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Japanese Love Story 164

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Goldfishzz 7 months ago
why do so many of the Japanese videos get deleted, and who deletes them?
nivlac69 8 months ago
Now that is one you should watch with your lover weather they are a lady or man as for mind is a lady :-)
nipponolympics 1 year ago
Merci beaucoup!
This is a very nice series with classic atmosphere.
It is reminiscent of the classic old "pink films" (ピ ン ク 映 画), which were a mix of erotica and art film. The company Nikkatsu had made from the year 1971 to 1988 a total of 1,134 films novel (Romantic) porn films. Unfortunately, most probably lost or never digitized. So I find this series "Japanese Love Story" here is a good continuation of the old tradition of "pink films" (ピ ン ク 映 画).

Ce est une très belle série avec ambiance classique.
Il rappelle les vieux films "roses" classiques - "Pink Film" (ピ ン ク 映 画), qui étaient un mélange de l'érotisme et de film d'art. La société Nikkatsu avait fait de l'année 1971 à 1988 un total de 1134 nouveaux films (romantique) films porno. Malheureusement, la plupart probablement perdu ou jamais numérisé. Donc, je trouve cette série "Love Story japonais" ici est une bonne continuation de la vieille tradition des «Pink Film" (ピ ン ク 映 画).
jyllis 1 year ago
I love this...Thank you for sharing.
susanno 1 year ago
where is the full version? Can you post the full movie?Thank you for the great scene!!
Mixa13 1 year ago
Great video, i love it !
Akimine 2 years ago
The one in all black and leather is Yui Misa. Not sure who the other one is but they have done other videos together that are just as good and passionate as this one as well. :)
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oldenboys 2 years ago
Despite it being censored...the passion makes up for most this scene.
mcbtws 2 years ago
Delicious girls. Thanks.
yurirezubian84 2 years ago
tear that ass UP!
loco4women 3 years ago
Amazing! Real hot
nipplelover155 3 years ago
asterixxx68 3 years ago
who is the acctress?
johnsshelby 3 years ago
title of this vid should be.. 'when tongues colide'
welcome7 3 years ago
these 2 have done other videos together
luvdapus 3 years ago
love this series~
rosiesux 3 years ago
kentama 3 years ago
wpro1 3 years ago
very hot, thanks
mib14 3 years ago
I like most of it, especially the beginning when they kiss and make out in the stairs
jbl8199 3 years ago
Ugh. The spitting crap is really gross. I wouldn't mind seeing a classy Asian movie, but not this stuff. Yuck.
naoekanemura 3 years ago
willholl 3 years ago
Well I guess thats how they do things on the other side of the world.
grovestreet 3 years ago
super hot
luvinasians 3 years ago
I am really DOWN with two cute Asian Girls who are obviously, desperately HUNGRY for each other ... but, when they stick their tongues out 5-6 inches, is that supposed to be SUPER EROTIC ??
seneca_crane 3 years ago
die japaner sind schon echt ein komisches volk. aber geil anzusehen.:-)
Thank you