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Mr. 18 Inch and a MILF. DP and anal. Classic.

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sissynancy4bbc 4 months ago
can't help but think of m_mmy taking them 2 nigga dicks
username22 7 months ago
Oh fuck! That's funny as shit. That worthless, bloodless cock needed special effects to fake a jizz shot. And still not smart enough to use a dark colored hose under his limp dick at the 24min mark. That lily white hose stands out against the darky skin. But in all seriousness, that's gotta suck to never be able to get a solid hard-on without passing out from lack of blood to the brain. Poor bastard was just pushing rope throughout this scene.
MUSTANG44 7 months ago
fishwacker 7 months ago
What a fake limp dick mother fucker. Not even smart enough to hide the special effects. I'll bet he was paid a lot for that stupid show. LOL
mad4mandingo 8 months ago
fuck all u haterz...that huge nigger dick is to be worshipped by all white ppl
big_titty_nikki 9 months ago
what a huge mutha fucka cock
ilovematurewomen1958 10 months ago
ALL milfs need to make a video like this!
migkiller 10 months ago
dang she a pig for dem nig nog cocks
makemelook 1 year ago
i hate his limp ass , hes so lame
seizedassets 1 year ago
lol 18inch dumbass has a straw showing at the end of scene !
faisal2002 1 year ago
chrisffn099 1 year ago
cavdar2 1 year ago
what a limp dick...
Danimal1 1 year ago
I guess tony duncan needs horse sized viagra pills these days
nounours47 1 year ago
letmeaste 1 year ago
CJ Bennett. A sweetheart, and a filthy, delicious woman.
pepper333 1 year ago
reminds me of my x wife when she fucked her daughters black boyfriend and his friend... but she was more nasty
Celine-Fache 1 year ago
excellent sexy vid. wish that was me between those studs... what a cock on the alpha bull ...
sweet_mistress_hanae 2 years ago
who is hotter? me or her?
n2horses666 2 years ago
I wish she were my wife, being used by those cocks.
charlie47123 2 years ago
Its an old vid but still one of the best around, for white woman training, letting them see the pleasure of the black cock, up there ass, inside her cunt, and down her throat, all part of making the good white slut,,
torkos17 2 years ago
i love the battle
yaniki 2 years ago
it will be hard to my wife to switch dirrectly from small dick to a huge one like that...but deffenetly she will enjoy a lot
ilovematurewomen1958 2 years ago
LongJohnSilver1 2 years ago
Whats the point if you have that big of a dick and cant get it up. Ridickulous. Nice post though
monica90 2 years ago
mmmmmm, that's how I like it!
Ibjorker 2 years ago
Love this, thanks so much for taking the time to post and share with us!
KRYROKK 2 years ago
jack42 2 years ago
wrigglepup1 2 years ago
Phew! :)
Thank you