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Mom's Panties
Mom's Panties
It was late night and I had to go to the bathroom. I had gone to bed wearing my mother's panties. My dilemma involved taking off the panties or risking being seen as I went
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her bedroom and she shuts the door. My heart is beating faster than normal. I'm nervous and excited. I've fantasized about this moment for years.
"Strip", She says with confidence and authorit
My Wife's s****r
I was invited to sub on a bowling team in our little town by some friends of mine and I said that I would, I had never bowled with them before but knew them from other activities and they were fun to
Amusement park with my milf and her b*****r
When my wife and I decided to go to an amusement park, we were prepared to take her b*****r and his best friend with us in our pop-up camper. Ton was 16 and he and his friends often spent vacations to
granny fun
My Granny is 74 yrs. old and fell and broke her hip so she had to go to the nursing home for 2 months and then come and live with us.
I was 18 and didn't mind watching her when mom and dad were at w
landlord with a couple
Being the landlord can be fun.
A nice young couple came to rent an apt. from me on the first day I ran the ad.The girl was 19 and her husband was 22. She stayed home and he worked.They had the money
Hunting (For Love)
After much planning, I purchased the supplies and made the trip to the game preserve. I had been there before but just to take photos. This time I was planning on bagging some real game. As I began
Sitting for my Mom's Friend
This is a true story, one that I will never forget.
One day, mom came to our room while we were doing our homework. She said, "Donny, that was Cassie's mom on the phone. She said her sitter baile
Sloppy second fuck for son
In my first year at University of Sao Paulo, I moved out of dormitory
to an adult student housing because It provided more free doom and at
lower cost, and My new roommate was a black Brazil du
(Gay) My Best Friends Dad
Hi lads,
Thanks for all your continued reading, conmenting and thumbs up on my stories. You guys are awesome.
As always, this story is 100% true. Some names have been changed though.
Remember, com
Part 2 of the Cousin.
The last was deleted so I will have to edit this a bit.
So it had been years since I had seen my C....n Katie. I Had gone into the Marines, and was getting out. I was now divorced and had a son I
Fucking My Next Door Neighbor
These people moved in next door about ten or twelve years ago and the husband was kind of a jerk, very unfriendly and I hardly ever saw him. But the wife.....I did not see her much at first either. Th
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