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Debbie,Kevin & Jason
As Debbie lowered herself onto Kevin’s cock she groaned loudly, her mind cast back to 2 days earlier when she had been riding a bigger and much thicker cock, Kevin held her hips as Debbie started to g
Roommate Surprise
Donna, Amanda and I have been good friends since we were k**s in grade school. We grew next door to each other, Donna on one side and Amanda on the other, and played together after school through our
the Coming Out Party
some of this story is true. sorry about the grammer or punctuation. i am just not all that concerned with it. enjoy the read. let me know what you think.
I had just turned 18. I was a skinny boy w
Waiter free for all!! part two
Waiter free for all part 2
The second and last part of my wife’s going over by the local restaurant’s serving staff!!
As Karen lay back on the sofa, spunk all over that pretty face of hers,
First Time
Someone wanted me to tell about my first time having sex. I can tell you, the first pussy I saw was my cousin. I did not fuck her, but I wish I did. We were young, my f****y just gotten a above ground
Shooting my load
I hoped it would happen. The mature blonde next door was home alone all week. On Friday afternoon she called me with a computer problem. I said I would come over right away and she said "Give me 5 min
Jerome sends me a gift and his friend
Jerome sends me a gift and a friend
Friday afternoon I came back home after a very busy day at my office.
My loving husband Victor had flown out of town and would come back on Monday.
On the ver
Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise
Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise
That humid fall my sweet Ana convinced me to take some days away from the cold and get a nice Caribbean cruise, from Miami to Bahamas.
On our first dinner on board
A naughty sut milf
It was a sultry summer evening, the weekend had begun 5 pm and I was headed home, going to get a shower grab something cold to drink and head out to see what was happening around town, at least tha
Bourbon street
She was walking down Bourbon street with her friends. She heard a jazz band playing and wanted to go listen. She grabbed her friends by the arm and went in the bar. The sound was sensational. Everyone
Meeting Helena's gynecologist
Meeting Helena’s gynecologist
Friday afternoon my girlfriend Helena asked me if I could go with her to meet her gynecologist. She had an appointment after office…
She told me I would like her gy
Preparation for the date
The icon on the top of the screen is flashing - new messages have arrived! How many? Three-five-ten or maybe just one, the one I was dreaming about during my sl**pless nights. Oh, every single one mig
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