My True First Time

The first time I had sex really sucked. I was at a party and this guy that I really liked was there. I was trying to impress him so I drank and flirted more than I should have. Anyway we ended up in one of the bedrooms. We made out and he began to finger me. Then off came my pants and then his came off. His cock was hard, I was not sure I wanted to go thru with it but I did want to impress him. He pushed into my dry pussy, made a couple thrust and it was over. In a matter of seconds he pushed into me and came. I spent the next couple waiting for him to call me and he never did. So my first and only experience with sex sucked.
When I turned eighteen I got a job at the nursing home down a few blocks from my house. I was almost done with high school and this job paid well and it beat flipping burgers. The third week I was there, one of the nurses called in sick so I got to do some nurse stuff which was really cool. After a while they sent me over to tend to Mr. Hemmer. He was in the assisted living area which meant he had his own place and was left alone for the most part. They sent me over to help him with a bath.
Once at Mr. Hemmers house I was excited to make this go off without a hitch so I could prove myself to the nurses. I got in and Mr. Hemmer started in on me. "You are very good looking" he told me. He is eighty years old but gets around really well. We did some stuff together then I told him it was bath time. He told me he took showers and did not need help but that I was welcome to get in there with him. I said I would not get in there but I will help him.
We went to the bathroom and I started the water, got the temp just right and then helped Mr. Hemmer get his clothes off. I could not believe how big his cock and balls were, I could not stop looking at them. He got in the shower and stood outside and soaped up a cloth and proceeded to clean him. I ended up getting all wet and when I washed his cock and balls, he got a major hardon. I was suprised as I thought those things quit working at that age. I tried to ignore it thinking it would go away. It was an impressive size, around nine inches and as big around as a beer can. We finished the shower, my top and bra was all wet,but I dried Mr. Hemmer off but his pecker stayed rock hard. I was not sure how I was going to dress him. Then he started to complain that his pecker was hurting and I should do something. "Mr. Hemmer, I am not sure what to do for that-has this happened before? What does your nurse do for this?" I asked. "Well she has me lay on the bed and she strokes me till I cum" was his reply. Well, I can do that I thought to myself. "Are you sure about that?" I asked him. "Well if you don't want to take of me call the office and have them send someone over to take care of this" he said. I really wanted to impress the nurses and I wanted them to think I could handle what ever came up. "I am just an old man who will be dead soon and no one will ever know, just get over here and get it done it is no big deal as my nurse does it all the time" he said.
Okay I thought, he was right. What is the big deal and if his nurse does it all the time then so can I. I went over to started to stroke his cock. It was warm and hard in my hand, and I liked how it felt. I had never this before, after all, I had been with one guy one time and it was horrible. Mr. Hemmer began to complain that I was not doing it right. He told me to take off my wet clothes and throw them in the dryer and maybe seeing my tities would be of some help. I followed his advice thinking that I was being clinical and professional and removed my bra and scrubbs.
Now let me say that I am no beauty queen, At this time in my life I only weighed about a hundred pounds, I had b cup boobs and not much else going for me. Granted I was just over four and half feet tall but still. Now I am standing there stroking this man's wang with just my panties on and we seemed to be getting no where. "Try putting it in your mouth" he shouted. I had no clue what I was doing as I put my mouth over his wanker. I tried to think of what might feel good but was afraid this thing might shoot off. Mr. Hemmer growing more frustrated slapped me on the head and told me to stop. "Why don't you just climb up here and put the tip inside you pussy, that will get me off and you can go on your merry way, that is what my normal nurse does when this happens" He quipped. My pussy tingled at the thought of what he had just said. I was already dripping wet and plenty horny from just handling this cock.
"Are you sure your nurse does that for you?" I asked him. "Well lets just call the front office and tell you, Hurry up, I am in pain here!" he said. "Okay Okay! calm down" I told him and I dropped my panties and climbed onto the bed and stradled myself over him so that my pussy was over his cock head. This should take about three seconds and it will be all over I thought to myself thinking about the first time I had sex. I took hold of his cock with my hand and I lowered my self just enough and rubbed his cock head between my lips, getting it all wet. I really liked the way this felt as his head rubbed over my clit. As i did this several times I pushed the head just into my vagina and all of a sudden Mr. Hemmer thrust himself upwards, his huge cock going halfway into my pussy, then he withdrew and then thrust upwards again.
My pussy seemed to want his cock inside me and took over my mind. With the third thrust I sat all the way down on Mr. Hemmer's cock. His cock was now all the way inside me and I loved the way it felt but was not sure what to do now. Mr. Hemmer yelled out that it felt great and for me to keep going, but I was not sure what to do. I was breathing heavy and wanted this man to fuck my brains out but was afraid to move. Mr. Hemmer then some how rolled us over so that he was now on top of me, his cock still buried deep inside me. He began to pound hard and deep into me. This is not what I was expecting but it is what I had always wanted. My pussy held his cock everytime he thrust forward, his heavy balls slapping my ass.
I loved his f***eful thrust and wanted his sperm inside me. I started to feel an orgasim building from deep within my womb, his every thrust pushed me closer to the edge. Then I exploded in a huge orgasim, my pussy and body convulsing as Mr. Hemmer keep his pace. As my orgasim calmed I now focused on Mr. Hemmer, his pace has quickened with my now very wet cunt. His rock hard cock filling my cunt. Finally, with one last mighty thrust his cock went deep into me and I felt it swell and then start to pulse as he cried out, I could his warm fluid flow into me filling my womb and then my body. I orgasimed again as he continued filling me with his spunk and I wanted it all. He collasped on the bed beside me but his cock still inside me, deflating quickly.
"That was what I needed" he said to me with a smile. "I think I needed that too" was my reply. His now limp cock slipped out my pussy along with alot of our cum juice. We both got in the shower and got all cleaned up. He told that was some very good sex and he wanted more, I agreed with him. We made plans to do this again.
I got with Mr. Hemmer's regular nurse and made it so I could go over once a week. We fucked like rabbits that one day. Later on I found out that he was fucking his nurse, and a couple of others including some of the old women around there. The nurses told me he had a nice cock and was a good fuck and a real player and that they all had fallen prey to his scam. They even had a schedule made up so everyone got their turn. I made sure I got on that schedule.
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mikey1ra 1 year ago
very good

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