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How Judy And I Met #6
How Judy And I Met #6
Judy and I met when she was thirty six ( You might say the perfect thirty six). The apartment where I lived, there were two neighborhood bars where everybody knew everyone in
Lesson Learned
The wife and I have been married for twenty years. It has been good. But like most of you all I have long fantasized about my wife, Susan , fucking another man. Susan has always been very conservati
My Birthday Surprise. #5
My Birthday Surprise. #5
"Hi, my name is Judy, I am the one my husband has been writing about." After reading what John has written about us, I decided I would write my one and only story.

I w
Her Pants Were Wet.
Claire was at work today and she came home laughing, i said you are in a good mood? she said yes its a good day. i asked why and she said nothing really just a good day.
all week she had this huge gr
College Boys Dream
We are both in our fifties and were going to a party at some friends house, which wasn't very convenient as I had just broken my ankle playing soccer and was in a cast. I struggled out the car on my c
Awesome Experience With Married Woman
Dear friends, I am not mentioning names here(confidential). We respect each other a lot. I respect women & feelings.
Hello i am shadowpndt
Married lady is from sainikpuri, secunderabad… gorgeous
Beach Fun
It was early September and i usually try to hit a beach for my birthday treat.
Im a naturist so made my way down to a famous nude beach about five miles away from where i live.
Waiting for the
An African Adventure
Mark opened his eyes, slowly waking up from a deep sl**p. He twisted his whole body and stretched his arms and legs and sucked in a deep breath of fresh air to wake his systems up.
Hmmmmmwoooaaaah Ma
Beach Fun 2
Beach fun ch2
I'm a CockHero!
I've just discovered the best video game ever. It's kinda like GuitarHero... only different. It's called CockHero... it's a video game for your wiener and it's awesome! Has anyone else played it? I'm
It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...
I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt. "You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool, I've been talking a lot of shit with this
First meeting off a dating site - true story
I had been talking to this lady on a dating site for about a week and it came to the part about meeting up. I was very keen to meet Meryl as she sounded great and she looked good in her photos.
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