He always wanted a cheerleader

This all took place a while ago, but set a great precedent
So one day I was over at my friend's Casey's. Casey's s****r was a few year old and had gone off to college by this point. now Casey was a bit milqetoast. He was the quiet one.

Well we were hanging out, flipping channels. Then he flipped to a one of the "adult" channels. Surprisingly it was clear as day.
"pretty neat, eh? My dad just got a decoder"
So we sat there quietly watching a video with some "cheerleaders" being anal sluts.
we both lightly rubbed ourselves

All of sudden casey piped up "god I wish I could have anal with a cheerleader"
Now Casey's s****r was a cheerleader, and hot so of course I agreed.
"yeah, it would be great for sure"."nothing like someone eager"

I said I needed to go to the bathrrom and headed out of the room down the hall.
I detoured at his s****r's room. a quick survery revealed she'd left her hs cheerleader outfit, and it took only a minute to find a leftover halloween wig.
I quickly "suited up", but my plans weren't quite what he might have thought.

I came back, and casey had whipped out his cock and was playing. At first he was embarassed and tried to cover up.
"oh, sorry, I thought you went down the hall"
"i did, but I'm back"
Then he seemed to realize how I was dressed. Where as Casey's s****r was blonde, and just a little soft, I was toned and wearing a black wig.

Casey seemed started, so I made it clear and licked my lips.
He uncovered his erect and slightly leaking cock.
I went for it.
Casey was a virgin to that point. He'd never had much attention, but he wasn't bad looking, mabye a little and efeminate himself. Well his cock tasted great, it was slender, but hard. In no time I found him moaning, and next thing I knew I had a mouthful of cum. Without much thought I gave him a cummy kiss
I f***ed cum back into his mouth. He moaned with pleasure.
"yeah, I kneew you'd love that"
Yeah, that was amazing. A fantasy, but not to complain but there was no anal..
I didn't respond, but merely pulled my cock out of his s****rs cheer panties. I lightly pressed my cock to his lips and he shut up and devoured it.
As he sucked me, i reached down and played with thi cock. I could feel the slick after cum.
I played with his still swollen balls. He slurped me up with vigor.
slowly I teased his ass.
"yeah, you love cheerleader dick"
He worked my cock deeper into his throat.
I knew he wanted it bad.
I slowly worked a slipperly finger while still caressing his balls. I fed him my cock. I watched as he grew hard again.
deeper my finger worked, and deeper into his mouth.
Soone I was to a knuckle.

"ok, you cheer-dick sucker, now's your chance"
He pulled back, "what do you mean"
"you can get that cheer anal you wanted"
and with that I caressed with prostate, he moaned with pleasure.
and I moved around, I slipped my finger out.

I got down where I could fuck him on the counch, and pressed my swollen head against his hole. It looked like a plum, red and swollen.

Slowly I moved against him
He pushed down a little, and bit his lip.
Finally with a nice popping sensation my head slipped past his gaurd and into his tight hole. I paused
He was sweatting, but smilling.
Slowly I worked deeper, pressing until I was up to my balls. I could feel his balls against my abs through the skirt.
"you like that cheerleader anal"
"yes" he said softly, grimacing slightly
I pulled back just a little quickly.
"no, I want to be full"
So I slowly pushed back in.
He smiled again.
Slowly we built up. I'd pull back, until I'd feel his tight ring against my head.
Then slowly back in, with a bit of f***e at the end so he felt it deep.

We picked up steam.
I stuck that finger in his still-cummy mouth.
"yeah, you're a little anal bitch for a cheerleader"
"yeah I've always wanted this"
soon I was in, and out like the seconds on the clock.
Faster, I picked up speed.
His body was sweating light, and his hole seemed so moist and slick.
I picked his legs up, onto my shoulders.
"now you'll lean abut spirit"
I pound deep, I could feel his tightness push all down my shaft. My head encountered a new resisatance. I could see him bite his lip
"please, more".
And with that I stopped holding back.
I began to pound him.
In no time it seemed I felt his hole clench me. I watched as he spray hot cum up onto his chest. It gripped so tight and the warmth was incredile
It was too much, and I felt myself start to cum.
I pounded him with all my f***e. It felt as if my balls were about to enter him I was so deep...
He gasped with each thrust.

After a minute I slipped out.

He moaned.
Now you little slut, you clean a cheer-cock.
And like a good bitch he did.

I kept that cheer-outfit for years, and it saw some usage....
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kinkykedsgurl 1 year ago
That was fucking hot!
dmf399 1 year ago
Fantastic and HOT!
curiouslyshy 1 year ago
wow, love it
bicuriousvirgin4chat 1 year ago
Damn I would love for my first time to be taken by a cheerleader or a school girl ;) PM
robin48 1 year ago
nice story

girls clothes make it better

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Thank you