Free Mobile Sex Stories #3

A new relationship
My name is Polly, I'm 23. This story is based on my diaries and memories from when I was 16.
My father died when I was 7 and Mum remarried when I was 12. I got on very well with Mum's new husband
Japan Tour, pt 1: Mistaken Identity
We were about to land in Tokyo but I couldn't see a thing from my middle row coach seat. It would be my first time in Japan. Fllight was pretty boring other than when the First Class people came up
A wild night out
A wild night out
Words by PornLovingChick, gifs by RuffianX
I woke up with my fingertips in my mouth, my dreams still in my head, my memories hazily drifting i
I live with a very handsome guy who works the night shift from 10pm to 6am at a local factory, he leaves for work at 9pm so i am on my own from the time he leaves. He left to go to work one night last
Tricked into being a SubSlut
I was 22 yrs old and was living with my gf, I had been out drinking with my friends and was wasted. I came home and my gf started a fight and told me to get out. I started walking down the road and di
All her idea...
But in retrospect she must have known that it was an idea that we all might get into.
Afterwards I must admit I think we all enjoyed it very much.
A guy that we have had threesomes with in
Arabian Plaything Chapter 2
It would have been difficult to imagine a more remarkable contrast if one had seen this same woman little more than three months before. This abjectly obedient and submissive slave girl, known as Bell
70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.
70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.
It was another hot summer night, and we got to the club around tenish. We'd already been out for a couple of hours & been to a couple of pubs, as you do on such a
Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Four
Slut! Wife needs hard cock. Part four:
I sat alone on the sofa, listening to the raucous giggling upstairs as two well hung men began to defile my beautiful wife. The bedroom door was obviously ope
Sally’s Guilty Pleasures
Sally’s Guilty Pleasures
Sally was the local dealer… dealer in guilty pleasures, that is. In other words, she was the only Girl Scout on the block. If you wanted cookies, you had to track down th
Camping by our favourite lake
We have always been a nature loving f****y. I remember the years as a k** when we went off with heavy back packs into the mountains for a few days of hiking and tenting in the wild. A mixed experience
Fucking my friend mom
This is about Russell’s Mom.
To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend
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