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True Stories: Our First Swinging Experience
I could probably write a novel about how my wife, Rachel, and I decided to begin swinging. That decision was a culmination of s*******n years of rock-solid marriage, a wide-open channel of communicati
my first m2m encounter
when i was younger i used to work in the travel industry and i'd meet a lot of people. i was so into having fun, i really didn't seek out a long term relationship but just went with the flow. i had gr
My wife and young Blacks
Let me start with my wife. At age 50 she still makes much younger women jealous. Blond hair blue eyes and a terrific body. Very few lines or wrinkles. She really looks to be mid to late 30's. At 5'3"
Me and mum part 2
Part 2
She said that she loved me as well and if I was good she would show me more things and teach me so I said “I would like that a lot.”
Mum got up and said to get dressed as we still had to
Synopsis: A slave is used by his new Mistress and her friend
I’d met her online, and four weeks later I was waiting nervously, naked in between the only two bushes in the park
Me and mum part 1
Part 1
It all started when I was about 9, thinking about it my mum would wash me in the bath but she would spend a lot of time cleaning my cock and that sort of area.
That is my early recollection
Thank you