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The Controller Part 2
"What the fuck are you two doing?" Oh shit, "Mom I can explain". Yes folks I had just been caught with my nineteen year old s****r Lauren in bed straight after she had just swallowed my cum and was l
Just fucked my VP of HR story and pics
SEPT 27 2016 Just busted a huge nut up in my 52yo VP of HR. I've always just wanted to see how that pussy was. A gallery with some pics of her are on my page please view them. Here's what happened.
Will and his mothers trip to the Ryder Cup
Wills lucky adventure with his Mum Chapter 1
Will was suffering another boring day at work when he received a call from his father. He informed him that the planned trip to America his father had p
"Jungle Fever"
I wrote this as a commission for someone in World of Warcraft. I hope you enjoy it. <3
Hot. Steamy. Sticky. All were words to describe the lithe woman who skulke
Camp 2
Things between Traci and I continued to heat up as the summer was ending. The last camp was in session when Traci confessed her mixed feelings for me and her fiancée. She had decided to tell me in bed
Our Cuckholding History
“Guess what Thomas wants for Christmas.” Helen handed Gary a scotch then stood with her hands on her hips. She addressed my friend Gary but looked defiantly into my eyes.
“Helen, don’t. Not n
Fucking my friend's wife on their anniversary
So, like most Saturday nights this summer, Anna came by my place tonight. But tonight was different in a most awesome way. She came over on her anniversary.
As soon as I let her in, Anna left no do
workmate mark and our newfound friendship.
When I was working as a journeyman. I was often put with trainees since I enjoyed being around young guys and the older guys had no patience. I was about 28 when I met Mark. His girlfriends dad was th
Muslim Cock - Supada Effect
Name of the theory: Theory of “Muslim Cock Supada”
While fucking the penis moves in and out
s*s coming home from the bar.
So the other night i was hanging out at home waiting for my s*s to come home from the bar. i was drinking myself and was expecting her to come home but she was much later than expected so she must hav
Caught Shaving - Returning the Favour
Caught Shaving – Returning the Favour
This is for those who enjoyed ‘Caught Shaving. It may be helpful for others if you read the earlier story. That’s if you want to know how we got to where
It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t
It started about 3 years ago. I met a man who is wild, spontaneous and crazy. I used to go to his house and we would drink some Crown, and coke, smoke some killer dro, and have an awesome time. One ni
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