Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

Oh my God I had never had such a raging hard on cock was stiff and throbbing as Albert slowly teased me pumping his old calloused hand up and down my shaft before pulling my foreskin ri
As Planned
Victorious: As Planned
Something you should know about Jade is that she has no talent. Or rather, no natural talent. She's an amazing singer, a great actress, a skilled playwright and
The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 6
Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 6 - Every Animus Has His Day
"Bitch!" Hermione heard her friend, and lover, Ginny growling as she stomped angrily towards her.
Don't You Just Love Happy Endings?
Having a full-time job along with being a wife and a mother can be a bit stressful at times - so I now make time to take care of myself and get regular massages. I've been doing this for over a year
My first strap-on
The evening started like any other, quietly watching tv on the couch, toying an teasing each other. The show we were watching ended, and we made our way to the bedroom, kissing each other and leaving
Hannah Gets The Job

Hannah was a woman with many problems. First she had now been without a job for three months. Her savings were just about gone and she w
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