My white wife is having a black baby

Mary and I had been married for about 10 years at the
time this story takes place. We were quite happy, and
apart from the odd row, got on just famously. I worked
a lot, including weekends away, but I didn't worry too
much for Mary because she had lots of friends and
activities to keep her occupied.

Anyway, one summer evening I returned home. It was
about eleven at night: I'd been out on a business trip
across state. That morning, I'd promised Mary a night
out at the theatre, but I was returning late because
the deal took longer than I expected to fix, far too
late for Mary and I to make the night worthwhile. I'd
spoken to Mary on the phone a few hours earlier; she
seemed okay with the postponement of the theatre. I
also told her that if I was very late, I might stay
overnight in a motel and come home the next day.

I eventually reached home, and driving my car into the
driveway, I saw the teen from down the block bike
in the yard. I'm not naturally the suspicious sort, and
I didn't immediately
think anything more about the bike, since Mary often has
friends over to keep her company, especially if I'm
working in the evening.

I entered the house, and wandered over to the kitchen,
and took a drink of water. Mary was nowhere to be
found. Nor were her friends. Having wandered briefly
around most of the ground floor, I walked upstairs,
expecting that Mary was in the bedroom, perhaps showing
her friends some girly things. As you'll soon see, I
was right about the bedroom part.

So, after first checking the bathroom, I made for the
bedroom, calling out Mary's name. Then I saw them.
Mary's clothes, lying on the floor. I recognized the
red top she'd been wearing when I'd left that morning.
Her top was accompanied by her skirt, her socks, her
bra, and her panties. And right beside them, a pair of
boxer shorts. They weren't my boxer shorts.

Surprisingly, I didn't find myself particularly angry.
I hadn't expected to come home to find this, but now
that I had, I found myself considering the positive
aspects of my wife being naked in my bedroom with
another man. Indeed, I found myself somewhat turned on.

Walking quietly over to the bedroom door, I placed by
ear gently against it. I heard no words being spoken,
but the repetitive squeaking of the springs in our
marital mattress was pretty unmistakable.

Slowly, I pushed the door open, and entered. In front
of me was the absolute pinnacle, the sexiest of all
sights. Mary was on the edge of the bed, completely
naked, facing away from me, on her hands and knees.
Behind her the black teen from down the block,
. Completely naked too, he also faced away
from me. His ass was in motion, slowly but
rhythmically, pulling first backwards, and thrusting
then forwards; on each forward stroke, my wife jolted
forwards in time with the slap of his balls against her
skin. Her pert breasts bounced in time with the
thrusts, causing beads of sweat to drip from her erect
nipples onto the bed.

I stood for a long moment, watching the sexual
engagement continue, and his thrusts, at first long and
slow, become quicker and shorter, before I let out a
small, intentional cough. Both their heads span around
at once, and after settling on me, both their eyes
became wide. The teen’s ass pulled sharply backwards,
and he turned around to face me. My first glance took
me to my wife's pussy, freshly revealed. Her pussy lips
were stretched very wide, engorged, I suppose, by their
recent cock-encounter; her hole was dark, terribly
inviting, and so absolutely flooded with pussy juice
that her sexual arousal must have been great indeed.

I then glanced at the black boy. Tall and dark haired, I
could see why she would be attracted to him. Looking
down, standing proud in front of his well-toned body, I
saw the reason her snatch had been stretched so wide: a
broad, 10 inch pole, he was fucking her bare back, his long dick was
shimmering with the passion he and Mary had just been
sharing, and pulsating, having prematurely removed from
the cunt of my wife.

My wife's mouth was open, either in a gasp of shock, or
an attempt to speak, I suppose. I spoke first. "Why
don't you carry on?" said I, quite simply. The look of
shock on the face of my wife continued uninterrupted,
but a large of obvious twitch of the boy's huge erect
willy showed that he'd have little problem acquiescing
to my request. "Please, carry on," I continued, "but,"
said I, gesturing to the boy's groin.

The black boy cocked his head at me, perhaps unsure of my
sincerity, revealed was a giant pink
cock head, and a long smooth shaft, with the occasional
veiny ripple on its surface. Mary had told me
previously that a plastic-wrapped cock was wonderfully
pleasant, but nothing beat the feeling of the skin of a
naked penis, thrusting and stretching inside her.
Looking again at the Boy's blade, I was doubly sure
that Mary would love it.

In no time at all, the black boy was positioning himself once
again behind my wife. His large left hand clutched his
yet larger cock, wanking slowly, while rubbing the now-
naked pink tip of his knob along the length of my
wife's crack. After a few moments of this rubbing, and
coating himself with plenty of Mary's ever increasing
lubrication, he offered up his cock to her tunnel, his
wide tip plugging perfectly the gaping maw of her sex.
Mary's lips at once parted, and as he eased slowly
forward, were soon completely smothering his tip.

Mary's face, which up until now had maintained that
same veneer of shock, dropped back into a state of
ecstasy, even more intense than that in which it had
been immersed when I first entered the room. Her eyes
closed, and she let out a soft, prolonged groan as the
black boy's tip pushed further and further inside her, and
the smooth, veiny ripples of his long shaft tickled her
pussy lips on the journey into her tunnel.

Very soon, they were making hot, fast love again, and
I'm sure both completely forgot that I was in the room.
For my part, I quickly found my own cock in my hand,
and I wanked away at myself as the teen pumped away
vigorously at my wife's cunt.

Mary was not usually vocal during lovemaking, but she
became loudly so as she approached her orgasm, that,
stretched massively as she was, was incredibly intense.
In the race to climax, the boy was not far behind her.
While Mary moaned loudly, and her body bucked wildly,
in the throes of sexual ecstasy, his low, soft grunts
became more f***ed, and his fierce expression told me
that he was indeed, right at that moment, emptying
himself into the pussy of my gentle wife Lucy.

As the motion slowed, and the lovers in front of me
relaxed, I felt my own excitement building and quickly
moved forward to the bed. The boy, for his part,
withdrew quickly and moved aside. There was not enough
time for me to push myself inside Mary, even if I'd
wanted to: I came very quickly and fired a few small
viscous jets of white spunk over the swollen red pussy
lips before me.

By the time I looked around me again, the boy had made
his escape. I never saw him again. I do not know if
Mary ever did.

In any case, in this one session, the boy had obviously
well filled Mary; for very soon, much more cum than I
had produced was gathered at the portal within Mary's
mound. I reached forward, and massaged the mingled love
juices, mine, his and Mary's, back inside her dripping
hole. Mary moaned, half in pleasure, half in protest,
at this new manipulation. Right then, I was happy to
have, perhaps, pleased her further. With this action
though, unwittingly, I had added my seed to the pool.

I asked Mary how did she end up fucking the black teen
So told me that he was riding his bike around when she
Came from shopping and asked her if she needed some help.
That once inside of the house the boy kept making passes at
Her. She told me that she was already horny as hell. That when she felt
The bugle in his pants she had to fuck him. They had been fucking since
Noon that day. I her my slut wife to go find the teen so I could watch
Them fuck again. About an hour later she was back with him. Once garage door closed
They were kissing in the car. I came out and told the teen that everything was
Cool and he didn’t have to run off this time. I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted
To see them fuck in the car, They got in the back seat. My wife
Was already wet and the black teen’s dick was standing at full attention.
I told him to shot a huge load in her for me. I enjoyed fucking her pussy
With a load of your cum in it. In five minutes that boy filled up her married pussy.
My God the load was huge. I don’t know what made he kiss her pussy first but I did
And it tasted good. When I stuck my rock hard dick inside of my wife, she gave me
An odd look. I asked her if there was a problem. Mary said “ you feel bigger than normal.
The black teen was standing there rubbing his dick over the top of us while
We fucked. The rest of the day the both of us took turn shooting loads
Into my sexy wife. Every time the black boy shot a load in her I licked
Her pussy clean. Mary and I would share a kiss as I held a load of his cum in my

And when a few months later Mary announced her first
pregnancy, I found myself desperate to believe that the
c***d I was to raise was my own, clinging eagerly to
the sorry hope that the few meagre drops of wank-sperm
that I pushed finger depth inside my wife somehow
outperformed the globs that her stud lover had blasted
deep within her.
King Hut

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38801 5 months ago
Damned exciting read!
kinkyfreakn386 1 year ago
urluvstick 2 years ago
lovely story, let me if your wife needs a big black dick again
spunky75 2 years ago
Tiffandcuck 2 years ago
very nice....I kinda want something like this myself
simonenglish 2 years ago
Loved it
timbo8 2 years ago
I luv'd it!
sexyheelssuzy 2 years ago
great story.x
geordiekev 2 years ago
WOW, great read. Hope it's all true & your wife does indeed give birth to a black baby :)

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