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Bella vs. Raquel

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mrspaz 2 months ago
mrspaz 2 months ago
loved it
slamdog 2 months ago
Very very nice.
JoiJoi 6 months ago
Muy rica escenea RB una MILF muy caliente y muy cabrona. Gracias
jynxie 1 year ago
not bad
majic2012 2 years ago
Raquel Sieb and Bella Banxx
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 14 (2010)
JennyDee1 2 years ago
bosski 2 years ago
Raquel Sieb
antonianina 3 years ago
quin fàstic tocar aquesta vella plena d'estries. La joveneta es mereix quelcom millor
dicspics 3 years ago
I turned it off as soon as she took her clothes off, How can you be that fat and strip down. Her belly is so soft I had to stop eating my breakfast, because I was going to throw-up..
spiceman45 3 years ago
While this is not the best girl on girl scene, I liked it enough to give it 5 stars.
dirtydutch 3 years ago
some harsh comments, i think the younger one is asked to act the way she did. I dont mind watching a clip where one girl seems to be unsure or tense. In the end i got a hard on watching this and wanting to join, thats entertainment lads.
corinne_spears 3 years ago
mib14 3 years ago
Judging from the opening scene in which the younger girl seems to expect with submission the advances of the older women, this is probably from the Mother-Daughter exchange club series. I agree there is not much passion but I think the story calls for the young woman not to be a willing lesbian...At least they have nice bodies.
berny63 3 years ago
ganz ok, aber warum müssen die geilen jungen Girls mit solchen "alten" rummachen. die ältere gefiel mir nicht so.
lovefrombelow 3 years ago
so not impressed
doubleup 3 years ago
so so
flaifil 3 years ago
I don't know who Bella and Raquel are. I haven't seen these chicks before. From a critical point of view, this is not a good scene. Well directed and photographed; but there was no chemistry between the two. The young one (I've never seen such a frigid actress) seems bored and wanting the whole thing to finish so that she could collect her paycheck. The big-breasted mature did her best to make things exciting; she did all the talking and the gestures, but nothing worked, not even the good pussy-licking close-ups. And what's with the mature's obsession with her tongue? out with or without response from the other partner. A damp squib of a scene. Sorry guys.
puffylove 3 years ago
wer weißt, wo kann man ganze Video sehen.
Eddiechino 3 years ago
Nice lez action, the one in the pink panties is smoking hot, wow lovely shaped body. I'm impressed.
jeepman 3 years ago
Great vid. Really enjoyed this. One of the best girl-girls I've seen.
razzledazzle 3 years ago
Dang those are some big ole tits!!!!! whats' her name?
makiabear 3 years ago
mmmmmmmsweet little tits
oea39 3 years ago
uno de los mas calientes de toda la red
YupBrandon 3 years ago
the one in pink is a PRO!
natasha123 3 years ago
wow i love it
macman31 3 years ago
Let me be the first to say tha tthis video is HOT! Bella is one of the best in the industry
Thank you