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My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More
It had been a week since I had confessed my fantasy. I admit I was surprised at her response. She actually made my fantasy come true, well not exactly. You see I told her I fantasized about being fuck
Sissy Swallows
For years I have lived life as a heterosexual man who enjoyed the diversion of dressing and acting like a girl until I met a man at a rest stop that treated and then used me like a girl. He gently sed
You Will Submit.....
You, Alexandria, enter the stairwell, then launch yourself at the stairs, taking them two at time. Reaching your flat in no time, you are soon inside, locking the door behind you. Shedding your clothi
public island
It had just rained, she took me by the hand and walked with me, climbed up on one of the smaller islands in the archipellago. We left the boat behind, walking deeper into the island. It was a very sma
Your a Cocksucker
Sometime after ten o'clock, following a late administrator's meeting about next year's school year, I pulled into a truck stop that I drove past every day but had never stopped at and went directly to
Fucked By My Straight, Hung Friend (True)
This is going to be a true story of mine I thought I would share with you all, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...
I first met my friend Brian in high school and we instantly hit it off, we had a lot
Blondes On Blacks Strapon Hell
My name is Rebecca O'Connell. My friends call me Becky but you can call me Beck. Everybody does. I have a tough job, ladies and gentlemen. My job involves the arduous task of running all over the cont
My Cowboy
Sitting in the passenger seat of the rental car I take in the sites of the city where we had spent our 10th anniversary. I knew he was trying to make up for the past 5 years and I let him think I was
Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker
My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. I was never really sure about it, so it was just something she fantasized about when masturbating. S
My soon to be Bi-Ex-b*****r in law and my new girl
This is 100% a true story that happened to me.
It was a dark night but my soon to be ex b*****r-in-law was having a campfire behind his house as he normally did he had known that my wife and I wer
Neha With Rocky On Cloud 9

Hi everyone,
This is Neha (name changed). Mine is love marriage and ha
From Seat Mates To Sex Mates

College life is surely full of surprises and excitement and teenagers a
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