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kate sunday night
I stood up and went to pull up my knickers, my cock covered in the last drops of cum
Sally clean his cock
She kneeled down and licked and sucked my softened cock,, she licked every drop off , my co
A meeting
We had arranged to meet at my work as Sarah kept telling me she wanted to be my assistant during our many chats online. I had made sure my office was closed and told her to text me when she was outsi
Huge cumshot: show it off or play it down?
The huge cumshot - is it a source of pride or something to be downplayed? I would think most men (and perhaps most women) would see it as an asset/attraction. However, as a lifelong huge shooter, I ki
temporary white trash trailer park roommates
I had to rent a cheap room in a mobile home to save some money last summer. I saw it on Craigslist. $200 a month with free utilities. I went to check it out. A 60 year old woman lived in one trail
"The Blow Up Bed."
This is just a fictional fanasty story about Sophie Starxxx hooking up with her favorite male pornstar* Lee Stone.
Sophie Starxxx & Lee Stone
"The Blow Up Bed."
An air mat
Mistress Jennifer
My training as a she-male servant began when I rang the doorbell of my
lady's home. She greeted me wearing along, tight fitting red leather gown,
which covered her from neck to foot except that it e
Man! I feel like a woman!
I sit here waiting to go out on an actual date with someone I met a few
weeks ago. Initially, I just went out with them for sex. Since the first
time, I discovered I am enjoying this person
Cheating with Christine
This is for my wife's best friend whom I've loved for over 10 years now.
The text came through as I was peeling potatoes. I knew it was you by your special tone I had assigned. I finished the last
Day in the life of a Cuckold Part 2
My look who we have here says a deep black voice and my wife startled turns around to see little clitty locked in a cage and my sexy lingerie and heels giving me away for what I am; a very nau
Beach Adventure
Some time ago I had to travel down to Cape Town for business. As it was on a Friday, I decided to book my flight back for the Sunday afternoon rather than the same day so that I could spend the weeken
Bedroom Encounter
Jan and I have been married for a long time, longer than many of our friends. From what I have heard and read from other husbands, it is not unusual to have a fantasy about seeing ones own wife having
Bet Gone Wrong
Ryan and Joseph were walking back to Ryan's house when they noticed his mother sitting out on the porch. She wasn't a bad looking woman considering she was in her early forties. Ryan wasn't to bothere
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