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The wife that found mr 18 inch day 1(cuckold)

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rbaker2013 5 months ago
More likje 11", but I remember the first time I had a 10" penis in my pussy - I'll never forget it!
ilovematurewomen1958 6 months ago
love the milf!!!
dangerousdan999 8 months ago
A lovely old video but were inches a different size back then? Or perhaps the poster is a fisherman talking about the size of the one that got away. It is not 18"!
saf20 1 year ago
wow!!!!!!!!!nice video!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSTANG44 1 year ago
well done// nice post ty
devilspy 1 year ago
Longer than my 11+. Her tight married pussy is in for a treat. Cuckold's little dickie shrinks in his chastity cage. lol
iggy12344 1 year ago
o m g this is every womans dream to find a 18" cock and to take it all great but to bad no jizz shots would have loved to see just how much he had to off both in mouth and large jizz shots in pussy wonder if she tried getting it up her ass by him
bc5719 1 year ago
I would love to share his big fat cock with my ex and her giant tits!
boomboomer911 1 year ago
I'm next!
gregsanison 1 year ago
I love Mr Duncan and that sexy mature woman in this - porn brilliance x
subemily_ny 2 years ago
WOW they were HUGE
iggy12344 2 years ago
to bad there was no cum shots in her pussy and mouth as she was hot and needed all the cum in the right places
dani_tempest 2 years ago
My god Tony has an amazing and beautiful cock! I love the huge, thick, floppy, black, meaty cocks like his. Looks so delicious!
john1970 2 years ago
A lot of people say having a dick that big women would run from it but I disagree maybe the young ones would but as you can see here the older matures would be knocking your fucking door down to get to that.
2bigisjustrite 2 years ago
Fabulous cock!
evilhair2000 2 years ago
yeah! Exactly how I'd love to see my wife. Two hung black dicks like that. wow
leedsnylons 2 years ago
I love how he lays back, relaxed, he knows he is the alpha male, that his cock controls her, great video.
whitefoblack 2 years ago
A great from the past.
A nice & a relaxing video that has stood the test of time.

Thank you for posting it.
jimmielee65 2 years ago
Would pay him $10 an inch for every inch he could get in my wife!!
sissyslut1966 2 years ago
Not a huge fan of vintage vids, but i could not let this one pass by ! She must have had the time of her life !!
debbydo 2 years ago
I like how she took that big cock balls deep .......
backwords 2 years ago
One of the best!
john1970 3 years ago
He had to be past her cervix if she still had one, maybe shes had a historectomy but if she does have a cervix and she could bear kids and he would have cum in her his sperm would have filled her fellopian tubes directly insuring pregnancy.
son4mom50plus 3 years ago
yeah terrance..he does the tranny's and actually gets fully hard
sugeranimal 3 years ago
love it love it. its so freaking hot to see a black man fuck white pussy
Terrance069 3 years ago
I think he is doing shemale porn now... Seen him in a few
thrak111 3 years ago
This is the earliest video I have seen Tony in...don't know where he is today...
john1970 3 years ago
This woman experienced the fourth of July fireworks in that room that day. She was probably cumming almost from the time he put it in after. I am sure it wasn't her only time with him she loved that 12 or 13 massive horse cock. Best video Ive seen with him he gets hard and she takes it. 5 stars
joey19651965 3 years ago
wow good vid, what ever happened to tony D Mr 18inch is he still around?
shortstroke 3 years ago
enormous cock,no doubt. 18 inches?? more like 12-13.
Thank you