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First Time Cuckold
My wife and I decided to take a trip to Casino with a Hotel and spend an evening doing a little gambling just to get away for a night. We are not gamblers at all but wanted to see what it was all abo
Playing with fire: My wife and BBC
*disclaimer* as of this writing this is a fictional story. It is my most raging fantasy and hopefully one day becomes reality.
My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 2. She is a
My Wife was a Part Time Hooker
my wife was a part time hooker
*disclaimer* this story is the product of a horny and slightly perverted husband, and unfortunately, is purely fiction. If there is anyone out there who gets off on it
How my wife tortured me
My wife is a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed spitfire. She stands five foot four and weighs an even hundred pounds. He thirty four b tits are perfectly perky and never need a bra. She is totally aware
Summer Lawns Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Strangely Sandra D****r was growing colder to her husband. Before they had always got on well with each other, sharing a joke and basking in the expensive toys they surrounded thems
Stuffed on Thanksgiving
It was Thanksgiving and the extended f****y was at my house for dinner.
My cousin and his best friend ended up staying over for the night. The
turkey wasn't the only thing that got stuffed.
Ayanna's Promise
Mama!" Ayanna's best friend, Trisha, pleaded. "The ice cream truck! The ice cream truck!"
"OK," her mama answered, "hold your horses, one second."
"Hurry! He's already been there for like an hou
Daddy and the Sitter (Title Change)
I had just got home and walked the babysitter home, which was admittedly not far as she lived next door. My twin daughters had gone to bed so I poured myself a drink, stripped to my boxers and put on
18 year old Marissa loses her virginity
These are TRUE STORIES about a girlfriend. At time she was 18 and and about 5 months away from turning 19 and I was in my late 20's. She had never really been in a serious relationship nor had she eve
Feet Fotoshoot
The following is a fictional story of adult women, lesbian seduction and
foot fetishes. No one depicted in the following story is real, and all
details are fictitious. Thank you.
My n
Chapter One --- The awakening
((Note: This is a work of fiction. Depending on how much I enjoy it, there may or may not be additional chapters. This one will probably start off slow before it goes into it. If ya know what I mean.
Jumping the Fence - Chapters 1 to 2
Jumping the Fence
My mate Lew, whose site this is written on, suggested that title as that’s what he suggested I did all those years ago. He was so keen to have me write down my story as it fell r
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