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You Come Home
You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. Y
the park
The park
It was a normal day I was sitting home alone dressed like a sissy slut like always and was real horny. I decided to get out some toys and play so I got out a few vibrators and dildos and sta
My Wife Adores Anal
My wife celebrates her 66th birthday tomorrow and every year we try to outdo ourselves warming up to her special day, with what could easily be described as a sexual olympics.
First of all a littl
Witch's Orgy
Witches Moira and Guinevere fuck their way across the world for centuries./
Moira and Guinevere Carling were s****rs, though not in the biological sense. Each found a similar in the other -- s****rs
A Movie and Much More
My name is Tammy I am nineteen years old. Standing at 5"2 with shoulder
length straight dark auburn hair. I have light hazel eyes. My natural
firm 34D-cup breasts are topped off with half dollar siz
A Weekend Camping Trip
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and
I couldn't be happier with him. He and I are very adventurous. He’s
always been the more outdoorsy type and me the indoors type. He’s b
It was a while back now, back when my boyfriend and I were going through the experimental stages.
Back then we wanted to try out all kinds of different things, and this was just the newest one.
I arrived at her house I made sure my clothes where clean and my shirt was tucked in. I rang the door bell and as soon as I see this beautiful woman that answers the door my internal jaw drops. Her na
114. Wendy seducer of youth pt2
114. Wendy seducer of youth pt2
Well, Trevor came home the next morning, so the curtain was like the lessons, closed for business, naturally they slept as husband and wife do, and he packed in readin
Last mambo for a sadistic voyeur
I'm naked. I sit on the floor with my legs crossed. My cock is stiff, excited at the prospect of going inside you. My arms are open to hold you.
You're naked, in front of me. Such a beautiful body,
You're a nice girl
from a nice f****y
somewhere in the Midwest.
Your Mom told you all about
boys and sex.
You learned to spit and swallow
in the back of Bubba's pickup
Then you got a job
I realized I was gay at an early age ,before Jr High in fact ,with my friend Ken ,what started as weekly sl**p overs at his house, turned into sexual sessions
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