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College Girl Fucks Chubby Black Boy

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saxcat88 6 days ago
had me at the nipple fun
boy99867 7 days ago
love it
horny20yroldbi 2 months ago
Oh those silly white
SissyMadeline2008 3 months ago
She is amazing!
saxcat88 8 months ago
stay in school, kids!
tamisn 2 years ago
hot, love it
richardblack 2 years ago
that ass is so nice
beg4ignore 2 years ago
mmm_bear69 3 years ago
she is an impressive little fuck toy..
moneyman76542 3 years ago
MNRod 3 years ago
great vid. she's a total bitch but most college girls are. ha.
IrishColin01 4 years ago
another proud father to a dirty college girl!
Cowboy60 4 years ago
And in the end they resort to masturbation hahaha!
NikolaSRB 4 years ago
great, but at least he could ripp her panties off! :D
avmldo2006 4 years ago
blkdk4me 5 years ago
I loved it, especially when she got that last drop of cum with her thumb and lapped it up. Love them white girls that swallow all that blackdick cum. It's the only proper thing to do. I sure would have. I thought it was a tasty looking black dick. I'd sure suck him off!
xjanis 5 years ago
fun to watch
realwildone83 5 years ago
what i'd give to fuck her
stefhavre43 5 years ago
As Sara P says it best, for all of us horny mom,,,

"Drill, Baby, DRILL
Sangnoir 5 years ago
Amazing once again
Sangnoir 5 years ago
Lucky guy...hahaha TBC. Gary Coleman? Hahaha. I love the vid and the comments.
dumo69 5 years ago
That's a small black cock for sure. If it was white, it would be called "large".
jasonkramer 5 years ago
this sucks. a waste of a good white pussy. wheres diesel when you need him? he knows how to fuck a white girl.
john6699211 5 years ago
my god that was hot!!!!!!!!!!
cinderella88 5 years ago
Since when did Gary Coleman start making porno's ?
yeahbaby 5 years ago
shes hot, n thats it.
snowcrow 5 years ago
love the way she plays with her nipples in the beginning
onerdurdu 5 years ago
sexy girl lucky guy
HunterPhoenix 5 years ago
this one is sad. There are better ways to piss off your about fucking a good looking guy with a real dick.?
PublicEnemyNo01 5 years ago
Yep its in your hair, hey it needed some conditioner anyway
Thank you