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Phase Two (2 of 3)
(Continued from story "Phase One"...)
I gave her a few moments to get her face and neck cleaned off and I took the hand towels from her.
"Roll over on your stomach" I told her as I slid up next
Moving into our holiday unit we meet our neighbours. “Hi, I’m Trevor and this is Sue, can we give you a hand shifting in?”
“Sure, that would be great! I’m Adrian and this is Patrice.”
“Peter, come
Another Man Breeds My Wife.
My wife and I have always had a fantasy about her being bred by a hot stud. To all perspective Bulls: This is how I imagine you impregnate my beautiful wife Renee: If you think you have what it tak
What he didn't know
James worked in a marketing company and majority of the people in his office were female though the only one he felt physically drawn to was Tracy, the marketing assistant who was a mom of three and i
The game
This is something that my ex wife and I played first let me tell you about my ex Karen we will call her k in the story k was 35 at this time she is 5'6" tall 125 lbs long blonde hair green eyes and me
A Visit to the Asian Massage Parlor.
I love Asian women. Their delicate features, small tits, hairy pussies, perfect asses, sweet shy personalities, loyalty: everything about them drives me wild. As such, I love going to Asian Massage pa
Maid Becomes Legal Guardian & Fucks And Marrie

This is sidhu.I am going to share my life’s hearty experience.The life begin for me as an great tragedy at the age of 8.After being
Seduction And Hardcore Fuck With Neighbour In Bang

Basically I am from Karnataka , I pursued my studies here in bengaluru. After my studies i got placed in a IT company in pune & after f
Cousin b*****r And s****r Erotic Seduction And Inc

I am working in Pune but basically belong to Aurangabad. I am 6 ft tall with above average looks and a good dick (never measured it).
Watching through the glory hole
Watching through the glory hole
I had been on shopping that afternoon with my loving girlfriend Helena, but she had left me alone, because she needed to go back home early.
I was in my own way
Bi male turns out to be the entertainment for lesb
My friend Di called and asked me to call in sick to work. So, since I have always had a thing for her and she's so much fun, I say probably. Why? She's a fun lady who I went to high school with, I'm a
Ana alone in a Brazilian beach
Ana alone in a Brazilian beach
That summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…
On th
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