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After Church ass fuck leads to more fun
So this story is one of those you happen to come up on, and well who walk way from this one.
So I recent been checking out some churches. I have visited many different versions of them, each being i
Fooled into Bed with My s****r
There was very little traffic on the roads that Sunday morning, which
was okay by me. I, my s****r and her friend Melissa were on our way into
the city proper.
They often invited me to t
Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she'd stolen from Anna's wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she'd pulled on Anna's panties she'd s
s****r in Law with 18 year olds Part 7
The Tuesday following the group event with Jane. I met Jac in the street and he tld me he would like to meet with Jane again and could I arrange it?
I called Jane on her mobile and she was quite ha
Big titty hijabi Indian / paki / Muslim at Costa,
So a few weeks ago I was at my local Costa coffee just doing some work I had to finish on my day off work, as I looked up from my laptop my mouth sprung open as the barista brought my latte to my tabl
My teacher
Growing up I was never a fast learner. My grades were nothing to sing about, but I did pass each year, but if not by the skin of my teeth. When I made it to middle school, it wasn't much better, in fa
My First Doll Sex
Long story short, I got my hands on a pair of little bratz dolls. I had seen the doll cumming vids here on xhamster already, and certainly didn't dislike them. I also like how many doll lovers you c
Taking the boy to the country
5:00 showed up earlier than I wanted. I got up, made coffee and toast, thinking we'd eat on the road. I went to get the boys up. I walked into Roberts room, turning the light on I see Robert had turne
He was sitting on the floor cross legged completely absorbed with something on TV, not paying attention to anything else. I was feeling antsy, bored, restless and I cou
Love & Romance with my Owner aunty
Dear All,
I am starting the story about “Love & Romance with my Owner aunty”. Hope you all like this story and support me to make it a big success.
It was 8 years ago, I got a job in a good compan
Anatomy Lessons - Part Two
Anatomy Lessons - Part Two
By billy69boy
My heart skipped a beat for several reasons, but I didn't spend any time contemplating them. I was more interested in my early morning guest floating
2 MILF Teachers Part 2
When Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Meyers and I had our three sum, things definitely changed. Kate Brown and June Meyers now became my personal sex slaves. I was fucking them at least 3 times a week each and to
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