck you
hard4hijabis 1 year ago
Damn!! Jobs are hard to come by in the credit crunch!!
BelcikaliTurk91 1 year ago
vuile racisten!
bartmanplc 1 year ago
InterracialFreak 1 year ago
Why don't you weak-chinned, gutless whiteboy motherfuckers lighten up and take a break - it's fucking porn, not cultural studies.

And to pharoae (here we go again with another Muslim hypocrite) Jamilla is either an Arab or a Berber, but definitely Muslim. What's the matter, are you actuallythat naive as to think Muslim women don't sell their asses or do porn? I guess you'll tell me Sahara Knite is actually black Irish? You Muslim internet porn addicts crack me the fuck up: you will watch --and jack off-- to all kinds of women sucking and fucking all kinds of cocks, but then become so perturbed when you see one of your own.
moe666666 1 year ago
fake and so fucking racist
buzz_ 1 year ago
agree with bobolover. The racism is actually pretty obvious - funny that, because the dutch ppl in the video come from a part of Holland that is considered slow in general; Brabant. Anyway not arousing on any level.... but they are probably to dimwitted to realise this...
Bobolover 1 year ago
This is wrong on so many levels.
They are making fun of Moroccans to a point it becomes racist.
And for what purpose.Like anybody would allow to be talked or
motivated like this in the real world.How is this arousing?
casinocock 1 year ago
Nieuwe Inburgeringscursus?! lol
abidmuk 1 year ago
shes very pretty, looks lot like my friends hijabi wife. luved her tiny pert tits
pharaoe 1 year ago
very silly video btw
the girl is not at all arab!!
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