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Slut Wife at Employee Bonus Party
Slut Wife at Employee Bonus Party

Tina and I go out for the evening for a bonus party for our employees; Tina not knowing is to be a large part of the bonuses then some mone
Funny weed cunnilingus story
I have a funny, and frankly, hot, story from spring break 1996 when I went to Jamaica with my friends in college. There, I met a fellow spring breaker named Jamie who was a bit of a hippychick complet
Cheryl gets me to do it.
Cheryl and I were having dinner with Lisa and her boyfriend, Mark and they described the sexy see-thru lingerie Lisa had purchased and they were really enjoying. Cheryl and I talked about it and the
Mirror Image of My Aunt
It was my aunts birthday and I had to cook for the f****y. It wasn't the biggest f****y but we were well kept and close. I headed over after grabbing all the material needed to feed the 20 or so peopl
The Bedroom: Mark and Sarah part II‏
Part I can be found here:
Sarah and I quickly became aware of our surroundings. We were half naked on a bench, in the rain as the sun was
What a f****y to Live in #2
What a f****y to Live in #2
Sandy and I had got up from having a great round of sex with each other, but instead of watching any television, we got something to drink, then sat on the couch making
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