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slut wife juicy j enjoying bbc

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mrbigdick858 7 months ago
that pussy looks sooo delicious when the camera gets close to that yummy pussy he was drillin that pusssy too the maxx tho aha
mrj91 9 months ago
She is extremely hot
zippo03 1 year ago
she is the perfect wife
chocolateDK 1 year ago
thanks for the video dude! man how i wish i was back home in states
treaploc53 1 year ago
Love that long hair and wedding ring!
baybaracuda 1 year ago
Juicy J a bad lil hyna.. If y'all are ever in Sacramento let's hook up
joe_london 1 year ago
Hot video! Many thanks for posting.
daViKING 1 year ago
cant believe i almost missed this one..and HOLY F###!! that was HOT!!!
Love the description too,lol
dannysal 1 year ago
absolutly love that you can send her out to get fucked while your not even there, so hot
rocky_quick 1 year ago
How have I missed this vid?! I did not know it was on here until today. Awesome content. Keep it up!
mexicouple 1 year ago
We are looking for bbc in the fayetteville Arkansas area
hotnflorida 1 year ago
Luv your vids! I think she needs at least 3 BBC to be satisfied for a day! Wold love to see that.
bpvdh 1 year ago
Totally awesome
wickedbugger 1 year ago
awesome vid. love how she loves being fucked by bbd
seeker73 1 year ago
Her beautiful sex face looks so erotic as she sucks cock and has her pussy hammering out orgasm after orgasm in various sex position. Lusting for her is so easy and delightful.
Larvabuggy 2 years ago
aSeMoTo 2 years ago
love to lick
bmcs32 2 years ago
just amazing video
brujo70 2 years ago
Great videos thanks Both of you,beautiful sexy wife.
SocalBBC 2 years ago
You should be proud to have such a hot slut for a wife. She was made to have that sexy pussy pounded!! Video is going straight to fav's. Friend request sent;)
daslickone81 2 years ago
Hey, man, I feel you. Why da hell would anybody wanna see her face? You're doing most of us a huge favor just sharing it with us. Kudos to you
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handsmerock 2 years ago
For your information, my purpose is to DENY your view of her pretty face. My point is to share our encounters with all of you for enjoyment, but still maintain the privacy of who my wife is. I crop all videos as to ONLY share with you glimpse of my wife... So next time don't be so quick to criticize or judge. This is not film 101...
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Alabamajim 2 years ago
wow, she is hot
titus_pullo1939 2 years ago
Keep posting! love your vids!
treaploc53 2 years ago
Unfortunately, filming from his POV too often results in views of anonymous grinding genitals, rather than glimpses of her pretty face. For further explication of this deficiency, please see my blog post, "The Worst Sin Of Adult Filmmaking".
daViKING 2 years ago
that was fuckin HOT!!! 10/10

dirkfee42 2 years ago
A purrrrrrrrfect 10!!!!!!!!
jj3some 2 years ago
nicely done way to handle it right!
mrwood80 2 years ago
That was one fun night. I look forward to fucking her good again
hornyfucker55 2 years ago
Thank you