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Black couple. Very long cock.

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bootyilike 1 month ago
Who is this guy? That is a HUGE COCK :P
bootyilike 2 months ago
OMG is that real!?
hd6363 4 months ago
Oh my goodness!!!
His cock is HUGE!!!
I luv it!!!
deedeeme 8 months ago
she is deep
blackrode9inch 8 months ago
What The Fuck!!!yaah.....
bigswol 8 months ago
What The Fuck!!!
mahoganyoak78 9 months ago
oct579 11 months ago
this is a 10 inch or maby 12
oct579 11 months ago
that want black do like to be suck and inside a pussy no pussy licking
m1xman 11 months ago
sorry but, OMG brother *applause*
LeChiffre 12 months ago
by george this a man
projectpat215 1 year ago
thats a horse
INNSTADT 1 year ago
okay that is a long one!
longcockluvr 1 year ago
Wow! Now that is a horse cock! Gorgeous Stud! Black Studs with a cock this huge should be fucking white boys!

Guys with huge cocks are so fucking SEXY!

I want a gorgeous horse hung Stallion to worship, suck, deep-throat and ride his huge long cock.

Sexy white boy here who loves dominant huge hung men. If you are a very well hung Stud who is visiting, or lives in the south eastern US (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Florida) hit me up. You can contact me at LongCockLuvr at gee maile

wetprincesspussy 1 year ago
you know her like that
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wetprincesspussy 1 year ago
totally agreethat dick would ruin me and he was kinda going hard
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flyguy366 1 year ago
cincereone 1 year ago
I would have had to do a straight up porno style sloppy blow job before I could have even taken half of him and She takes him with no problem budy girl she is.
cincereone 1 year ago
Either she's used to fucking this guy or she's A busy Girl thats a big dick
whooptywoo 1 year ago
Is that LadyQ?
xXxKinG 1 year ago
Wow very big. Unreal
projectpat215 1 year ago
Assobsessed23 1 year ago
looks awful...that girl has no idea how to suck a dick
what not meant that i have it
qwest69 1 year ago
i love this vid
bluede77 1 year ago
Grand Canyon pussy. He's huge and he still slipped out of her. This female beds a lot of males and he went in raw.....smh.
BigDickNYC 1 year ago
Freakishly long cock...
mahoganyoak78 1 year ago
hardnutjr 1 year ago
555 position is so nice. allows to drive directly in her G spot. he seems to have problems staying hard. She has no problems or issues taking it. Not in pain and seems to enjoy it. I know the painful moans and that's not it.
Ri-Yu 1 year ago
hung84 1 year ago
no walls or dat bytch use to mules dick
Thank you