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Mommy's Little Leg Humper
he had done all of his chores for the day and was waiting on his knees for his Mommy to come home. She had been his Mistress for almost a year now and he was eager to continue to please Her.
All of t
grinding on her panties
We watched movies together all the time snuggled together on the bed. It was totally innocent up to this point, after all, her mom would destroy me if she found out.
She would get ready for bed, in h
on the farm with my aunt and my dog buddy
I was in the barn with buddy and i done my work for the day and buddy started playing with me then i sat down on the hay and he put his nose up my skirt and sniffed my fanny it felt good so i let him
Asifa 1/10
A mere three weeks ago I met Jim online. Part of me knew I shouldn’t have been in that type of chat room, but my curiosity got the best of me. It started off innocently enough I suppose. GirlButcher s
Saturday Morning Solution
The Keyhole Adventures continue…
A couple weeks had passed since Mom and I almost did the deed. It was hard to conce
A better Cuckold Contract
Cuckold Contract
This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their cuckold marriage:
Hotwife _________________ & Cuckold ____________________
when me and s*s had to stay at my nannas for a mon
mum had to go away for work and got nan to look after us we had to share a room with nan she was only 49 years old cause she had mum when she was 12 years old and one day i heard nanna talking to her
Cuckold's Chat with a bull!
Are you the husband of Lene? I have seen your wife for many years if you are and have wanted to visit your country in particular to have her for a week or so.
Yes, I am!
An amazing wom
My Mum, the model - part three.
Part 3
The morning flashed by, a pure lingerie shoot, I lost count of the different bra and panties I’d worn. Mark was on hand, clipping and un clipping my bra, pulling my knickers down on occasion
Summer in USA 5th part (Public Sex 10th part)
Vacation in USA was really nice. I spent almost 45 days enjoying in beautiful nature and nice company of my host - Mr. Bailey. After camping experience (
when my cuz when to pick up the oz of cocaine
I was buying a oz of cocaine my cuz would not let me or his wife go with him I was sas that he didn't want his wife to drive but he said it was ok so I gave him the cash to buy it and he took off with
unexpected fun
After a long day at work I often enjoy going to a local bar and having a few drinks. It's a quiet and dimly lit bar that is a little off the beaten track. I can almost always find an isolated booth in
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