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Cum Party
Cum Party
Hello my name is Hilary. My parents gave me this sissy name and I have lived up to it. I secretly dressed in our lodger’s lingerie from the age of 5. And whilst at boarding school where I w
Long Tongues
Long Tongues
Hank moves in: I was being transferred by my company from state to state on the average of once every two years. When I moved into a rental home in Southern California, everything see
Taxi Driver Fucks my d***k Wife fantasy story
We lived out in the countryside down a little cul de sac lane, our house stood at the very end just behind a small turning circle that was planted out with bushes.
C had gone out with friends for t
Kelly The Nurse
Twins Will and Walt Bookman were cowboys in their Blue Jeans, boots and hats. In Detroit, they stuck out like cats in a dog pound. Tall, tan, rug
The Sleeepover – Chapter 10
The Sleeepover – Chapter 10
by samslam
I awaken once in the middle of the night when Lauren rolls over. Rolling with her, I spoon myself against her lovely ass, my cock nestling co
Fun Down The Yard
A beautiful Spring evening, I head down to the yard with girlfriend Megan, I pull the car to a stop and we walk up to the stables. It's never on my favourite things to do, but the weather was too nice
my gf is a big slut but i dont care
Is my girl to much of a slut?!live_your_dream48
is it a good or a bad when the woman u build up a life with is a real sexfreak?
Well on one side its great to have plenty of sex all the time and
The Ladder 2
The Ladder Part 2
We continued kissing as Sue toyed with my penis. As my penis grew in her hand, Sue remarked that I must be horny this morning. She wasted no time in mounting my pole as it harde
My wife’s teenage cousin (Part 1)
How I became a ‘Sex Sensei’ to our nanny and my wife’s teenage cousin.
“You need to teach Jing; she is eighteen now and her mom said she needs a husband. Because she is a virgin Jing told me about sh
Cameraman Tom & Darlene
Cameraman Tom & Darlene
Note: There is a “son” version of this titled “Cameraman Tom & Daniel”
Several years ago I was trolling through some P2P files and found my friend!
My friend, Stephen (S
Cameraman Tom & Daniel
Cameraman Tom & Daniel
Note: There is a “daughter” version titled “Cameraman Tom & Darlene”
Several years ago I was trolling through some P2P files and found my friend!
My friend, Stephen (Stev
First time sex with men and women
My first time sex with men, and women – Part 1
The first time I had sex with men, I was 18 years old. I’ll tell you about that but first of all I’ll tell you of the events that led to that.
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