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Dear Serena Sutherland,
So it would start that you come all the way, from Texas to bring me back, an to be your husband, we're sitting in a McDonald's eating, and you tell me "Well for one Mr. Willis, all of us in the lone s
Ultimate Workout
Another Friday lunchtime like many others see you heading off to the gym. You walk down with the same few characters as always, your mind wandering from one thing to another. The stresses of life
Nancy the Boricua from Paterson (Part One)
Nancy was another former co-worker. She had grown up in Paterson and still lived there. She admitted to being ghetto. I was repairing a packaging machine in the room she was working. Her cousin Gina c
Skinny Dip x 3
The weekend is drawing closer and closer and your little secret is burning within you, screaming to be released. This secret of yours cannot be disclosed to your work colleagues though, this was your
Chapter 3 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt
Chapter Two sees Dan's wife, Helen, bound, tied-up, blindfolded and helpless. Unbeknown to her and against her will she is about to get her slutty wet hairy cunt well and truly creampied ... and m
Sky High - Part 2
You open the door, knowing that it would be me waiting on the other side. I'm dressed casually for our evening together and i'm pleased to see that you've prepared yourself for a relaxing evening by
The nearby Naturists/swingers
In late 2014 I got chatting to a couple who lived about 10 miles from me and who I met through a naturist website. I wont refer to them by name as to keep their anonymity but they are both in their la
Sky High - Part 1
The office day is drawing to a close when I receive an email requesting volunteers to attend a three day seminar in Germany for our employees, regarding the future of the company. I am on the ver
Forbidden Fruit
I was in school and my parents signed me up for a self defense class. Being a growing girl my parent's wanted me to be able to defend myself from predators. They felt I was becoming a target. I was 5'
57 The Mayflies. Part 2,
57 The Mayflies. Part 2,
keep with it folks it gets better

They promised one another that the situation was not to be raised till Monday morning; he needed to think and not fall to being persuade
Friday night into Saturday
This continues where I left off
So I found myself with aching balls and 3 naked women fast asl**p--what was wrong with this.
My fantasy of being on an island with naked women was long term, there
First time
I was in Jr. high, and was considered a lady's man back then. I worked out, had a great body, on the football team.. never thought about being with another boy.
I use to walk home from school, there
Thank you