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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 2
A Step in the Right Direction 2
Otherwise known as “A Second Step “
In the first story, I accidentally walk in on Jane’s daughter who is living with us. She was getting into the shower and… wel
RP fiction with blitzrider34 1: noato's vacat
Heres the naoto RP we did
Noato: hello there, may I ask you a few questions,
Shower Time Champ
This true story came to me from a friend, please enjoy!.
My first time to have sex was pretty weird. I played soccer for the high school soccer team. I was not very good but I really wanted to p
Anita's first black experience Part 1
Anita's first black experience
My wife Anita is 45 years old. She has long brown hair, and some big beautiful brown eyes.
She is working as a teacher home in Norway, and that's how this all s
70s Summer
In the early seventies, I was taking some time off from
school. I was a member of the counterculture, 22, and
was living near my divorced mom’s house in the San
Fernando Valley. I was then about
Michelle and fun
Michelle started to strip and watched as Chris slipped in to bed, she was feeling nervous, as this was the first time in 5 years since she had slept with any other guy except her husband, Chris had be
Faye's new toy
Faye’s favourite toy
Faye lay on her bed naked after just coming off the phone to Ray who was away on business, reaching over to her bedside locker she pulled, out her favourite sex toy, wetting he
Forbiden fruit Part 1
As Veronica started to strip, she looked at her uncle (by marriage) laying on the bed rubbing his extremely large thick cock, she fancied him like hell and had only just realized he was up for some se
New Beginning
All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only c***d was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa's husband, when he was even home, either paid
Northern Light
Saturday: Constellations
Brad awoke in the middle of the dark forest alone, cold and hungry. Through gaps in the trees overhead, spattered across the black canvas, the Milky Way Galaxy brightly sp
f****y Voyeurism
Summertime aproaching, school's over and it's time for me to find a job in order to raise enough money to go on a road trip with my friends.
I'v always been a little bit lazy and bad at manual works
A Quick Transformation
I must be transformed into a raging feminine bimbo. I must feel my body begin to change and transform with the overflow of estrogen being f***ed deep inside me. "What is happening to me?" M
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