My s****r and I gave my son a Blow-Job

My s****r and I used to masturbate and see who reached her peak first. She always won.

My frigging was of a flowery nature I imagined the slow build up, the teasing, setting the mood, and my s****r would sit and watch me explode, writhing naked, my hand trapped between my crossed legs, 'You make good watching Mariel', she would add sarcastically when I had finished.

'How do you cum so quickly'? She would look at me in a disdain fashion, 'A fuck is about fucking, you have to milk them before they pull out of you', she never minced her words, she knew exactly what she wanted, and now many years later, she stood in front of me, a divorcee, still refined and beautiful, but beneath that veneer of culture lay a sex b**st, a cougar, and she was in heat, 'I fancy a good fuck M, you interested in meeting some cock'?

A challenging proposition, it had been seven months since my own separation, and her bluntness, caused a stir between my thighs, a sudden awakening, two peas from the same pod, 'Only if I get to choose', I said in reply, knowing it would annoy her.

My s****r always talked about screwing the football team, such was her voracity for cock, she wanted to be surrounded by it, whereas I was happy to have just one of my choosing.

'Still ever the romantic Mariel', she mocked, s having removed her outer garment and threw it across the back of the chair, 'I see you're dressed for the supermarket', her mid-thigh little number riding a few inches below her stocking tops, 'you look like a desperate whore', but she was not in the slightest perturbed, 'Yes, the cucumbers section might feel my presence', and I knew precisely what she meant, as she used one when we were girls, and watched delightedly as daddy ate it a few hours afterwards.

It was at that moment my son walked into the room, a towel around his slender waist, and sporting a noticeable bump sticking out front.

That 'bump' caught my s****r's eye, 'Nice to know someone appreciates me', she was drooling and unperturbed I was his mother, 'Let you auntie kiss it', and she said it without a second glance at me, as I stood watching him approach her, 'For fucks sake you two', but it was too late, they connected and she held him.

He was hard and surprisingly very large, he had grown since I last saw him, he had one that I drooled and dreamt about, and for a few minutes I watched in silence as my s****r kissed his cock, her red lipstick making a bow like pattern on his shaft, this was so fucking wrong, but I was drawn into the live action, and realized it had awoken a deep desire of my own, I found myself wetting my knickers as I stood in silence watching my s****r devour my son, she was administering a full blow-job on him, her mouthing, her lips, so representative of a swollen wet cunt, my sons cock being swallowed in its entirety, his cock head making an imprint as it slid down her long swan-like throat, this was a lesson in cock sucking, only this was mother and son as pupils.

I sat down in silence and watched, as far as these two were concerned I was not there, my s****r was becoming more sexually aggressive, gone was the loving and teasing auntie, in place was the sexually frustrated cougar of a woman, slurping and drooling over a boys cock in her experienced mouth, and my son, well he was getting the blow-job of his young life and looking at him, he was enjoying the encounter.

His towel had fallen away and revealed a honed teenage body, his buttocks were clenched tightly, as he thrust forward into her throat, her long nail raked the buttocks, my s****r liked to drew bl**d, mark her quarry, as used, a small trickle flowed down his left cheek, she certainly was a bitch when it came to dominating men she fucked.

I had not realized he was staring across at me, he held my s****r by her hair as he thrust away merrily into her open mouth. I was focused on his cock sliding in and out and he saw that.

'Come over Mum', I was shocked as if he had been reading my thoughts, the whole sordid act had blurred the f****y ties bit, suddenly it was about sex and two women, s****rs performing with a same man, I found myself drawn as I went over and sat beside her, the smell of the sex, her perfume and the noises emanating from her mouth, I reached up and took my sons cock from her mouth and supplanted my own on it, within minutes his pubes were under my nose, his long cock embedded in my throat.

I had closed my eyes to what I was doing, a surreal experience and when I opened them, my s****r has stripped off, she was pushing her taut bum into my face, 'Put him in', she was ordering, I looked and saw just how wet she was, pulling my sons cock from my mouth and gratifying my s****rs wish, pointing him into her swollen lips and watched in fascination as he disappeared right up her, it was only when she screamed my name in disdain, did I realize I had pointed him at the wrong hole, he as ass fucking her, and a wry smile broke across my face.

'Shall I put him in the right hole', I asked her, but it was a mute point as she herself admitted it was too late, the look on my sons face spoke volumes, he had released into her ass, what a nice auntie she was, serves her right.

Needless to say after he had plopped out of her anus, we had a drink, not an ounce of f****y embarrassment was evident, my son was a live fuck toy, still is as I speak, that was a few years back, now we are at ease with the i****t thing, 'Face down mother', he said, and turned over, seems ass fucking older women is his new found forte, thanks s*s, went through my head as his cock went into me, thank god he is long shafted, my G-spot like being rubbed from this angle.

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papabare84 1 month ago
Very nice story! I'd like to be a part of your family.
boytoy68 1 year ago
scary hot!
youngcock28 1 year ago
damn my cock was rock hard reading that.. incredible story! super hot... I am not usually a far shooter but the cum shot out of me all over my chest while reading this.
Shield7 1 year ago
A little to fast for me but good. Thanks.
johnbadd990 1 year ago
wow another wonderfull story..wish you where my mum!
manzaga34 1 year ago
love the story it was so hot!!
lickme4 1 year ago
bull shit from start to end
Erin35 1 year ago
Well written, horny as hell and damn.. you made me hard!!!
MarkV123 1 year ago
Mmmm. goddamn that got me hard
MistrHyde 1 year ago
I want to be adopted
pheasant 1 year ago
Mmm so horny...
42gary 1 year ago
Mmmmm I would love to be buried deep in your sweet tight ass fucking you long and hard xx
justcccc 1 year ago
great story
9inofshmo 1 year ago
wow mariel ur stories are the best
jaydh 1 year ago
MarieL - you are a wonder - fucking awesome - uh oh - cumming again

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