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Our 1st MMF
First of all, I never thought I'd be brave enough or be curious enough to be here on this site. Let alone write this true story. Thanks to you ( D ) a squirt member as well. I will keep his name priva
Mother-in-law Love
Over the years, I have spent my share of time traveling on business. During that same time, my wife was not always happy about it, because she was the jealous type and thought that I wasn’t always beh
The White Guy
The last white man I fucked was my husband. It was some time in 2012 and things were already strained with us. It was after that night that I told my lover and owner, Clarence, that I didn't want to s
My First MILF - Part 3
This is the ongoing fictional saga of the best summer of my life … the summer of my "first" … which also just happened be my first experience with the MILF of my fantasies. To maintain the continuity
First time with not mother
I was a 21 year old recent college graduate. Like most of my other friends, I was without a job which meant that I had to move in back home with my parents. I had been living up the traditional colleg
Afternoon as a Slave
AsI lay on the bed, my legs attached to a spreader bar. I reflected as to how I'd got here.
I had been seeing a gorgeous mature lady for a while and had suggested that we might try a little bondage
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