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A Date With My Wife
When you have k**s it can be hard to get alone time with your wife. This was the case with us lately and we both needed some alone adult time that's for sure. We had a friends wedding coming up and we
My Little CuckSucking Bitch
My wife likes to role-play her favorite game is for me to be a nasty boy and she is the teacher. It usually starts out like this, she will go out on the town and come home about 1 A.M. I know she is o
Fun with Freddie
Mindy was a high school senior at Elm Street high. She had long dark hair, tanned skin, large ample breasts and I nice round ass. As she sat there threw 2nd period history she could barley keep her ey
My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More
It had been a week since I had confessed my fantasy. I admit I was surprised at her response. She actually made my fantasy come true, well not exactly. You see I told her I fantasized about being fuck
Hmong s****r in Law Sex
This is a true story about my s****r in law that happened the last week.
It all started on me coming home from work that day at 5 pm on Friday. I live by myself in an apartment at the top unit. As
I am a depraved individual; there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck my stepson. I had been married to his father since he was f******n (almost four years); he was just starting to fill out; I ha
Caught Flashing co-workers in office (Recorded)
During the summer I was sweating in the office environment, the air-conditioning was working intermittently, and temperatures were rising, as well as body heat.
The following day I brought a fresh
List of punishments for a slavegurl
This is not a story, but a list of ideas for punishments of a slavegirl.
The degree of the punishment should be adjusted by amount and severity.
This list is divided by painful and humiliating punis
My latest man session in our lady`s undies.
My latest man session in our lady`s undies.
Another meet with G.. this time we wore undies which was a nice sensual experience sadly his were bought for himself, I thought he'd borrow his lady's un
Sissy Swallows
For years I have lived life as a heterosexual man who enjoyed the diversion of dressing and acting like a girl until I met a man at a rest stop that treated and then used me like a girl. He gently sed
Doing what I love
This is a true story that happened years ago. I hope you enjoy it.
I have been cross-dressing for several years. Long before I met my first wife, we had been married for about four year. One day
Your a Cocksucker
Sometime after ten o'clock, following a late administrator's meeting about next year's school year, I pulled into a truck stop that I drove past every day but had never stopped at and went directly to
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