Suckling her swollen milky tits

by Summer

As I was entering my sixth month of pregnancy, Mark had to go away for a 7-day training course. He hadn’t wanted to leave me at home alone with Sean (our eldest who was then 15 months old) so we had arranged for an old school friend of mine, Amanda, to come and stay while he was away. Amanda was a couple of years below me at school. I was 40 when I had Luke so that would make Amanda 38, at the time of this story.

Anyway, with Mark away for a week, this meant that I wouldn’t be suckled three times a day and was facing a week of absolute agony unless I got out the hated expressing pump – which we had in a cupboard just in case of dire emergencies – luckily I’d never had to use it yet.

While Amanda was unpacking in the spare room and Sean was down for his midday nap. I decided to take advantage of the time alone to do a much-needed express in my bedroom. Mark had had to leave early that morning and had last suckled at 5am which meant that both breasts were now becoming rapidly full.

There I sat on my bed, leaning against the headboard, with my top off, both heavy, milk-full breasts naked, expressing using the dreaded pump when Amanda walked in unannounced saying “have you got any more hangers Sum?” and stopped dead in the doorway. “Summer? What are you doing? You don’t feed Sean do you?” Well – I couldn’t ignore the situation so I stopped what I was doing and said, as calmly as I could “no. I feed Mark. Mark drinks my milk. He has done ever since Sean was born.”

She looked amazed and said “Well of course I know that it goes on -but you? And Mark? Why?” As she sat down on the bed beside me, I started to tell her how it had come about. Then she asked me what it was like.

“Oh Amanda, it’s fantastic, out of this world. It’s what I was made for. I’ve never experienced anything like it. When he suckles and drinks my milk, I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach – even now after 10 years. There’s a tug at my breast and – oh I can’t explain it. It’s just wonderful. From the moment he goes in the morning, I look forward to him coming home. I can’t wait for him to come home, lift up my top and suckle at my breasts and have his fill of me again. When he’s not with me, I fantasize about it. And the sex! You wouldn’t believe it. I’m telling you – pure sex heaven!!!!!!

And you know better than anyone how many men I had before Mark. And remember when I was an air hostess? If it was male - I fucked it! But with Mark – it’s just awesome. I can’t explain it. It’s like my life only started when I became “in-milk” – my life revolves around feeding him, I’d do anything for him (and do!). I love him more than life itself. And all because of being “in-milk”!”

Amanda then asked curiously “do you always have sex after he suckles?” I answered, truthfully “yes – always – at least three times a day, every day of the year! Breastfeeding a man is the most sensual and sexual thing I have ever done – I’m permanently horny - always ready – morning, noon and night!”

Amanda was looking very interested at this and then said “so why are you pumping? Do you always pump during the day when he’s at work? When does he normally drink you?” I explained that once you were established, you set your own pattern and then had to keep to it to maintain the flow and that, due to our routine, I needed to be suckled three times a day, every day, because otherwise my breasts would become engorged and painful and after a while, the milk would just dry up without demand. I explained that our routine was for Mark to suckle before going to work, as soon as he got home and then all evening (and sometimes, if I was lucky, at lunchtime too) and almost constantly at weekends.

Then out of the blue she asked “has anyone else ever suckled you or just Mark?” I decided to be honest with her and said “yes - once. Gary drank me one night about a month ago.”

She said “Gary? Mark’s b*****r? While you’re pregnant? Whose idea was that? Didn’t you mind? Didn’t Mark mind?” I then answered “actually - it was Mark’s idea. He wanted to watch me with another man and he loved it. He really got off on watching Gary sucking me and let him finger-fuck me too! Adult feeding is very erotic you know. And afterwards, Mark and I had the most AMAZING sex for 5 long hours!”

There was silence for about 5 minutes whilst Amanda took in everything I had said and then, just as I was getting ready to resume pumping, she said very quietly “I could suckle you, if you like?” I didn’t think I’d heard her right so I said “pardon? What was that?” Again, blushing furiously, she said “I could suckle you while Mark’s away. I’ve always wanted to suck on your tits Summer – for years. They’re so full and heavy and just so gorgeous. Please? Let me?”

I didn’t know what to say – here was my best friend offering to drink my milk, saying she had always found my breasts sexy. We had never done anything like this before. Not even at school. But I had let Gary, my b*****r-in-law. So why not my friend? It made sense with Mark away. Why go through all the hassle of pumping 3 times a day if someone was willing to help? What did we have to lose by trying.

Feeling embarrassed and without saying a word, I offered her one of my heavy, veined, swollen, milk-filled orbs – still with droplets of milk from the earlier pumping. She cupped one breast reverently in both hands and leant forward. She gently licked the droplets of milk off the nipple. Then she did the same to the other breast.

I immediately felt my let-down kick in and the milk started to drip, I quickly pulled her down so that her head was resting on my swollen belly, facing my body and my leaking, hanging breast was just in the right position over her wide open eager mouth. I fed in my nipple and aureole and she instinctively started to suckle.

I felt the butterflies start in the pit of my stomach that I had always associated with Mark. It had happened with Gary too but I had kinda assumed I would only have that feeling when men were suckling but ……. and I moaned softly. As if waiting for such an encouragement, one of her hands cupped my other full breast and started to caress the leaking nipple whilst her other hand gently pushed my legs apart and snaked under my skirt!

Her long, index finger found my soaking, wet naked pussy and started to gently finger-fuck me (remember that I never wear panties on Mark’s orders) – I gasped, shocked. She increased the tempo whilst increasing the number of fingers she inserted until she had me climaxing with a shudder. I writhed as I felt my juices flow out of me over her fingers and down between my legs.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I wasn’t a lesbian – never had been – although I had had some experience with women during my very promiscuous youth! But – with my best friend? Was this wrong? Should we be doing this? But, who were we hurting? We were both mature adults. She was fulfilling a need in me by suckling at my breast instead of my husband?

It obviously didn’t faze Amanda at all. She just continued to suckle at my breast whilst her hand continued its rapid exploration under my skirt! By this stage I was feeling decidedly horny – she had already brought me to climax twice and (as we all know) I do love to have someone suckling at my breasts!

When one breast was empty, Amanda simply transferred herself to the other one, as if she had been doing if for years, whilst continuing with her finger-fucking – making me climax and gasp at regular intervals until I was absolutely soaking and exhausted – remember I was 6-months pregnant at the time!

When both breasts were empty, I removed my skirt (the only thing I was still wearing). I undid the waistband of her trousers and pulled them off, together with her little lacy panties. I removed her blouse and bra (she wasn’t exactly backward in the boobs department herself! I was probably a 34D by then – she was easily a 30C). When she was naked, I pushed her knees up and knelt between them and found her warm, wet, enticing pussy with my tongue and started to fuck her - making her come almost instantly. As I flicked my tongue in and out of her pussy, I felt her warm, wet, sticky liquid flowing into my mouth – ah – the taste of heaven, sweet nectar!

As she writhed on my bed holding onto the headboard - gasping and moaning - I started to suck on the lips of her vagina and then her clitoris and she cried out loud as she climaxed again. After about half-an-hour of this and countless more climaxes on her part, she pulled me up on top of her.

I kissed her on the lips – transferring some of her own juices to her mouth. I kissed her with my tongue far into her mouth – she sucked on my tongue. Then I straddled her and pushed one breast into her wide open, mouth. She automatically started suckling again (albeit dry suckling now) and made me climax again. Rubbing her fingers into my juices she pushed one finger into my tight asshole. I tensed but she continued, forcing the finger all the way in, then two, then three until she was ass-fucking me whilst suckling at my breast. I climaxed again and again. She started to bite my nipple and the pain made me climax again with a loud cry.

We slept for a while, still with her mouth around my breast and her fingers still in my ass.

From then on, for the duration of her visit, Amanda suckled me at every opportunity and fucked me just as often. It was lucky Sean was only 15 months old and couldn’t talk!

I would be making lunch and she would come up to me, in the kitchen, get out both breasts, latch on to one and start to suckle. At the same time she would finger-fuck my pussy hard or my ass (I still wasn’t wearing panties – even though Mark was away!) until she had made me climax so often I had no energy left.

It was like she couldn’t get enough of my body. She shared my bed (Sean had a lot of day-time naps in those 5 days!) and I would wake in the morning to find her already latched onto my breast, drinking me from my full, engorged breasts whilst finger-fucking me gently in the pussy. Or I would find her already between my legs gently lapping up my night-time juices and rubbing my belly - swollen with Mark’s c***d. Once I awoke in the middle of the night to find her with her tongue in my asshole and her fingers in my pussy – both my breasts leaking milk everywhere. We didn’t get any sl**p that night!

She helped me discover how wonderful sex with another woman could be! It was like a week long “holiday romance” – we hardly went out all week – just stayed in the house suckling and having sex.

To this day I have never told Mark what happened (it’s the only secret I have ever kept from him) and I don’t know whether she told her long-term, French boyfriend, Christophe. I sometimes catch him watching me quizzically and think maybe she did. Amanda and I have never touched each other sexually since, from that day to this, over 7 years later and we have never mentioned it! Just another taboo I guess???!!!

Take care and love always,
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candyliciouz 2 years ago
great story
Ashley1991 4 years ago
AMAZING, You write really good
texasluv 4 years ago
hmmm so sexy. i love to be suckled.
pinkbeth 5 years ago
i would love to suck on her titties
Wire99 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing!! I suckled my wife briefly after our daughter was born and to be honest I sometimes still wish that I was doing it!!
mikey1ra 5 years ago
very good
soohigh47 5 years ago
Very HOT
mikemx52000 5 years ago

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