The Farmers Daughters (1976)

The Farmers Daughters (1976)
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newtarak 2 months ago
great vid.
oldsurfer_99 5 months ago
GLORIA LEONARD classic vintage mature MILF - USA
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Fritz_86 5 months ago
Farmer's Daughters (1975)'s-daughters.htm

Scene 1. Gloria Leonard, Zebedy Colt
Scene 2. Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Suzanne McBain, Bill Cort
Scene 3. Gloria Leonard, John Black
Scene 4. Gloria Leonard, Spalding Gray
Scene 5. Nancy Dare, John Black
Scene 6. Marlene Willoughby, Spalding Gray
Scene 7. Suzanne McBain, Philip Marlowe
Scene 8. Gloria Leonard, Bill Cort
Scene 9. Suzanne McBain, Zebedy Colt
Scene 10. Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Suzanne McBain
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devad761 6 months ago
CadalaC 1 year ago
I'd like to milk them cows
devilspy 1 year ago
I grew up in farming country. Not once saw a woman wear high heels in a barn yard. lol Only in Hollywood.
misery1200 1 year ago
great vintage
rjboy 1 year ago
Farm boy is cute
bobyahoo 1 year ago
mikeb474 1 year ago
JMyers 2 years ago
enjoyall 2 years ago
mmmmmmmm love to have that frizzie hair boy working here on our farm.milk him with my titties.
Dnolan23 2 years ago
Spalding Gray, one of the best minimalist writers of the last generation, is actually in this movie. Wow.
lucasbl 2 years ago
This is a great classic.
miamirealone 2 years ago
omon007 3 years ago
One of the best reverse rape scene i have ever seen... Are there any movies like this? THX
ARABICBDSM 3 years ago
blinki 3 years ago
rkshue 3 years ago
Arkansas is still like this
redrussib 3 years ago
awesome movie
mngowa 3 years ago
rape & incest ..this movie is the best and the kid is smart when he asked for the mom at the end and the three rapers already had fun and goth their loads out ...wish i were there
BigJW 3 years ago
Spalding Gray? Wasn't he a mainstream actor/writer?
Kosh75287 3 years ago
HIGSTER, go to IAFD and look up this movie. It'll list the actors and USUALLY there's a list of films in which each of them appeared. Might narrow things down some.
higster73 3 years ago
does anyone know the title of the film around this time set in a ballet class...starring 'Merc'...????starring the same guy with the gun in this one...???
DrBlackJack 3 years ago
very good!
softwarmsuckable 3 years ago
This was really hot before the rapes.
kolezinebjezi 3 years ago
great family fun!
laneggadu 3 years ago
dog45 3 years ago
good fuck
spidigierek 3 years ago
very hot movie, nice natural girls
Thank you