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slapping and spitting makes it hotter 3

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throatman4use 10 months ago
i sure wish he'd make the cocksucker lick his ass
throatbud4u 10 months ago
Wanna worship a cock like that and be his slave!
pianosteve 1 year ago
this is how to train and discipline a bottom who doesn't please his master there is nothing wrong the way he handles these low life service pig faggots and it is expected ,there is no mercy or respect for such cock pigs whose only function is to please his master . slave is just masters property and master can do whatever it wants to his property. I have been even more extreme with my property; Look at this filthy discusting piece of shit it is worthless it's only hope is for total abuse and punishment maybe by then it can learn to please his su[eriors
Robanglia 1 year ago
This turned me on so much my cock is rock hard
mrbismalltool 1 year ago
Would love to be his Bitch boy. What a hot Daddy.
msbryant 2 years ago
thatguy0196 2 years ago
I need a daddy like this near Seattle!
xpstmn 2 years ago
I need to find a Master like that dam I would totally swallow his cock I would like to be his personal sex toy/slave.
viper_88 2 years ago
I'd love to be mistreated like this and be made to suck a cock like that ;) If I were in that slave's place, I would do my best in worshipping your beautiful cock ;) And although I would do my best, I'm pretty sure I would still deserve to be slapped and spat at, what I would honestly love ;)
slutuser69 2 years ago
lucky SOB sucking that cock.
cocktocock 2 years ago
very hot
berliner10777 2 years ago
damn so fucking hot
FiveByFiveFVS 2 years ago
steveinwaldorf 2 years ago
that's the only way boys learn to suck dick the right way!!!
Thank you