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Wendy, seducer of youth
Wendy, seducer of youth
First a brief description of the lady, she is a white American, five feet six tall, auburn hair, brown sparkling eyes, she weighs an attractive 129lb`s has 34c tits a slim
A Nightmare Turned Into A Dream
Mom stood over me speaking my name and nudging my shoulder. "Jack. Jack. Wake up honey." I opened my eyes and jerked a little. I was startled by her at first. "You were having a nightmare. You
Replacing Dad
Mark Adams heard his parents before he saw them as he arrived home from a long day at school. As had become the norm, they were fighting. He paused for a moment as he listened to them from outside the
Brandy's Bedroom
My daughter dove into my arms. I stumbled back and nearly tripped over the porch steps. It felt good to have her in my arms again after so long. "I've missed you, baby."
"Brandy!" her m
As I travel I always checkout mature women looking for lodgers
Before traveling to Berlin I checked out a b&b web site
I picked an apartment with a mature divorcee with a room to rent
The apartment
Pastor John and the boss' wife
John was at a party comprising pastors, deans cardinals and all sorts of other religious men and their wives. There was a lot of chatting with pompous men and very prim wives.
Janice was differ
the weekend away part 1
My name is Ben, and this story happened back when I was at Uni.
At the time I didn't do a lot of studying, just drank a lot and played a lot of sport. I'm quite a big athletic guy, I stand 6ft4 and a
My Little Girl is Busted
My Little Girl is Busted.[/b/]


On Sunday morning I awoke to a text from Mistress Lisa. “Give me your cr
Thunderstorm (an erotic dream)
We are in the middle of a heat wave, so hot and humid that my skin starts to bead with dew before I am even finished drying myself from the shower. My mind is in a haze like the shifting, melting roa
Doing What Cums Naturally
Chapter 1
It was the end of Spring and school was letting out for the summer and Tom Bennington was feeling elated because of the freedom Summer vacation was about to afford him. He was just above
Wife swinging turned into cuckold part 3
It had been a month since the whole wife swapping had happened and we didnt discuss much about it, sex i can say got better and she was more passionate in doing it. But lately it kinda fad
Charlie and me, pt 2
So I had dinner with my parents and then took a shower, knowing I was heading over to Charlies and most likely getting my dick sucked, but more importantly I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth this t
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