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She Dominates Him Totally

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Mustard52 1 month ago
That cock enjoys the sensuous and erotic stroking that has you lusting to shoot your cum from the early strokes all the way to the end.
pothus 3 months ago
this is so good, so erotic, so tasteful ... soo my thing .. I need to find me a girl and some ropes !
crotty 6 months ago
Very hot
ian-curtis 7 months ago
one of the best video's i have ever seen!
Can some one PM her name please....
catherine-belmont 11 months ago
wow...simply wow...
arsefanatic1 1 year ago
incredible,i was just drooling watching this, perfection!
kellywhisps 1 year ago
Very hot! Very very hot!

When she was rubbing his dick against her opening, I got all worked up. When she started jilling off right over his lips, I exploded. This was so nicely done.

And she is in amazing shape. They both are but she is soooo toned, there's not an ounce of fat anywhere near her body. It's very nice to look at. I'm getting jealous.

Oh yes, and that orgasm wasn't ruined, it was amazing.
xtophe 1 year ago
adanFUck 1 year ago
anyone knows her name? reminds me of Olivia Wilde in Tron legacy :O
mouth2fill 1 year ago
absolutely fantastic!
Limbo79 1 year ago
Bin dann mal freiwillig der Nächste!
patrickcm1512 2 years ago
Facesitting, domination, cock teasing, ruined orgasm... all together a combo for success!
johnprevia 2 years ago
You know what?' THIS IS LOVE! Yes, domination and a fantastic BODY worshipping! Cock tease, pleasure, soft bondage! ART!!
moops86 2 years ago
Fantastic video. Technically not a ruined orgasm. Probably a retrograde ejaculation, due to the tubing, which is essentially stifling the semen back into his bladder. I imagine that part was pretty rough. It could have been a "handjob to nowhere" which is also hot. This is incredible domination without all the chatter. The guy has an awesome physique, but it sure as Hell didn't get him any pussy. In fact, he didn't get to touch her body at all and never saw her naked. She is going to have to break that big cock though to make sure he stays obedient. It will take at least 6 months of continuous chastity confinement to shrink that down to 5" and make it leak uncontrolably. Then she can do this anytime she wants, forever.
dragonkeeper1986 2 years ago
Wow, who is that woman and what movie is the scene from, anyone know?
cass35uk 2 years ago
im not into being dome but that was erotic , love the way his flaccid cock lay at the start .
EastTex14 2 years ago
I also liked this film very much and would like to know which studio produces this film and how can I find any other films on the market, the same style?
WirAusNRW 2 years ago
Hot !
beg4ignore 2 years ago
Wow, so hot!!!!
arabisc 2 years ago
Thnx for sharing
bomber567 2 years ago
I like that film very much - can anybody tell me, wich studio produces this film? Are there any other films on the market, the same style? thx in advance
zandstorm 2 years ago
I will volunteer! :)
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empaticus 2 years ago
karimwi15 2 years ago
where is the ruined orgasm ?
cbtslave2964 2 years ago
can I volunteer as your subject??
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olicious 2 years ago
I want to do this
bbforyou 2 years ago
this is perfect!!
instruct 2 years ago
totally agree
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instruct 2 years ago
silkepatrik 2 years ago
lol :)
Thank you