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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 3
Part 2 ended in bed trying to sl**p.
As we had a long journey behind us, we could easily catch up some sl**p for many hours.
My step-son had a commitment on 10am and so we could sl**p at least t
93 John & Julie A regrettable incident
93 John & Julie A regrettable incident
I work with a bunch of lovely folk, male and female. It`s a job that can be mundane, or can be traumatic, and most months we take ourselves out for an
miss alli
Alli woke up a little after noon and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. This wasn't unusual as she'd been sl**ping late ever since she got home from her first year at college. She didn't have
Love Boat Final part???????
I stood for a moment speechless, I had thought that Emma would be here again, I never counted on Ailsa ending up in my bed otherwise I would have changed it and tidied up.
How do you know they are
The mystery Of the Enticing, Evoking, Experienced
Black and white checkerd garment, what looked to be some kind of shirt, at a distance it was mistaken for a decent dress shirt for a lady, a pair of black leggings, a black pair of seven inch heels, a
A black Jamaican stranger for Ana
A black Jamaican stranger for Ana
Ana and I had decided to spend a full week sunning ourselves at the sandy beaches of Jamaica.
We arrived at our hotel there in the evening. The warm weather and t
A perfect stranger in the back seat
A perfect stranger in the back seat
One afternoon at office, my boss asked me if I could travel with him to a nearer city, in order to interview some potential clients.
On the second night there
The lady and two school friends
> me and friend playing are playing bat and ball on field behind our houses
>it's a hot day got shorts an vest on
> ball,goes into someone's back yard
> we knock ask for ball back
> nice woman
Neighbor's wife
Well this is my first time sharing this story with anyone, but I just had to tell it. A couple of weeks ago I came home a little early from work, it was a very hot day as it usually is in this area du
My secret
I had just graduated from highschool and couldn't wait to move out on my own. I thought I knew it all back when I was 18. I was working a 3rd shift at a local foundry making pretty good money. I found
A Night of Exploration.....Becoming His......Part
Draven opened the bathroom door and I could hear the shower.
“Kali, come join me for a shower.” He said.
“OK” Kali replied.
She walked to the bathroom and they got in the shower.
“Wash me.” He co
Sunny days!
Now I am never one to pass up on an opportunity for a bit of nudist activity. Especially with the Mother in law and s****r in law. My wife is totally cool with our naked frolics, and encourages me!!!
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