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cant feel hubby after black

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mhmdmh 3 months ago
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areallifecuckold 5 months ago
Me too.
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cockexposer 1 year ago
I know that feeling!
outdoorsguy 1 year ago
The most beautiful girl on xHamster.
marke45 2 years ago
at 2.10 you get to see how big his cock is
djespo 2 years ago
she is so hot
zacsher 2 years ago
Love this video. Yeah, there are things I would like to be different, no condom, some black dick in her mouth, etc, but what's there is incredibly hot. Would love to see more of her.
daveboy80 2 years ago
Another AIDS victim know wonder 30% of white female americans have AIDS will destroy dirty america
curious4bbc69 3 years ago
A good reason to go BLACK ONLY
Firereign 3 years ago
I wouldn't waste my time fucking with either of those no fucking, 2 pump chump, losers. A lot of good a big dick does ya if you can't for more more than a minute and a half...
eldond 3 years ago
Very hot video
Blueman1 4 years ago
I feel bad for her. She deserves bigger than her hubby.
small1sh 4 years ago
I think it's a fantasy scene. The hubby is as nearly big or same size, as the black dude.
merlinoboss 4 years ago
her toes still curled when hubby was inside
xjanis 4 years ago
Sexy fun to watch thanks
marialouise 4 years ago
my hubby tried this with me and two black men and thy made him suck their cocks before I was raped and afterwards each of them got sucked some more.
sperminater 4 years ago
He needs to ask his wife to get a few stitches done. oh and a shave!
maxxi_5 4 years ago
very hot
donjuan4u72 5 years ago
A white woman is never really BLACKFUCKED, unless she gets it BAREBACK! Please don't post any condom videos! INTERRACIAL CREAMPIES ARE THE WAY TO GO!
josio7 5 years ago
white men can't compete with black, it is a reality
00-003 5 years ago
very sexy
zeero_kool 5 years ago
pharmatt70 5 years ago
nice one
matilde21 5 years ago
Condon is a lame,she is soo stupid,the husband has nice cock.
kboogie 5 years ago
good stuff
realfreak 5 years ago
loved the humiliation. wish i could find more like it
thehotwife 5 years ago
two guys who have no idea of how to please a woman
PussyWorshiper 5 years ago
I prefer seconds myself. Its all fantasy, hubby/wife wants to feel as tho he cant satisfy her. Its a mind fuck that endures well beyond the simple act.
odysseyflorida 5 years ago
yes bareback would have been the best
Thank you