Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

Red-Light, Green-Light
“How do you fancy playing a game, baby?” The look on Beth’s face told me from the get-go that we weren’t talking Scrabble.
Looking into her baby blues, I smiled. “What you have in mind?”
Pulling m
Hitch Hiker Part 2!
............We set off now in the dark night from the Services and since Mick had driven about 15 miles to get here, that is the other side of the motorway, he wanted to know where our guest wanted to
Episode 58 - Alia and Uncle mack
Uncle Mack picked up Alia on Friday afternoon, just after she arrived home from school.
“Off for a dirty weekend”? Mum joked.
“You bet” replied Alia, giving her Mum a hug. She picked up her ruck
62 John and Julie went dogging
62 John and Julie went dogging
We had been married for some years and my wife Julie will do anything to excite me, an example being the rejuvenating of her k9 sex-life. (see story 61 on Alibodge`s
First Time Cuckold
My wife and I decided to take a trip to Casino with a Hotel and spend an evening doing a little gambling just to get away for a night. We are not gamblers at all but wanted to see what it was all abo
Alyson's Frst Time Out.
Alyson's First Time Out
The place is not what I expected. The atmosphere is bright, glitzy, with an overall techno feel that seems almost cold. I had expected somethi
Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......
Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......
........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?
I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.
I was workin
My Wife was a Part Time Hooker
my wife was a part time hooker
*disclaimer* this story is the product of a horny and slightly perverted husband, and unfortunately, is purely fiction. If there is anyone out there who gets off on it
Playing with fire: My wife and BBC
*disclaimer* as of this writing this is a fictional story. It is my most raging fantasy and hopefully one day becomes reality.
My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 2. She is a
Summer Lawns Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Strangely Sandra D****r was growing colder to her husband. Before they had always got on well with each other, sharing a joke and basking in the expensive toys they surrounded thems
Moni trained part 2
The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea w
How my wife tortured me
My wife is a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed spitfire. She stands five foot four and weighs an even hundred pounds. He thirty four b tits are perfectly perky and never need a bra. She is totally aware
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