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Classic movie

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kenrxxx 1 year ago
Great movie....the short haired blonde that was in the tree stole the show.
golias 3 years ago
very good movie
Cockpants 3 years ago
good stuff
wankson 3 years ago
Oh no Henkan this is not Fäbodjäntan its Kärleksön, Island of love
Ludwig202 4 years ago
Höchste Berühmtheit !!!!!!!!
dave0824 4 years ago
Great vintage!
omar69in 4 years ago
kukor 4 years ago
the blonde Leena are soo sexy
sjones3408 5 years ago
is the curly hair girl the daughter of the old woman?
malagac 6 years ago
what a pity i don't speak swedish a lot ao text in this movie good sex too and the blond girl is a fabulous actress and fucker
alain250 6 years ago
Very good classic. Never seen it before, nice experience.
blouflame 6 years ago
ronal91 6 years ago
natural ...very good
smallpenis 6 years ago
Vidster 6 years ago
Hot sweet girl. Got what they wanted with there sexy plans. Like to have been there too. Lucky guys. Very good one. Thanks.
yoryielcalenton 6 years ago
Very nice vid, but much spoken indeed.
sollingbube 6 years ago
good old times
ArtofNoise 6 years ago
Schade, dass net auch noch Carlsson vom/auf dem Dach mitspielt
snake92666 6 years ago
Nice one.
naugthypussy 6 years ago
... the first porn i've ever seen ...
traian33 6 years ago
True scandinavian quality!
ChantzBaby 6 years ago
was very nice to see how real videos were made, thanks for posting
Randyrod 6 years ago
love the classic vids
lasalle 6 years ago
Great vid.Natural and sexy.
bobdole99 6 years ago
Dont seem to work this one.
chelms38 6 years ago
obcopy 6 years ago
Norz 6 years ago
I love the natural look, hairy pussy real tits great vid Thanks for Sharing Thanks for posting TFP
porkie2009 6 years ago
Schamhaarlover 6 years ago
very sexy scenes
more please
Thank you