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Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel
Okay, I am brining this series to an end, but before I do, I have to tell the part of Petra and Bali right before we all showered and I went home exhausted.....
Milking Machine Abby
Milking Machine Abby
Abby had her sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... her tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded her mou
Old Cum Dumps First Experience With Bi-Couple.
For about six years I had only experienced sex with men. I enjoyed being seduced by older men in my teens and the amazing thrills they gave me would never be forgotten. Total strangers taught m
What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again
What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again
[Note: This is a sequel to the story “What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her”. Although this story can stand on its own, I highly recommend you read
Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel
In the industry where I work, we have contractors from India, the Philippines, China and the Mideast coming to our facility all of the time for training and also to work on projects. Occasionally,
Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel
The story continues.... and I think it just gets hotter....
I heard the shower running and the sound of giggles coming from the bat
Wish we'd had the chance to ....
My wife and I liked to talk about our fantasies when we would make love ... sometimes when we had a friend or couple join us. One thing we talked about often but, due to her sudden passing last year,
4th of July with Mom
It was hot outside, really hot. It was the 4th of July and Mom and I were relaxing in the pool. We had decided that this year we would just stay home and enjoy our vacation week, hanging out in the po
s****r for Christmas
My younger s****r Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were a
My first Bull experience
It started about 4 years ago when I meet a couple through mutual friends. Usually, I don't mess with happily married women. I have in the past played around with married women who were separated and
Dirty sex as you have never read before
'Lets go in there and sit'. I looked at Julie, 'It's a swing park', I remarked, 'I know', she replied, 'but it has dirty old men looking for girls' she continued, 'and we can make a couple of bob, by
Voyeur watches pool encounter between neighbors &a
2:37am is that time of the morning where your either already in bed sl**ping heavily, or up and partying. For me it was the first, soundly sl**ping next to my wife. Out of the fog of sl**p I began to
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