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My sockjob fantasy
We get back to your building and you invite me in for a "nightcap"! I eagerly accept and within minutes we were on the couch in a rather heated make-out session. You let my hands explore your body as
I let men do what they want, in my bed.
‘When men go into a blackout, they do things to the world. When women are in a blackout, things are done to them.'
I'm talking about alcohol abuse, and a rare occurrence for some peop
A wet haircut
The tale set out on here is not fiction but fact. To be honest, apart from the memento that was handed to me, I find it hard to believe that it happened at, but it did. Whether the reader chooses to t
Hitch Hiker Part 3
Me rocking about on Jomo's big Dick was making me cum and then squirt. Jomo had closed my legs firmly together and was sat open legged. He knew in this position I was at
Pleasuring Me - A Nylon Poem
Up in the morning and ready to dress,
Must have slept roughly my hair is a mess.
My nightie hangs loosely from shoulder to waist,
But juts out below, well I am in no haste.
A rub on the nylo
Strap On (mfff, anal)
I heard the crunch of tires on stone as the car pulled in front of the house; my pulse quickened a bit, knowing who and what the car was carrying. Melia and I had made it to her bedroom by this time a
Monica (bi-male first time)
Monica and I lay in our bed, holding onto one another, our bodies slick with a sheen from the after-glow of our lovemaking. I was thankful to have a lover like her and even more thankful that she was
Stella teased daddy, then left me to finish.
I and a few of my friends were fooling around in the kitchen when one girl unpeeled a banana, threw her head back and let it slide all the way down her throat.
When she withdrew it, we measured and
my dream come true
The day i'd been waiting for had arrived at last , my wife away for the weekend and time for anal fucking and prostate orgasms,, it began with a through clean inside as i do'nt like any mess on my toy
I'm looking for non fiction erotic writers, I
Minimal research involved.
Unlimited work if you are chosen.
Must be prepared to be taught a simple formula to write and research.
Please contact me via private message and have ready any l
Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 3
I could feel the girls tongue, finding its way into my pussy, that was wet from the situation, me being a well to do Doctor, thrown into a cell of the towns roughest toughest girls, who were taking me
A moment in Taos
I recall another meet I had with another dresser who happened to live in Taos NM. Again I met her on-line and after exchanging a few e-mails we planned to meet. At that point in time I was like an hou
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