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ugly slut

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raudebjorn88 3 years ago
at least she is not nigger
gamler 4 years ago
cute! she can´t stop drooling
masterofsin 4 years ago
Want to do this to you miem!
stefhavre43 4 years ago
we are not ugly sluts, we are fuck pigs.

h2os1946 4 years ago
Very Nice
Kelly_Marie 4 years ago
I'm inclined to wonder why anyone would use a girl in a film that they thought was ugly.....unless the explanation is that they didn't actually film this themselves.

So that then raises the question of whether they own the rights to post it here.

Some folk really would be well advised not to bring such attention upon themselves.
Tryyourlimits 4 years ago
cute! love the nips.
MazJohansen 4 years ago
Evilyn Fierce, ladies and gentlemen :)
firecrotch 4 years ago
Only agreeing with everything that has already been said here, this girl is cute as a button, so very far from ugly, to the O,P...get thee to an optician.
Robp 4 years ago
Eye of the beholder. It's all about their suffering, so she is beautiful.
fist_the_snubby 4 years ago
this girl is not ugly!!
ambrosia 4 years ago
she just leaves the drool on her chin
subwhoreIA 4 years ago
I agree -- she's very cute!
Dansar 4 years ago
Cute, pretty and sexy - far from ugly!!!
ThePreston 4 years ago
ugly? XD
you wish!
7inchs 4 years ago
specsavers, ugly my arse
livebait1 4 years ago
i don't know what the poster is looking at; she far from ugly...
t0pcat422 4 years ago
i really like this vid & girl.
Wetdreams 4 years ago
She is very cute. She is NOT UGLY at all...MMMMMM....5/5
woreout 4 years ago
shes not ugly...I think she's a sexy little girl
Thank you