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red456xxx 1 month ago
lovely submissive african shag bag, all wholes available without complaint shows she's been well trained by her master. perfect for pimping in a white man's brothel
alusiego 6 months ago
beautifully cool and sexy.
tendre 6 months ago
hummmmm elle est bonne, j'aimerai bien lui bouffer sa belle chatte , j'aime les femmes qui se font enculer c'est bon sa ,, toutes les femmes devraient aimer la sodomie ? en tout cas je me suis bien branler et joui hummmmm....
popo000 9 months ago
switching between her cunt and ass with legs streteched back. perfect!
AeonFlubbed 11 months ago
ok. who is she? can't be a one hit wonder??
AeonFlubbed 11 months ago
damn she's cute. what a perfect little spinner body. and anal too!!!
picasin 1 year ago
chupa polla negra rica!!
lustmolch123 1 year ago
lovely little black bitch, just the way i like 'em. their pussies were made for white cock and they know it
iluvwhitegirls 1 year ago
Yeah this black whore was cute. I'd love to fuck her anally while you suck my cum drips out her anus and into your mouth.
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PACKMANS 1 year ago
sweet lil baby girl
sirxxl2008 1 year ago
viprazane 1 year ago
200% agree.... she does not feel anything...
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bartleby451 1 year ago
She looked bored from beginning to end, a real shame
Dominate1 1 year ago
She's cute! I'd have bred her though :( 4, Dom
nigger_bitch_luvr 1 year ago
cute lil nigglet mmmm
gw05cb 1 year ago
Sweet young chocolate pussy!
happy0cat 1 year ago
I wanna be a super model
Pump1914 1 year ago
at 8min she would of gotten the 1st of 2 loads in that ass
hmoobmienneseslut4u 1 year ago
"I like it better in my asshole" too. ;)
hmoobmienneseslut4u 1 year ago
I do... and you're DUMB if you dont.
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hmoobmienneseslut4u 1 year ago
Cause they are! lol
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imnotneo 1 year ago
She's sexy but she seemed pretty disinterested. =|
hairyseeker69 1 year ago
damn I want to fuck her too, so fucking hot she is
InterracialFreak 1 year ago
Oh what a hot little black bitch indeed! Pretty, young black girls like this always make my middle-aged white cock throb, begging to fuck and spit its jizz all over their young sexy dark bodies and gorgeous fresh faces.
bikerius 1 year ago
I want her for christmas to empty my bollocks every day
ditw 1 year ago
delicious little black sex toy isn't she?
jlrake 1 year ago
My speakers are screwy, so anyone have her name? If stating it here could endanger the vid' remaining up, plz PM me. Thanks, as well to martellino for sharing!
Dudat 1 year ago
This girl should have been tapped to act in more videos. She has the potential to to star in great shoots.
Bigdaddy6900 1 year ago
Hey DUMB ass you not to go from pussy to ass and ass to pussy with out washing your damn dick.

SOAK666 1 year ago
fuck yes thanx martellino
Thank you