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HungHornyNEPA 14 hours ago
I hear ya there...some black guys I'm friends with told me that the 'all black guys have telephone poles for cocks' thing is a myth...YEAH, some of them have them but most of them are like you and me...not racist at all but I just don't see the attraction...there's nothing they've got that I can't give ya myself... :-)
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DirtyMinded59 20 days ago
Nice vid. Thanks for the upload; liked.
lerner9 26 days ago
A supreme bitch for BBC...
GinaSiv 2 months ago
some of the smallest black dicks i have ever seen...
gunter56 2 months ago
shes a hottie :) also dispels the myth that all black guys are hung :)
bowman321 2 months ago
She is some sexy slut.
Fredlake 2 months ago
Needed creampies
sxycpl2 6 months ago
gdugg 6 months ago
I love this video, but I absolutely hate that damned cameraman!!
lagaman2015 8 months ago
Incredibly sexual sexy woman!
klee_tt 9 months ago
a perfect vacation
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rivage5 9 months ago
extra A++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alamoman373 10 months ago
The only vacation a white couple should be allow to take.
broadstairs111 11 months ago
Love my wife to be that sexy!!
doitnow263 1 year ago
USA, Daytona Beach Florida, "Black Spring Break" most likely this video was shot in the 1990's
kroeteg 1 year ago
on witch country is that
damien29 1 year ago
seems like we have a lot in common fantasize about my wife with a bbc, she loves having me jerk off for her while she tells me about all the BBC that shes had in the past here is a lil video of her thinking about BBC while bent over and rubbing that sloppy wet squirting pussy of hers .... she dont squirt in this one but will be posting one soon of her squirting with a black dildo
x08090 1 year ago
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ratpackx 1 year ago
wish we had more background on this video....awesome
PornLovinB 1 year ago
very nice
Fredlake 1 year ago
She got cum everywhere except inside
toobigtofit 1 year ago
young and wild and free
freedomoffun 1 year ago
anyone have more of her?
woola 1 year ago
excellent vid =)
Cuckwannabe1983 1 year ago
wow i sooo want a wife like this
Tigga09 2 years ago
An African holiday suddenly becomes a lot more appealing :)
Dubai_Cuckold 2 years ago
ultra sexy wife, great hubby and nice stud
orly69 2 years ago
chadmanmn 2 years ago
All that black cock and she barely got fucked.
swcpl47 2 years ago
My wife is ready for a holiday like that.
Thank you