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First time wife sharing at swingers party

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plalgail3725 4 days ago
wet to one wen id just got wed to my hubby he cum with me id bin befor he did not no it was well randy so i ask hubby to com ok he sed e dit no whot wet on i did look good to my he got well piss so did i he flak out rest ov night i was well piss so piss i did the the gangbag yes i no wowee my dvd it to all the lot ov em woweee i past out in the end but so dvd after hell it was well randy to all lot ove em get off onit and hards on lets have a dvd night sum a all lotov em still fuck me sum time a lot 2 with well big cock i love it hubby dus not no hes got a good ider whot went on cos he got his cock felt and suck on 4 a logtime he told me so i sa faers faer he got is cock suck i got my pussy well stuff and my tit to lots sagbite to my nip wer well hard to hubby so em to he sed look well good to he will have to suck em to now go with out bra now so ican see em so can every one els to lok really well good nice tit he dus no i got well fuck that night with 6 men 2 with big cocks i well like it to he sed i was well randy wen we got home he had to fuck me all night long itwas good plalgail37dd25 thats my tit sixe now geting biger to men like big titi hard nip to cum on tell you more at a later day lots to tell /////?????
fathergll 5 days ago

This is the same girl in another video. I think the guy called her Anna. So the question is are there more videos of her?
gunter56 25 days ago
all very mechanical....she deserves better than a sleazy atmosphere, cant see that she got much out of it
Martos 2 months ago
Shy wives are so sexy.
lila123 3 months ago
very nice share
rluke 3 months ago
he's a bit too big for her, which is so hot ;) i like how she stared at it a bit when he pulled out his dick
anotherrubberplz 3 months ago
very nice hotwife
milence73 5 months ago
greatsnowman 6 months ago
Very cute lady. She is a bit reserved, but she gets going. Love her tits and what a great "finisher" she is
Emily_39 6 months ago
mmmm i bet her husband is so proud of her. what a cutie to share too!
treaploc53 6 months ago
All wives should be shared!
Bertivock 6 months ago
Where is the party? boring
parq 7 months ago
sweet tits
StelMiddenNederland 7 months ago
We love this movie
LoriGarcia 7 months ago
Very hot. I love how quickly she loosened up and got into him
justdouss 7 months ago
skyangel 8 months ago
you have a great wife :)
fd8984596 8 months ago
She is so hot!
Indian_Feet_Lover 8 months ago
love swingers parties and all the horny women...hours of endless fucking to be had
chadmanmn 8 months ago
Hopefully she found someone else to fuck at the party that could make her cum.
pchad 8 months ago
The club must ask married women to remove their wedding bands when they enter the club
BustyDating 8 months ago
She's so hot, great wife
amtutson 8 months ago
What a lame ass video. She look to good to be fucking a weirdo like that geez what a waste
PornFan59 8 months ago
Very sexy! Would love to play too... Thanks for sharing
one4sex692 8 months ago
Thanks for sharing. Perfect ending. Nothing better then being sucked dry...
mincalif 8 months ago
This lady deserves a better looking man
tributemywifeplease 8 months ago
I wish my wife were that shy! Good girl took his load like a champ! Awesome!
hotroch22 8 months ago
She's a hottie! Would love to have seen more of her ass in that little black thong! Beautiful big tits
rjb 8 months ago
Appears everyone else at 'the party' have snuck off for a drink and some fun. This poor lass is left with a limp bloke whose hair has fallen out. Fun times? I think not.
ooooooowhatsthat 8 months ago
yes , i reckon it coulf have been better , she is v v sexy tho :)
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