My First Older Women

So this story it's true and i will never forget, because this was my first time that fucked a mature lady. this happend a few monthes ago .
So this is how it started, its was a saturday ,i wasn't doing that much. I get a call from my best friend Tony,
Tony:'Hey dude what are you doing?' .
Me:'nothing just here home not doing much'
Tony: Are you down to come to my f****y party cuz this shit is boring and i want you to hit up everybody so we can turn this place up sight down and get it cracking !
Me:' Yeah sure !
So I started to call all of my friends and ask if they want to go Tony f****y party , So when me and my friends show up at Tony house, with beers and a few bottles and some weed to make things for more interesting.Tony f****y didn't really care about us smoking as long we smoke at the back of their house and theres isn't any k**s around . We all ate first before we start to drink cuz we dont want to end up being on the floor with an empty stomach. we ate, we started to playing beer pong and smoking at the back of the house a spot where ppl can't really see us smoking , The party was happening inside the house, So I go in the house with my friend Tony thats when i saw her . She's 51 but she NEVER in a million years looked 51 that made it even better :). She's 5'2 and had nice green eyes(A BIG TURN ON) ,nice round big butt not to big nice tits immaculately dressed had leggings and a dress on, looked liked you'er typical next door lady but attractive. She was sitting by her self . So I was fuck it go for it, So I go over 'Hey how are you doing' and she looked behind her .'who me?' i smiled 'yeah you' . 'oh sorry i dont really get hi from guys like you ' she replied . 'so why are you alone ? you supposed be having fun talking to ppl or drinking?' she said 'well i dont really have no one to really talk to ' so i asked her , 'want me to keep you company ?' . 'sure i dont mind' she said , My name is Erick , Whats your name?' 'Linda ' she relied 'Thats a nice name "i asked her 'wheres your husband ?'
Linda: He's around here with his friends drinking somewhere '
Me: Why did he leave a good looking lady be her self ? i know for sure if i had a lady like you i wouldn't leave her by her self.'
she smiled and said 'that's sweet '. and i asked 'Are you having a good time here?'
Linda:Not really i haven't had a good time in awhile
So i asked her when was the last time you had a good time getting d***k and having the best time in your life ?, if you dont mind me asking
Linda: Well when i was in my 20s, Now thinking of it i wish i could have one last time '
So I said to her to bad your married or other wise i would of asked you that i could show you the best time in your life that you wouldnt forget'
Linda: Well what if i was about to divorce my husband
So I look straight looked at her, and said 'well thats a different story, i asked 'Do you mind me asking why ?'
Linda: Cause the thing is not in there any more and hes a lame d***k , always talking shit to me when he's d***k' .
Thats when her jerk husband comes with his two of his friends 'hey! lets go home im tired , I was crush when he said that.
Linda: No i want to stay a bit longer
Lame d***k: No lets go now!
So one of his friends said 'Its alright Linda Ill take him home' her husband Walks and says 'Stupid bitch'. i was like 'damn what a rude motherfucker '.
Linda: Yup thats him
''Lowkey im glad your divorcing him he's such an asshole ' .. and looks at me with a smile
Linda: So are you going to show me the best time in my life, that im not going to forget ?' .
I was kinda shocked when she said that . So i told her 'Do you want me to cuz i can if you give me the time
Linda:Well then start
Alright let me get you a beer and we will start from there'. so i grab her a beer and one for myself.Then we start drinking talking and we already finished our beer so i ask her 'would you like to play beer pong ' she said yeah sure , so far so good. So i take her in the back with all of my friends were at, must of them know that im into older women so i wasn't really worried what would they say or think once i take her back. So we go , we see one of my friend Timmy hitting the bong , and goes 'oh shit here put it away theres a lady here!
Linda: You dont have to put it away ,its fine with me just smoke away ' and she laugh
Tony ends up telling her 'here Linda you should take a hit i promise i wont tell no one' but he was joking with her,
Linda: Yeah sure ill take a hit then but dont tell your mom '
i was shocked cuz Ive never seen an older women hitting the bong i was kinda excited about it . So she grab the bong I light it up for her and all of my friends were staring at her. Once she took the hit all my friends were cheering , it was kinda funny at the same time . After that i asked Linda 'have you ever played beer bong ?' Linda replied 'yeah We should play'. So we went we played 2 games , i was already feeling buzzed and i asked Linda if she was having a good time so far?
Linda: Yeah i am thank godness i end up staying , because for sure i would of been already asl**p next to the baster' she started to laugh.
She asked if i had any weed on me she really like the feeling of it , Cuz that was her first time smoking weed. So i said 'yeah i do why you want to smoke ?'. She said 'Yeah but i just want you to be with me i dont really want ppl to be around me when im smoking i get shy'. So i said 'okay come on we should go over the side of the house wheres its dark and nobody would see us'. So we went i pack the weed in my piece (pipe), we started to hit it then Linda gets closed to me and says 'im glad i stayed with you ' i asked 'Why Linda?', 'I haven't had this much fun in a while' Linda said. she grabs me and gives me a kiss on my cheek . I just excited and my cock started to grow , i was trying to hid it from her so she wouldn't see it . When we finished smoking we went back where my friends were at. We just started to mess around and drinking enjoying our high, it was around 1 a.m. at the time . My friend Sam was telling every body that we should take the party at his house because his parents were out of down for the weekend and we can jump i his jacuzzi and drink some more, so i asked Linda 'hey do you want to go ?'. 'Sure i dont mind going , we should take my car ' she said. Thats when Tony pulls me aside ' Dude your taking Linda?'. ' Yeah i am' i said. He replies , 'Ooh shit i Know you like older women and I bet you aren't going to get it in tonight hahaha!' I looked over at Linda She was looking at me , I was Like oh shit i bet she heard this dumbass , i got red and told him, 'Shut up dude! shes looking over here. ill see you at Sam house' , so i walk back to Linda ,she said So i heard what Tony said', i turn so red that i was about to start sweating i just try to play it off , 'What do you mean Linda?' 'That you like older women and that you aren't going to get it in tonight'. I said 'Well you kow how guys are saying stupid stuff like that'. she tells me ' well we have to make sure you get it in tonight and prove them wrong won't we?' she smile . i was pretty shocked when she said that i didn't have any words to say, when we got into her car i was quiet and nerves. when we got to Sam house we sat down and i got us some drinks we chatted a bit,thats when she suddenly put her hand on my knee I felt electricity , i didnt know what to do . should i go along with it ? when she had her hand on my knee she whispers on my ear saying 'im glad you came to Tony house today ,other wise i would of been bored all night and by know im pretty sure i would be sl**ping but im glad im not'. So i asked her 'why are you glad?'. she replied I don't tend to attract too many young guys these days because people think I am too old' she looked at me with a nice smile and said 'i have a wonderful guy with me right now showing me the best time ive ever had in my 35 year of my marriage hopefully to have more fun '. so i said 'but you are an attractive women for me Linda, i guess some guys are blind not to see a good looking lady walking around with out noticing' thats when she looked around seeing if anybody is looking , she moved her hand from my knee and moved it up and she grab it and squeezed it, i started to get hard. she felt it , she said ' ooh Erick i see you like that, im going to the restroom meet me in the restroom in 2 min before i go in okay,
She got up and walked away , after she went in i was wondering what is she going to do once i go in the bathroom . So many things were going around my head . Then my friend Sam sat next to me, He's into older women too.
Sam: 'So finally you going to get it with a older women , thats what you've been wanting for a while ,so im gonna help you . just take the guest room and i will let ppl know that its off limits for them alright bitch. So where did she go ?.
Me: 'She went into the bathroom told me to wait 2min before she goes in' .
Sam: 'So what the fuck are you waiting for, GO BITCH!'
So when i was walking to the bathroom i didnt know what to expect ,so i knocked two times. she open the door ,told me to go in she locked the door behind me
Linda: So what took you so long ?
Thats when she grab me and started kissing madly , her tongue twirling around in my mouth. She started to kiss my neck slowly she went to my stomach,licking it slowly going down. I was getting really horny and my cock started to get hard fast. Then she started to go more down and she saw a lump on my pants.
Linda: I see someone is liking this very much , Lets take him out
So she started to unzip my pants took it out
Linda: Oh Erick you have a nice looking cock, you know what makes it look better ?
She started to slowly stroke my cock back and forth as it was getting harder. I was loving every min of it she slowly started to lick and kiss the tip of my cock, started to suck my cock. She took as much of my cock down her throat She started to suck it real good and going deep. She gagged and choked, But kept on sucking . I felt amazing so i grab her hair and started to fuck her mouth. she grab my ass and start to push me to go deeper and gagged again but she kept and sucks and stroking my cock .
Me: Ooh im about to cum
Linda: Cum inside my dirty mouth
I started to cum inside her mouth , She swallow every bit of it . That got me more turn on .
Me: Come on lets take this to a bed room
So we walked out of the restroom , I walked her to the guest bedroom.
Linda: Hey do you have any weed left?, I want to fuck while im high
Me: Yeah i do , but i dont have my piece, I left it at Tony's house. But i can go get a piece .
I walked out , ask one of my friends to let me borrow their piece , She said yeah sure . when i was walking back to the bedroom. I was saying to myself . Yes, about time i get to fuck an older women . I'm going to fuck the shit outa of her ! So i walked in she was laying on the bed already naked under the sheets , Just waiting to fuck the shit outa her . I locked the door Behind me
Me: I got a piece , Lets get this started
So I started to pack the piece , I saw a little bit of her nipple as she was reaching for the piece , She has a nice looking nipple i couldn't wait to suck on them. we started to get high once it was finished she looked at me. she looked like she's on a good one, i started to feel it. So i stand up to put the piece away and she stand up she was butt naked. walks towards me, so I grab her started to kiss her full on , she hungrily sucked my tongue into her mouth. She was moaning at the same time. She started to take off my t-shirt and started to kiss my chest stopping at my nipple to lick it and kiss it. She reached down undoing my pants then she pulled them down to my ankles with my boxers, pushed me to the bed i layed back she claimed oh the bed beside me she grab my balls and started to messaged them ,she grab my cock started to jack me off. She jumped on top of me. full tits nice big DD , So I grabbed her tits and started to suck them playing with her nipples. She was sitting on my cock rubbing back and forth with her pussy while I licked and sucked on her firm tits. Then i grab her hips and quickly rubbed her cunt up and down the length of my cock faster. She moan i can feel her wet pussy, and I moved her sloppy wet to the top of my cock and rammed it all the way inside her pussy in one stroke. She moaned loudly as I pushed and pulled her hips back and forth
Linda: Ohhhhhhhh God, Oh God, Oh God Erick make me cum
She grab my hair pulled it and rubbed my head. Then she started to rub my back , she started to scratch my back and i kinda liked it , she started to shake. once i notice she was cumming, and she stay still for at least 1min she started to move back and forth .
Linda: Fuck my wet pussy Erick, Fuck it hard ohhhhh god.
I started to pull her hair with one hand as i squeezed her tits with the other hand , fucking her hard as i could , i grab her and f***efully pulling her against me shoving my cock deeper i as i could. She grab her tits and squeezing them and that gets me more turn on. I couldn't hold it any more
Me: Make me cum! i want to cum inside your wet pussy Linda !
Linda: Uhh...Fuck Erick cum up inside me, fill me up, fuck my mature pussy Erick... put your cum deep inside me!
I shot heavy stream into her wet pussy, I slowly started to fuck her, i was moving a bit faster, she was moaning loud as i kept on fucking her deep.
Linda: Yes! Deeper, Deeper! Faster! oooooh! ahhh!
Me: Yes you dirty bitch
I flipped her over on her back and started to deep thrust inside her slowly. Her cunt was soaking wet and making squishing sounds as her cunt juice squirted out of her with each thrust. Oh god this feels good. We fucked for at least 10mins
Linda: Fuck me doggstyle , big boy
So I turned her over into the doggy position while I stroked my cock.She moved to the bed and put her hands flat down and parting her legs , I told her
Me: It was a good thing I came to Tony's party.
Linda: Oh yeah im glad to baby
She grabbed my cock and guided in to her love hole, I started to fuck her with half strokes she started to moan. I gently pulling out and putting back in, I started to go faster with every thrust. Her pussy was soaking wet . I kept ramming my cock deep inside her, slapping her nice round white ass
Linda: Slap It Harder ,Harder Harder ....I’m cuming fuck I’m cuming
She finally started to shake and the high pitched
Linda: nnngggghhhh, ....Ohhhhhhhh God, Oh God, Oh God
over and over, until she collapsed on the bed gasping for breath. I waited for her to relax just a bit. I flipped her over on her back and started to deep thrust inside her slowly
Linda: Fuck my wet pussy hunny
I was going for it at least 10mins. Then she got on top of me, grab my dick shoved it in her nice wet pussy .She started to ride me like a Cowgirl moving her hips back and forth it felt so amazing
Me:Oh Shit! I’m going to cum
She started to move faster and faster.with each thrust it felt good.
Linda: Yeah baby Cum in my pussy , Give me each drop you have!
I pulled out and cum all over her pussy
Linda: oh yeah give me your cum.
After that lay down she surprised me by grabbing my cock and cleaning her pussy juice with her mouth. She sucked me until I cum load again, this one on her face, lips, nose and some of it into her mouth and she licked it up clean.We lay together touching and kissing each other, exploring each other’s body’s with our hands and feel asl**p. The next morning we both woke up and i didn't know to do next and just said 'Hey good morning ' goodmorning she replied. i asked if i can have her number we can have more fun later on . she said yeah sure she gave me her number .I asked her if i can take a pic of her so i can put in on my contacts cuz i don't really like having numbers with out their picture on it, looks boring to me. she said'yeah sure ill make sure you have a good pic . so she garb her tits and said 'ready ?' i took it.
We to this day still have sex, go out and get high together best mature i could have. and sometimes me and tony double team her pussy.
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limer 2 years ago
direwolf1 2 years ago
LOved your story! hope to read more soon!
bigcock6666 2 years ago
Great story. Hoe to see more soon :D

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