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Chubby Girl Stripping 4

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ILoveSeattleFatChix 3 days ago
Adorably awkward! Her cat even makes an appearance. SO SEXY THOUGH! The smile. The confidence. The softbody & subtle gyrations to what's obviously one of her favorite songs. I'm in love! Doesn't hurt that she has a stunningly beautiful face as well! If anyone knows of anymore of her, please let me know.
Mryumyum001 3 months ago
Ur sexy
ChubbyloverNRW 6 months ago
Sexy girl
voyeurBBW 6 months ago
She is so cute and sexy
TomSojer 6 months ago
This is so great girl !!! 'd like to see more of her !!
12abe 7 months ago
Mrs. Cutie at her BEST
frozenstiff 11 months ago
Nobody cares.
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frozenstiff 11 months ago
The best looking girl on Xhamster! Even her black cat came to take a look.
intriquedbycg 12 months ago
still the cutest and sexiest ever and this is her best---- when she dances toward the camera at the end- she is just a heartbreaker!!!!!!!!!!
trevrep2014 1 year ago
Lovely pussy
wensuya 1 year ago
Would like to make her Tremble!
sweethardt 1 year ago
WOW such a cutie !!!
Marcishot 1 year ago
Hi everyone, I see you are all very fond of this girl, just as I am.

I can help revive this (only with a pic gallery) if you all can message me so I can see that people want this and so you can see it when it's up.

The torrent is effectively dead, though I know some loopholes which require a bit of time and mean I can only put up images. I don have much time a day but hopefully I can get it up very soon!

Please show some love and support for this girl!
Foxy_Stoat 1 year ago
What a cutie pie, she's so much fun love her moves. I want to pump my seed right in side of her.
jboogie2009 1 year ago
i like her confidence as well i really hope she comes back soon and makes more vids that would really make my day. it is intersting she looks a lot like this ecuadorian american neighbor i had in 2011 and she ended up moving away she moved to orlando florida some times i wonder what she is up to now. but anyway this chick on this video is a cutie would love to have anal sex with her she has a big ass very nice big ass watch all her vids you will see what i mean.
BananaPalmer 2 years ago
intriquedbycg 2 years ago
all her vids were 9 mths ago- wish she'd come back, I love her confidence
jlambertiank 3 years ago
What a cutie! She's fun and nicely plump!
GMan1979 3 years ago
I am madly in love with this woman! She is just too gorgeous and sweet.
wolfeye666 3 years ago
would have liked to see her thick ass...just sayin...
wolfeye666 3 years ago
so cute! love her confidence too :)
mtguy69 3 years ago
Cutie pie!
the_pickle 3 years ago
Song name is Help I'm Alive by Metric, in case anyone was wondering.
Phoenix_Guy 3 years ago
Anybody know who she is?
ron_burgundy 3 years ago
she is so cute..... i wanna take her home and bite all her amazing body
footlover1978 3 years ago
Super cute
CameraMan42 3 years ago
Super sexy!
LickerLicense 3 years ago
My only complaint is not getting to see her ass.
lifeonmars 3 years ago
love to fuck her pussy, got me a raging hardon, nice!!!
bcknight 3 years ago
Why was she wearing a belt under her tits?
Thank you