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summer at home! pt2
So as I was saying I was woken up K yelling for me and Bethany to come down stairs, I was really nervous as I was getting up to put my shorts on I heard my door swing wide open I turn to look and it w
Aunt Liz
My Aunt Liz
From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a c***d and she came over to visit her youn
A lonely mom that becomes obsessed with curiosity and her son
This one’s a little lengthy. A lot of background, lead-up, and “Explaining”, as most of my 1st chapters seem to be. I feel
Office Lust
Denny hustled back to the office worried that he was going to get busted for being late. He sneaked in the back service door hoping to avoid contact with anyone especially his new boss Virginia. She h
Anniversary Trip ch.5 - The Party
This is the fifth and final installment of the story of our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. Earlier installments are Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Stripper, Paula's Turn, an Paula's Bi Interlude.
At the en
Anniversary Trip ch.2 - Sex Slave Stripper
Anniversary Trip (II) - Sex Slave Stripper
This is the second installment of our trip to Las Vegas on the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary. See the story "Tenth Wedding Anniversary" for the
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