Free Mobile Sex Stories #3

Dark Secrets - 3
Chapter Twelve – Naomi
When I woke up next to Megan, we were both naked. Her arms laid across my breasts. It was comforting. I thought back to last night, to Marcus, and all the things that happe
Asifa 2/10
“Why don’t you show me how bad of a little girl you are for me?”
“How can I do that?” I asked.
“Sneak into your kitchen with your parents asl**p and find a bad toy to play with.”
“Okay,” I typed ex
Sex at the gym
I was done with my work out and always finish with a swim. Pool cleaner noticed me doing laps and jumped in the pool to do a few himself. place was closing soon so he asked for a race if I won i coul
Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 1
I just turned 18. It was a hot summer day. Nobody else was home. All my friends had summer jobs and I wouldn't find mine for another two weeks. The neighbors on one side were in Italy, and the neighbo
Gender bent – Ch 7 -The Gang-bang room
Gender bent – Ch 7 -The gang-bang room
Hey all. Thanks for reading my stories and all. I want to say if you enjoy them. Leave comments and let me know if there is something you would want to see.
Fooling around needs no translator.
I was shopping one quiet Thursday afternoon some time ago (I was in my early 30's) and about to leave when I made a visit to the Men's Room. As I reached the entrance, there stood an attractive young
Cuckolded on Wedding Night...
Cuckold on wedding night...
Lying nude in the dim light, covered under bed sheet, on the huge nuptial,bed, I was waiting for hub by to join.
He was wealthy, handsome and looked attractive.
He slowl
Got shy wife to cheat with my buddy
I have this story for you to read, and hope it gives you nearly as much pleasure as it has for My Wife Jade, My old Mate Tony, and myself, the memories are fantastic, and it changed all our lives for
Black and white Painter
My name is Earl,I am 46yrs old,and from the W.Indies,although I have been here since i was 4yrs old.I work as a painter and decorator and although you hear the stories about guys fucking the client,al
Wife's First bbc and fucklick
You might think "How can a man watch another man seduce his wife and not stop it?" I asked myself the same question everyday, but I could come up with no logical answer. Karen is a beautiful petit
Amsterdam Fantasy
Fantasy, or not? You decide!
There I was, wandering about in Amsterdam, a little stoned, and a lot horny. Walking past the red-lit doorways was such a turnon. Long-legged women, blonde, redhead, br
Number Fifteen
This true story happened about thirty years ago, a time when boys could do something like this without everybody getting their panties in a wad and crying sex offender. A time when men were men and
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