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Thank You Gift
Thank You Gift
(MF, Cheat, Anal, Hardcore)
Copyright © 2016 by PhoKing77, all rights reserved. Originally and only posted on X-Hamster 2016.
True story, but the names and locations have been chan
My lucky encounter at a nudist beach
My name is Vinay and I am 27 years old. I am a big fan of ISS and have been reading stories here for quite a long time. I never expected to write an erotica or sharing my experience here. Today I am g
A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt5
A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt5
Once James closed the door behind us, Jane and I immediately turned and looked a
s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 10
“Jac you have to go carefully and you will get to fuck Janice.” Jane said on her mobile. “How do I do that Jane?” “You have to go slowly. Next time you are out in the car. You need to start in the usu
Teacher II
For the first time I felt his hand on my dick, his firm but soft hands felt good. I arched my back pushing my hips forward giving him full access to me. Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like
Cream Shake
True story, circa 1997, I achieved what alot of guys fantasize about, having two hot sexy ladies get freaky, then invite me to join in. Now this just didn't happen overnight, but it been about two y
Sissy Cuckold's first time
She waited till I was out of the shower and then shouted me to come in.
I towelled myself and entered the living room. 'So Marcus has just texted me,' She said, smiling. 'Want to read it?'
this is true
Part one
About 5 years ago I was find I have type2 diabetes things for my wife & me was going right for us in the bed.
So we would buying toys for us to use & I got myself male strap-on so she cou
After Church ass fuck leads to more fun
So this story is one of those you happen to come up on, and well who walk way from this one.
So I recent been checking out some churches. I have visited many different versions of them, each being i
Fooled into Bed with My s****r
There was very little traffic on the roads that Sunday morning, which
was okay by me. I, my s****r and her friend Melissa were on our way into
the city proper.
They often invited me to t
Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she'd stolen from Anna's wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she'd pulled on Anna's panties she'd s
s****r in Law with 18 year olds Part 7
The Tuesday following the group event with Jane. I met Jac in the street and he tld me he would like to meet with Jane again and could I arrange it?
I called Jane on her mobile and she was quite ha
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