Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

My Wife and the Old Man Next Door
It was a nice day and so I had decided to walk to and from work. I usually drove but the old guy next door had woken me up, mowing his lawn at a ridiculous time in the morning. I decided that the best
Gloryhole Moms
Here a fantasy of mines. And well most of us right?
Starts now
"Bull shit," I called Ralph out, who was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was
Roly-Poly Jessi
Roly-Poly Jessi
The young teen slid a slender dildo into her pussy with one chubby hand. Her little body jiggled and shook as she stroked; sending the dildo in and out. The other hand was behind h
77 Her mother’s gardener.
77 Her mother’s gardener.
I was just finishing my breakfast, sat mopping my plate of the last of the egg-yolk when my wife Margaret suggested that while we were out we ‘popped in’ to visit her mum.
Business- Only Business??
The hotel was the most extravagant yet for the company’s annual party. I knew a few wives and did my best to mingle while Simon played the appropriate politics with business associates.
I made my
New Movie- Short but sweet
Sally shivered, the night air was cool across her bare shoulders and stomach, the small top she wore was little protection against the cool breeze and her nipples had become erect with the cold.
Go For It!
As I was going thru puberty my older b*****r told me to always go for it! If a girl gives you an opportunity to have sex I should go for it. I had many girlfriends but never had sex. I came close a
Swinging with friends
Dawn and I had been experimenting with swinging for a few years when we met a couple who we really hit it off with. Carl and Linda were about the same age as we were and that just seemed to work bette
Wife Sue tied to bed
We had just returned from a relaxing dinner out together.  I sat on the edge of our bed deep in thought. Sue walked around the room as she casually removed first her jewelry and then her clothes.  Com
Majdoor Neta
Mera naam Anjali Singh hai. Mai ek shaadi shuda mahila hoon. Gujarat
me Soorat ke paas ek Textile industry me husband Mr. Brijbh
Health Care Assistance.
My mobile phone buzzed an incoming message. "Go to see Mr C he needs help". I'd seen him before he was a mid 50's man close to death from cancer, I knew the f****y well. On arrival I was met by the
My first time at 18 years old
At this time I am 18 years old and its summertime. Having just graduated from high school it was to be an exciting summer with new plans on the horizon. Throughout my teenage years I was always very m
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