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mature big feet
In one my classes at the university, I met Dorothy,a beautiful woman in her mid 50s . She is big boned ,with a nice plump ass (that I later learned she has perfect control over) ,short dark hair and b
Episode 58 - Alia and Uncle mack
Uncle Mack picked up Alia on Friday afternoon, just after she arrived home from school.
“Off for a dirty weekend”? Mum joked.
“You bet” replied Alia, giving her Mum a hug. She picked up her ruck
Stuffed on Thanksgiving
It was Thanksgiving and the extended f****y was at my house for dinner.
My cousin and his best friend ended up staying over for the night. The
turkey wasn't the only thing that got stuffed.
Ayanna's Promise
Mama!" Ayanna's best friend, Trisha, pleaded. "The ice cream truck! The ice cream truck!"
"OK," her mama answered, "hold your horses, one second."
"Hurry! He's already been there for like an hou
Jumping the Fence - Chapters 5 to 7
Chapter Five - New Horizons
It must have been about the turn of the millennium - certainly when the internet and mobile phones were well entrenched in everyday life that a new horizon opened quite
The day I pushed my Father over the edge
'Frida, it's gone seven'. The gentle knock on my door is what arouses me from my deep slumber.
The drumming of the rain on the window pane makes it feel cosier under the duvet, and I respond by sn
Daddy and the Sitter (Title Change)
I had just got home and walked the babysitter home, which was admittedly not far as she lived next door. My twin daughters had gone to bed so I poured myself a drink, stripped to my boxers and put on
Asifa 2/10
“Why don’t you show me how bad of a little girl you are for me?”
“How can I do that?” I asked.
“Sneak into your kitchen with your parents asl**p and find a bad toy to play with.”
“Okay,” I typed ex
Number Fifteen
This true story happened about thirty years ago, a time when boys could do something like this without everybody getting their panties in a wad and crying sex offender. A time when men were men and
Milf and Daughter
Phil found himself driving down the street were his high school buddy Greg used to live. He had spent many a weekend there, the two of them hanging and getting into mischief together. Phil knew Greg h
Saturday night session with mum.
It was a Saturday evening and I was planning on going out for a few drinks to see some old friends. Being cold and frosty outside I couldn’t actually be bothered to bring myself to get ready and go ou
Mommy's Little Leg Humper
he had done all of his chores for the day and was waiting on his knees for his Mommy to come home. She had been his Mistress for almost a year now and he was eager to continue to please Her.
All of t
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