Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

Stellarsexual [Humorous Science-Fiction Erotica XX
by Caroline Beneš
Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.
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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel Teil 2
Herr Leinberger wirkte nun sichtlich erleichtert und schob David sanft in Richtung Wohnzimmer. Er machte nur eine gedämpfte Beleuchtung an um die heimelige Atmosphäre beizubeha
Aris' awakening.
I moved to a small community when I was in high school. One of my best friends was a boy named Aris. We were the double “A” crew. We spent a lot of time together. It was no secret that Aris had a
The Dating Game - Part 2 - Basic instructions
Hey y'all, what's up? :)
First of's your Inner Game goin'? Have you had the chance to work a little bit on it? What was your way to start working on it: was it sports, hanging out with the
Wife Get's a Taste of Black Fever
Pam and John Robinson are a unhappily married couple in the mid to late 40s. Pam is a teacher and John is the local fire chief. John was always away for a few days a month at a fire convention or trai
Watched my wife double penetrated
Friday after dinner my wife and I where setting on the deck enjoying an adult beverage. I couldn't help but bring up the subject of sex because my wife was wearing a very tight pair of leggings and a
You finish parking your car in the driveway on a cool fall evening coming home from a long shift at the clinic. Your feet are killing you and you cannot wait to get out of your scrubs. As you walk up
Ch 3 payment and my share
Ch 3 payment and my share
So Tuesday rolled around and as promised promised when in walked into my apartment at midnight I found not only Tina sitting in the living room drinking a glass of wine bu
Caught Shaving
Caught Shaving
True Story
My Norwegian wife, Karoline is the stereotypical Scandinavian blond bomb shell, great body, sense of humour, just pure sex on legs. Her 18 year old daughter, Astrid is
As I stood there watching her through the crowd sitting there in her tight top showing off those wonder tits whilst I drank my beer. I felt my cock twitch and my heart started to race and that fami
2 horny sluts
Okay so i met these 2 milfs early mid twenties both had some big tits. One was a medium bbw pierced nipples shaved pussy ima call her Tay. Her friend was a small bbw nice big tits and a sexy ass ima c
Tina Fey's Casting Couch
After a successful run with 30 Rock on NBC, and several movies with gal pal Amy Poehler, Tina Fey was once again ready for another sitcom. Her popularity has never been higher and the execs at NBC wa
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