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You've been Lonely all this Time?

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manojjoshi88 1 day ago
loved it...can anyone plzz tell me this daughter name..
justonemoreuser 1 month ago
Fantastic lesbian scene!
grazer61 2 months ago
She has such nice tits love a good setup
xxxzzzmmm 1 year ago
how is the young girl .. se
nd me her name with a pm please
ville34 1 year ago
March 19, 2014. Absolutely great and so sensual and so realistic. Indeed it does turn me on like hell!!! Don't you?
Gimme2 1 year ago
yum yum
matilde21 1 year ago
pter1 1 year ago
Fantastic! Great!
gemyxx 1 year ago
i liked the way they started to kiss sooo hot
gri5zli 1 year ago
Odlično! super
williamportor 1 year ago
A mother daughter relationship, and so realistic. Well Done!
AssFaka 1 year ago
I love them!
hornyboy2984 1 year ago
HRHitter 1 year ago
Very nice scene from LS 44. JuAn and ChMo are terrific together. Thanks for posting.
curiosityalive 1 year ago
They are both brilliant in this, but JA does do her monologue seduction so well. It really is a masterpiece of sensuality, and the sexuality is breath-taking. Alison xxx
Excellent lesson of seduction, so beautiful and amazing day with these two pearls !
AnstrebenNull 1 year ago
I am also perplexed for I had not realized it until now in the comments, but it is JA and CM from LS44.
talonequ 1 year ago
I'm perplexed - I thought this scene was Ju An and Ch Mo from LS44. Am I wrong and, if so, who is NS?
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maggymay 1 year ago
The lovely J.A.
Time to start going to the gym now
MindWideOpen 1 year ago
lolalee 1 year ago
Just love JA
oea39 1 year ago
Que sexy !!
jam50000 1 year ago
NS and JA a great pair. Great first upload for yourself can't wait for the rest.
Gidney 1 year ago
Three down and one to go! Love the way NS and JA mesh together. (I have the complete movie this is from, it's all terrific!) Great Post!
Thank you