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Sāo Coquettish
Start forehead began to kiss, then the ear, nose, lips, tongue, chin, neck, chest, belly, around his penis, Tim Mao and inner thighs, and then add up the balls from below. Sucking his balls, preferabl
The Captain
Every muscle in her body ached. She had been swabbing the deck of the large ship for several hours now. She desperately wanted a break, but knew that wasn’t an option until the sun set. The sun wa
GayMaker Florida Keys
We’d managed to get away to the Florida Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’
First Time Smoke a Joint Gay
Two months after my 18th birthday, I got my first apartment; I'd saved up from my job to be able to afford it and my parents had given me some old furniture and things to supply the kitchen (pots and
Mile high shemale
“Curious? Bi?” Well, yes, but only with a shemale. Beyond that I’m a firmly planted heterosexual.
For many years I longed to have sex with a shemale but never did anything about it. (I’m not much o
Julia Lipinskia
Russian figure skater Julia Lipinskia was getting ready to leave the skating rink for the night, she had just got done practicing for tomorrows program and wanted to have a warm relaxing shower and ha
Amy at the Movies
Amy fidgeted nervously with the back of her skirt. The wind was strong today and kept threatening to blow it around her waist. It felt great on her under carriage but the idea of being exposed like th
Caught Shaving - Returning the Favour
Caught Shaving – Returning the Favour
This is for those who enjoyed ‘Caught Shaving. It may be helpful for others if you read the earlier story. That’s if you want to know how we got to where
Wife makes me a eunuch for Halloween
Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best f
It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t
It started about 3 years ago. I met a man who is wild, spontaneous and crazy. I used to go to his house and we would drink some Crown, and coke, smoke some killer dro, and have an awesome time. One ni
Man Smart, Woman Smarter!
After a fun visit to California last year to check out colleges, my wife's little s****r Cindy did end up enrolling at UCLA and moved into our back bedroom since the cost of renting in Westwood is pro
My First Time
She was one of those ladies that did everything. She was a part of everything, always volunteering to head up something, on the school board, on the church board, on some other board. She was not to
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