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Electric Blue 1 (UK)

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sonky1 2 months ago
All most forgot how shite this bollocks was, but back in the day it was laughably the hardest porn in the UK haha.
carpet999 3 months ago
title music is brill
gorilust 5 months ago
Julie, at 11', is a blonde goddess, with luscious white breasts, an ivory ass, blonde all over, a milk-white sex-goddess from heaven...
wanderingsam 10 months ago
Yes - This was as good as it got back in 1980's UK
fireballxl6 1 year ago
Where did those hairy ass holes go?
ThePornMeister 1 year ago
that used to be the hardest 'porn' you could get in the UK legally. hilarious.
rcnth 1 year ago
Absolutely boring
avengers7 1 year ago
Who watches a film like this, with motor racing and Monty Python style animation?
spidigierek 1 year ago
i watch this in german stacion RTL 2, many years ago
Thank you