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small penis humiliation

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vmi3301 28 days ago
I kinda want to be her
klammer 1 month ago
Feeling shame is always humiliating, she knows how to play about it..
aroundabouts 1 month ago
She's great.
ancho-5 3 months ago
i love this video and she!!!!!!! pleace shes name
sarah38dd 3 months ago
she does several times
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sarah38dd 3 months ago
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Coolrigs33 5 months ago
What's here name
tinydicl124 6 months ago
thats still bigger than mine.... :)
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lilpathetic 9 months ago
She is so sexy ! Makes my lil thing ache for her
devilspy 10 months ago
LOL, what a cute little clit. She needs to put that worthless thing in chastity. Milk him dry once a month in his chastity cage. Make him eat his goo drippings. Why even fuck his little pee pee. She could have studs on speed dial. LOL, that is not a creampie. Eat your own worthless sperm cuckold.
Harley93 10 months ago
Would love to stick my little 4.75 inch dick in her pussy !
Idoall 10 months ago
Next to me his cock is a monster.
Tigermangrowl 11 months ago
They are a great team!
matebilic 1 year ago
she is a pig! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy!
smalldickmember69 1 year ago
Porcellone 1 year ago
Love her
nbuidness 1 year ago
wish she were my wife!
cfnmboy1982 1 year ago
i believe her name is shannon. and i LOVE this type of SPH during sex. major turn-on.
carsaresilly 1 year ago
Anyone know her name? I seen a video of her's before on here, but it got removed :(
patrickcm1512 1 year ago
very nice "femdom" clip "blueballs4ladies"
knicker_sniffer 1 year ago
What a fucking WHORE! Bet her cunt stinks
cockteaseme 1 year ago
very hot SPH....mmm
ChastitySmith 1 year ago
I've only had the pleasure of dishing out SPH to a couple of men, but I loved seeing how they responded to it. This is a pretty good vid, I like the 'mercy fuck' thing.
rousseau55 1 year ago
wow! I need a girl like her!
sissyslut1966 1 year ago
Wow!! He actually got to fuck Her!! I'm 47 and my dicklette hasn't seen the inside of a pussy in over 25 years!!
beg4ignore 1 year ago
Awesome video!!! Love it!!!
youngwhore18 1 year ago
tiny cock loser
CTguy4u 1 year ago
I'm a pathetic loser who has never been able to get any decent looking girl to have sex with me. And even when I do get lucky enough to fuck a girl... I cant stay hard all the time. I find it a turn on to serve as a slave for women and I have no problem eating out a woman before she fucks a real man or cleaning out her pussy after she has been fucked. It's really my only chance to ever get a hot girl to let me anywhere close to her goodies. So I've accepted my place which is to be a cuckold sub.
hornymexican03 1 year ago
Litte cock got the pussssy.
jwttcima 1 year ago
Love her!
Thank you