The dirtiest sex story ever

'So what, I am a girl and I talk dirty, I let men look at me, and yes I am always in a state of readiness, I have always been, that's what happens when you grow up watching your mum and dad fuck each other, as part of your home education regarding sex'.

Even my opening lines to you men reading this, are a challenge. I am a real person and I am challenging you to meet me and find out for yourself just how perverted a girl I am.

I love sex and full on intercourse, I am a liberated soul, blessed with a body men just dream about entering and freely seeding, backdoor and front, your choice.

I know you probably have your cock in your hand as you read, so I will tell you a little about my screwball parents, and my introduction to the visual delight of live sex and the men who were allowed to touch me, in the most intimate way, and the tasting of semen, fresh from the testicles of the men assembled, to pleasure themselves, and me of course.

Perhaps you can send me some of yours in a small phial to my box number, and I can furnish you with my taste analysis for free, and yes, I will video it.

I had seen both my parents nude before, summer holidays in the Maspalomas, a haven for women who love to touch naked voyeurs, that was my mothers only reason for going there.

How many girls can say they lost it with their head on daddies nude lap?
I was holding his hands, well if I am honest, being held down, as they took turns to open my secret passage to the delights of sex.

Each time my orgasm came I turned to meet daddies erection against my pouting lips, of course my lovers did not know or understand our twisted relationship, though I suspect my sweet smelling slit, which was open to all asunder, made them concentrate on slipping their old cocks inside and shaking them up and down, each thrust causing the previous cocks secretion to ooze out along the thick shafts, my pussy was full of warm semen, acting like a male lubrication, oiling the other males piston like thrusts, now you know where I book my holidays in July.

That was my initiation my coming of age ritual, my virginity to no one person, unknown and unnamed, just a flurry of naked bodies, grunts and moans, and enough cream-pies to fill a DVD.

I had got used to walking around the house totally naked, neither flinching or covering up whenever a male stranger entered the house, usually to fuck my mother, the local nympho, the old neighbor downstairs was enjoying her delights and now I was on his listing of pleasures, from the morning he opened his door to me in the nude, and I went in to be fucked and pleasured (See my upcoming account with him)

I was sitting by the bar when he came into the drawing room, I was naked and feeling proud in being so, his wide eyed expression at seeing me excited and made glad I was.

'You have never met our daughter Mariel'?

Daddy was proud of me, actually my daddy was in love with me, not as his biological daughter, but the reincarnation of my mother, another younger fresher version to titillate and enjoy, daddy had been rubbing himself against me for years, too keen for me to age, enjoying my youthful keenness for cock, something I was eyeing as our new guest approached me, my eyes dropping in mock shyness, but really wondering how big he was down there.

He held his hand out to me and I raised my own, uncovering my secret slit as I did so, letting my open thighs reveal its pretty thin line, my blond whispy pubes a dead giveaway to the sweetness it offered to any mouth willing to tongue it.

'Hi', I said, genuinely interested in the stranger giving my body the once over, he was staring at my open crotch, and my mouth hung open as wide, my tongue rasping my pouting lips, to show another moistened hole for a cock to pleasure, 'I hope you plan to fuck tonight', he asked, 'I do you too', I replied, and at that we made a mental pact, with my cunt lips tightening at the thought of him going inside me and gripping his cock as he did so.

'You can get undressed in the bedroom', I heard daddy explain to him, 'Mariel, show our guest where to go'.

I looked at daddy as I went past him, and he winked at me, I guess my odors indicated my need for cock, and I touched daddies as I swept past him, knowing he would slip into my bed once everyone had left and mother lay satiated with the many cocks invited to fuck her and her insatiable needs.

Daddy never cared about my fucking or how many had me, he was a sperm lover himself, I had watched him pull a cock from mother and swallow the ejaculation, with the poor guys shocked look as his balls bounced on daddies chin, I guess orgasms are designed to prevent the act of stopping, my first DP in the ass happened that way, he just snucked-in as I exploded, and I came out the other end with two cocks dancing inside me.

'How long have you been fucking'?

Nothing like a direct question to get an honest response. 'In about five minutes', I replied as his erection sprung into view, and I got up, like the rabbit in the headlamps, and walked across to him, as his pants dropped onto the floor.

Ok I was not virgin material, but it was fun pretending to be, it seemed to add extra bounce into the cock, the knowledge of penetrating a fresh cunt always did that for men, and I reached down a felt him as my long fingers took hold of him, and pushed him against my opening thin line.

I held him tightly and kissed his mouth, our tongues violating each other tonsils, yes my tongue was what people labeled a 'Dykes tongue', long enough for a woman's pussy to grip and ride, in the odd Lesbian encounter, so tickling his tonsils was by far an easier task.

'Fucking hell girl, you really are hot', was breathed into my ear, as I raised one knee and slid him inside my moist cunt, my inner thigh sliding down his flank as I transferred my grip onto his taut ass, my nails raking what I now possessed, digging in deep while my narrow hips humped him like a demon possessed and focused on cumming, even daddies voice did not interrupt my fluid motion, 'Go Girl, hump that cock', that's when I came, 'Oh Daddy', I moaned, I only realized at that moment, I humped him like a 'Prima ballerina assoluta', because of our difference in height, I humped him on my tippy-toes.

In case you are wondering, I did ballet, and the title is genuine, the assoluta part well named, the joys of anal penetration would see me turn on my face with equal enthusiasm, dont you think fucking me to be a joy of untold skin to skin friction.

He was towering over me as I looked up, trying to recover my composure, fainting due to bl**d loss during an orgasm, is something I had not mastered, but coming to and seeing his hard cock still in an upright position, made both my pussy and sphincter muscles twitch, but daddy happy I had been satiated momentarily, tugged on our guest and led him into the real woman's den of iniquity, mothers room, where she lay spreadeagled and ready for fucking.

'I heard my daughter scream in pleasure', she said, her thighs wide open and her fingers teasing her moist cunt.

Daddy patted his buttocks and said, 'Go fuck her son', and mummy smiled, as his cock twitched, now he was about to enter the canal of my birth, fuck the fleshy tube I had descended all those years back, I think if he could penetrate her cervix and ejaculate directly into her Fallopian tubes, there could not have been a finer feeling in entering women directly after fucking her daughter.

Even daddy was stroking himself and I went across to his side and took hold of him, then the enormity of our strange f****y hit him as he started to fuck mommy, her long legs encircling his waist, 'her dulcet overtones repeatedly moaning for him to give it to her, begging to be fucked over and over.

Looking back he would have seen his previous conquest with her daddies cock in her mouth, seeing the imaginary bulge of his cock head in my throat, en-likened to a mans Adams apple, who knows, perhaps that's where the term comes from, the 'Bell-end', in a girls throat, either way, it certainly added a piquancy to his seeding of my mother, while daddies seed was ingested by me, what better way to destroy any evidence of an i****tuous liaison, just swallow and digest.

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riverrat_jim 1 year ago
loved it
auswanker 1 year ago
Hot story Mariel, couldn't help but have a pull reading it
OlGeezer 1 year ago
you are so incredible best on this site that's for sure.
I can always count on being stimulated by your stories
my favorite author by far go girl you rock
modelmaker 1 year ago
A fantastic lifestyle,,,the world needs more ladies like you,,,,in power,,,and we'd have far fewer troubles.
riverrat_jim 1 year ago
dam girl, your stories are so fucking HOT !!!!!!!
funinmyoffice 1 year ago
absolutely perfect
23tim 1 year ago
Wow, that worked for me, Mariel. I did have my cock in my hand as soon as I saw who the author was.
hardrocker76 1 year ago
you never fail to deliver. Hope to meet you one day.
pervpete 1 year ago
quality material as usual marie hope i can elevate to your standard with time thank you
MarieL 1 year ago
Thor64 and jaydh I need to be between both you guys so I can feel your true appreciation, how do you feel about your cocks rubbing against each other on the thin membrane separating them, nice and tight dont you think, thanks guys the comments are appreciated
jaydh 1 year ago
MarieL, how did you know my cock was in my hands - haha - clever girl. And - you did make me cum with this great revelation story. Kisses friend :)))
thor64 1 year ago
Damn your one hell of a writer!!! Very hottt.
divedog1960 1 year ago
wow.. that was quite a story

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