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In one my classes at the university, I met Dorothy,a beautiful woman in her mid 50s . She is big boned ,with a nice plump ass (that I later learned she has perfect control over) ,short dark hair and b
First Time Cuckold
My wife and I decided to take a trip to Casino with a Hotel and spend an evening doing a little gambling just to get away for a night. We are not gamblers at all but wanted to see what it was all abo
62 John and Julie went dogging
62 John and Julie went dogging
We had been married for some years and my wife Julie will do anything to excite me, an example being the rejuvenating of her k9 sex-life. (see story 61 on Alibodge`s
Summer Lawns Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Strangely Sandra D****r was growing colder to her husband. Before they had always got on well with each other, sharing a joke and basking in the expensive toys they surrounded thems
Jumping the Fence - Chapters 5 to 7
Chapter Five - New Horizons
It must have been about the turn of the millennium - certainly when the internet and mobile phones were well entrenched in everyday life that a new horizon opened quite
The day I pushed my Father over the edge
'Frida, it's gone seven'. The gentle knock on my door is what arouses me from my deep slumber.
The drumming of the rain on the window pane makes it feel cosier under the duvet, and I respond by sn
Jumping the Fence - Chapters 3 to 4
Chapter Three
I recall feeling terribly alone. The first time ever I think, and was now unsure. I’d never been without nearby company and people I trusted and my Sydney hosts were unknown to me. H
I Got Gangbanged
I Got Gangbanged 4-25-2015 (By Slut Wife Tina)
At this time I am 47 and married to a husband that loves me very much, he lets me fuck anybody I like, I am horny all the time and he just can
Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 2
Doctor"S" gets Blackmailed ch 2
I am a high ranking, high class female doctor, whom after making a mistake in theater, was blackmailed by the nurses that work under me on the ward.
Partly due to
I gave a stranger a foot wank on the bus.
'It's alright Frida, girls do masturbate'.
Listening to him say it to me, sort off blew me away. It was as if sex talk were a glue, and I could myself bonding to him, though the truth was much deep
Jumping the Fence - Chapters 1 to 2
Jumping the Fence
My mate Lew, whose site this is written on, suggested that title as that’s what he suggested I did all those years ago. He was so keen to have me write down my story as it fell r
Cuckolded on Wedding Night...
Cuckold on wedding night...
Lying nude in the dim light, covered under bed sheet, on the huge nuptial,bed, I was waiting for hub by to join.
He was wealthy, handsome and looked attractive.
He slowl
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