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All-Star Face Blasters Cumpilation III - TheDeGrader34

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gbm9 1 month ago
whos that little sweetheart at 38:40 ????
randomscore 10 months ago
the blonde ay around 4:40 - wow - anyone know her name??
dickpanter 10 months ago
omg..g8 fav
privatier 2 years ago
.. and awesome
mouth2fill 2 years ago
jizzshotmaster 2 years ago
apollo10 2 years ago
kann ich auch...
TheDegrader34 2 years ago
Kris Slater
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peternorthcum 2 years ago
who is that with the big shot name ( 34:40 - 42:30 ) ??
TheDegrader34 2 years ago
jesse loads monster She's on there
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jeromes2292 2 years ago
whos the girl around @ 31:11? damn
jeromes2292 2 years ago
I've been looking for those loni facial scenes!! thanks!
vinsent77 2 years ago
min.5: 12 I want to see my wife suck and then awash in the face of such a big dick
KCUM 2 years ago
I agree about the girl at 17:00 mark. She is fabulous and certainly inspires her cocks to great deeds.
Titus88 2 years ago
great loads on pretty faces
awesome sluts
crazytbone 2 years ago
my wife wants all these cumshots on her face while I watch then I go last
boro_cock 2 years ago
rediculously good
vivapaja 2 years ago
This is beyond awesomenes, thanks for you work !
TheDegrader34 2 years ago
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gazmoorgazmo 2 years ago
I don't know but, if you ever find out, please let me know. I found that one particularly erotic too. Nicely filmed, pretty little face and she really seemed to enjoy it too. Such a turn on...
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elricandjenn7 2 years ago
nicely done
Eugen1509 2 years ago
mihaitm 2 years ago
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TheDegrader34 2 years ago
Yup... anyone who's ever needed proof that James Deen is a bastard can find it right here in this clip lol
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p00nlvr 2 years ago
doesn't get better than 43:00
tiffanytvslut 2 years ago
Lucky sluts!
TheDegrader34 2 years ago
Oh, this is the last video I that I made when I retired from making videos. I didn't plan on coming back. During retirement, Some time had passed and while casually browsing, I began to realize that my presence as a cumpiler didn't really inspire as many as I had hoped it would because, after all, that was my primary reason for becoming one in the first place. It bothered me that most cumpilations were still terrible. It also bothered me that there were so many n00bs out there reposting other users' cumpilations bc they're too lazy to make their own stuff. I'm back temporarily but the next time I decide to step down, I step down permanently.
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dangerdick2007 2 years ago
why, where are you going?
TheDegrader34 3 years ago
Demi Delia
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mihaitm 3 years ago
what is the name of the blonde from min 52:15?
Thank you