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White couples with their Black Men - cuckold

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Fuckthemhard 14 hours ago
A Cuckold Mattress! oh that is a new low! Mmmm
pornvoyeur 1 month ago
nice compilation
N2wfsn2bbc 3 months ago
Nice to know I'm not the only white guy that loves a fresh chocolate protein shake.
Andreatvlinda 4 months ago
Modern families, so hot, great black family´s friend
alls 5 months ago
gr8 video
NevermoreX 6 months ago
Very good compilation, missed a lot of the clean ups tho
ThickDickRick 7 months ago
That could from 8:30 is by far, my favorite from the whole video!
wa7sh 8 months ago
am glad that u agree, cant wait to try that feeling for real !!
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XXXcitablelad 8 months ago
A lot of truth in what u say
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panTsniffer 10 months ago
its such a turn on to be pinned underneath my slut girlfriends sloppy sweaty pussy watching her get fucked by a real man as im licking both of them like a good cuckold!
sissyboiforbully 1 year ago
These wives are saints to put up with such a homoerotic fantasy!! I need a wife like this! Of course, they do get rewarded for being open minded. They get a giant black cock splitting their pussy and a skilled white tongue on their clit at the same time!! Great reward for great ladies!
Buckhamster 1 year ago
8:50 he's saying take that nigger dick bitch and at 9:40 she saying I want that big black nigger cock... Beats the hell out of a valentines card. Thanks for posting
mjsocal 1 year ago
This is just too hot!
chrisffn099 1 year ago
All those cucks have got their faces in wet sloppy cunts with pussy juice and spunk on their lips and tongues. Excellent!
wa7sh 1 year ago
cuckolding is one of the best life styles!! what can be more fun than lieing under ur wife, hearing her moaning and enjoying, seeing her pussy getting drilled, feeling her body shaking and her boobs jiggling and tasting her fresh, wet filled of cum pussy ??
dickfortheladies 1 year ago
ready to help
blkckcouple 1 year ago
My husbands favorite position.
crazycamel 1 year ago
to fuck cuckold women is the best
hillbillie 1 year ago
best position i've ever laid in
redhead4blackcock 1 year ago
Njcouple 1 year ago
By far Our favorite Compilation!!
rolandroadie 1 year ago
A lot of tasty pussy
ratc1980 1 year ago
Nice, the simple pleasures of marriage...
lixclitz69 1 year ago
one of the best compilations I've seen. Love how hard all the ducks are laying on their backs licking that fucked pussy
newtarak 1 year ago
first scene
devilspy 1 year ago
Cuckold is in heaven laying on his back under her. Cuckold's should always be naked, in chastity. Cuckold is there to serve as wife and lover please themselves. Serve and clean cock and pussy.
TheCatzzMeeow 1 year ago
I love around 16:15. The husband (cuckold) starts to lick his balls as he's fucking his wife.
alamoman373 1 year ago
There is nothing better than watching your wife finally getting pleasured by a real man and then to have their juices dripping into my faggot face just is the best of all worlds for me.
luccesi30 1 year ago
probably the best video on this site :)
Thopa 1 year ago
I thonk - we need a black men too !!!!
Thank you