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Japanese Mature Geisha

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assmandan 15 days ago
LMFAO@ Asian? Chica is Latina! idiots post correctly
SummerCupcake 3 months ago
i have watched many of this model's videos and learned a lot of new techniques in how to give oral sex service to men.
Satinfunsex 3 years ago
cum see my man fuck and cum all over my satin kimono while i blow
rcnth 4 years ago
Always nice to see an uncensored japanese blowjob!
kaorukusano_1 4 years ago
That it is Geisha,
The original artist.
This video, mock But, interesting.
Huge penis
mgee72 4 years ago
exellent, wonderfull choise, thx for posting, - TOP - !!!
Raptor1954 5 years ago
MoNaXa 5 years ago
excellet great pussys
Thwarp 5 years ago
She'd be better looking if she dressed up like an arab instead
barlym 5 years ago
buzzard10 5 years ago
very nice
Feeks 5 years ago
I dig it!
TyroneWashington 5 years ago
Chica is about as Japanese as me. Nice vid anyways. Love her big fat ass.
hornytoad 5 years ago
nicely done
Thatguy4 5 years ago
Just great
hotcum 5 years ago
Im more asian than her...ahso !!
cardozogr 5 years ago
She's not Japanese.
SaintlySinner 5 years ago
She's pretty but she's no Minka in the tits department. :)~
assmandan 5 years ago
This is a pornstar named "Chica" her website is she isnt ewven close to being Asian! LOL! She had a boob job and now her tits are ugly and FAKE! Dumb choice!
albani 5 years ago
Perfect job - she gets an A++
rajoo888 5 years ago
very nice blow job
jamxx 5 years ago
All I can say is WOW!
naisateef 5 years ago
She swallows. Good.
AdoNiSTuaN 5 years ago
ı like japan :D
aquvite 5 years ago
hot bitch
zzhill 5 years ago
What a Naughty Girl!
cockkicking 5 years ago
that's so hot!
she's very sexy. nice nails and lips!
hisashi 5 years ago
this is funny
emiladiou 5 years ago
La fée-lation!
DrDope 5 years ago
chica...she was a guy some years back from
Thank you