backpage hookers are they racist

A lot of backpage hookers don't date blacks and some don't date Mexicans. But they mostly don't date blacks. Theres a lot of ads that say no black men no blacks under 35 or 40. No African Americans. I called one bitch and she said my ad clearly says no African Americans so why did u call me. I said because I never been too Africa im black American lol. Needless to say that didn't help as she hung up on me. Hoe was fine as frog hair to. That's another problem with those ads the finer the hoe is the more problems u have with them. Hoes price might be high as hell. Hoe don't wanna take pix or video, hoe make yo ass wait because she think its all about her and yo dumb ass gone wait outside while she fuck another mofo. They will tell u a lie like they doing something else just hold on. I always drive off in case its the cops. This morning I went too see this lil black chick that sounded like a white chick on the phone and got the run around. I drove from my home to another city about 30 mins away to this bitchs apartment. Got there the hoe told me on the phone she was at the store getting condoms just sit there until she come back. Now im thinking me and this trick been texting and talking for over 2 bours, she gave me directions I get here and she gone. Noway in hell im sitting here like a sitting duck for the cops. The bitch called me back after I get almost home saying she on her way. I told her dumb ass im gone home she said give me your address I will come to your house. lol im like what the fuck ever. A guy was robbed in the same city off backpage about 3 months ago so im thinking ether it was a stick up or the cops. Ither way I wasn't telling her where I live. So I got back on bp and headed to Greenville NC. Saw a lil white chick on bp called her up she said she was ok with video and pix and gave a good price. Check out her clip tittled mom fucks black men for cash. Her old man in jail so she selling pussy to pay the bills. At least that's what she say, these hookers will tell u any lie they can come up with like we really give a fuck why they selling pussy, all we care about is they hookers right. Most of them hoes be getting high. She was a ok hooker after we was done I gave her a ride up town to put money on her mans books so she say. I don't no where that hoe went after she got out. Monday I fucked a bbw a white bbw with big ddd tits. Im not into women over about 140 pds but I no there are a lot of guys who like the big women and it wasn't bad she was a real nice lady. Lol lady my ass. But back to the part about hookers not dating blacks the good news is there are no ads that say no white men. That's right my white b*****rs every last hooker on bp will tear you off break ya down toss ya salad what ever u want. Now these ads arnt just white women that don't date blacks. There are plenty black women and Latinas Asians on and on that don't date blacks. So my black b*****rs don't take it to personal its just business and in some cases it is racist but its their body not yours. Some say because of young black guys comitting robberies they don't date young black guys but will date older blacks. In any event there are plenty of whores to go around after all im black and I get my share. Im John Barns until next time peace.
Posted by lilcocktee 1 year ago
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