Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

Doing Time
Keno Reese finished his lunch of a chicken patty, one slice of white bread, baked beans, apple sauce, and two-percent milk surrounded by the other three hundred plus inmates at the prison. He walked h
We'll Always Have Paris-1
When the taxi lurched to a sudden stop, Diana nearly fell off the back seat.
"Voila!" the driver said, his right hand gesturing at the hotel entrance.
Not much of an entrance, Diana thought. Wel
Lisa gets a ride at the body shop
Lisa couldn't keep her mind on the road as she returned home from dropping the k**s off at school. The day was full of things to do and she had to get ready for the banquet she and her husband had bee
Found out my wife's true fetish
I spent a week joking to my wife about having a stranger fuck her while she was tied up and blindfolded which she constantly yelled about when I joked about or when I sent pics and videos of the subje
Sir's Angel, The Weekend. Part 3
He lifts her up to go back inside. Leading her into another room she sees a dress hanging up. Its a simple flowered sun dress, a little more than she thought he would have her wear. There are two boxe
Sir's Angel The Weekend Part 2
She watches the show as it switches angles from side-view, to her facial expressions, rear view where she sees just how much she had in her ass, then top view from overhead. It scares her how turned o
A Special Labor (Part 1)
Tanya had always wanted a baby. And now she was getting her lifelong wish. Nine months pregnant, and ready to burst with new life. Her doctor, Dr. Franstein, was a nice man. Always ready with advice a
Girl loses her black virginity
My name is Lori. I have been carrying the shame of what I did, and what happened to me, at my bachelorette party with me for 5 years. The guilt and shame are almost unbearable at times. I have thought
Judith and the Christmas Party
Christmas 1980
A long time ago, I know, but a major erotic interlude of which I am particularly fond.
I was 23, and working opposite a girl of 18 called Judith.
There was another Judith, th
My Latest Shoot
So many guys and girls enjoy my blog entries about my earlier adventures, but also many others wish to hear of my present day encounters, so here we go with a tale of what happened on my latest shoot
Ariana Grande didn’t know what hit her. The minute she walked into her hotel room, he was on top of her. She tried to scream but the guy punched her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Wh
BBC bukkake with big breasted, mature white woman!
My wife likes to participate in the odd bukkake, she really likes them, just not too often. When she was 46 she did one with 23 young black men, aged 18-21. She was 42DD-35-41 at the time, she loves h
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