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Madhamish 1 month ago
Very interesting.
stevie6808 1 year ago
love insex
exiter65 1 year ago
very love
mike108 1 year ago
PD was probably a liberal, as am I, but I don't think he could have sold this stuff any other way. Fundamentally, I think PD was on the right track, even if it drives CP people like me nuts!
offerus 2 years ago
"N'oublions pas que de cette guerre les fascistes garderont non seulement l'amertume de la défaite, mais aussi le voluptueux souvenir des assassinats en masse aisément effectués." Vassili Grossman, "L'Enfer de Treblinka".
rob0cop 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing
emtedal 2 years ago
I like most of the videos,you have uploaded,please go on!
subtaker 2 years ago
Very interesting - not seen this before. Insex is pretty much the best of volume commercial softcore bdsm filmsters. There's nothing insane or genuinely brutal about this work - people are happy to spend money to buy it and people are happy to earn money from making it - hence you see some half-decent actresses on it. There's no edge or element of risk or real fear - bit like the paint by numbers vanilla porn that's churned out by the bucketload in the States - anyhow I'm sure they are all well insured. At least they have the balls to actually make it.
marquis1993 2 years ago
as time goes by.
Chewielie 2 years ago
great! lorelei lee was really sweet when she was young :)
jennytvhure 2 years ago
absolutly great
fedor14 3 years ago
this guy should serve 3 death sentences in a row
Yudiputa 3 years ago
What is the name of the Asian actress?
_munt_ 3 years ago
fucking gold.thanks for the upload
pfis 3 years ago
Interesting documentary. PD should have been closed down by his models or their boyfriends for sexual harassment when he started demanding "play time" in exchange for work. The dude was total perv.
snafu5 3 years ago
what`s 411 real name. anyone ?
cblover 3 years ago
been a fan of PD & Insex like forever. This is good never saw this before.
kokotheclown 3 years ago
pokusitel 3 years ago
Great movie, thanks. Interesting seeing behind the scenes and to insex production environment.
Madhamish 3 years ago
Great seeing behind the scenes.
fastthinker 3 years ago
great movie, thanks for sharing
legendaryronnie 3 years ago
pd your are mentaly ill
SexyWriter 3 years ago
A marvellous insight into Insex
Chrs_Straight 3 years ago
The interview with PD is priceless.
Thank you