I got to know about my mom/dad

Pari and ajay new info

We had maid and her son moved in our part of house for the nights. In day time they are in their part of the house. She still do our cooking.
Maid is from Tamil Nadu. She is very fare colour she looks very beautiful naked or in cloths. She got married early age. He husband was alcoholic. He us to beat her up. She got son from him. But she was not happy with him. As a woman she could not do any thing. She spend few years with him and he was getting worst. She called her aunty who was working in our home. She told her the story how she is suffering. The lady told her she can come here. The people I am working for are very nice. I am coming back to Tamil Nadu and you can take over my duties. Nalni started working and her aunt went back.

One day Nalni said she want to share some information with you and Pari only if you will not get upset on me. We assured her that we will not get up set no matter what.

She started telling us her experience. She said one day you mom asked me if I could rub oil on her head hairs. (it is common to rub iol on hairs). I said I can do that. So you mom (Baljit Kaur) Mom sat on small seat (pedi) I sat behind her and started to put iol on her heard. I started to rub it on and side of her head. When I started to rub her back of her neck she started to move as she was readjusting her self to become comfortable. I sense bibi ji was getting relax. Then I moved my hand around her ears. She started to moan softly.

Pari and I was surprised and was getting horny that my mom was getting horny. Pari said to Nalni tell more. Bibi ji was w****d in towel her back was bare. She had towel covering her boobs but upper chest was bare. I massage her shoulders and bibi was uneasy with excitment. As I moved my hand on her front of chest she pushed her back to press me as I had my legs on each side of her. I pressed my boobs on her back too to make her know that I am doing it on purposely. My hand were on bibi ji,s boob. She undid her towel that was a signal for me to massage her boobs.

I said to maid hat teri ma nu choda to meri ma they mume masl thite. But I was very excited. Pari was rubbing her pussy through her salwar. My cock was hard by imaging massaging my mom,s boobs.

I was massaging her boobs and I was blowing my hot breath on bibi ji,s neck. Now she started to moan louder. Then I said to her bibi ji you will be better off on bed. Bibi ji got up and lay on bed I removed my cloths and got naked. I put lot of iol on her boobs and stomach and legs. As I started to rub the iol on her body she pulled me on her. She started to kiss me deep. I started to move my body on her oily body. We both were slipping on each other. She had bigger boobs it looked fine with oil on them.

I shifted in 69 position. She had her tongue in my pussy and I had mine in her. She had shaved her pussy. It tasted very nice. We licked each other for 20 minutes or more. Then we got in scissor position.
Rubbing our pussy on pussy. Sorry this is in punjabi
Bibi ji started to swear sali kuti fudy chanti kis to shikhi Tenu sharm nahi andi fuddy chat do nu?
Fudy nal fudy ghahdi hain to sali to ta poori kuti hain.

Pari and I was very very excited listing to maid telling us what she did with my mom. I wished mom was alive so we could have fun. Pari said she would have loved to suck mom,s cunt.
We started to fuck each other with figures. First one then 2 then put 3 fingers in each other,s pussy. We cum few times and we were relaxed. Bibi ji and I started doing that 2-3 times a week.

Then one day bibi ji asked me if it is ok if you do sex with my husband? I said sure any thing for you.
Does he know about us? She said no he dont know. I am sure he will be fine. When we were younger we had 4some few times and 3 some mff many times. I am sure you know how you can seduce him.
I will walk in when u be doing him.

Pari said so you done with my Father in law too. You are very kinky bitch.

Bibi ji told your dad to get massage from me. Your dad was lloking tired after long day of work.
He agree to get massage. Bibi ji called me to tell me to give massage to your dad. Dad had underwear all the cloths were off him. He lay on bed on his stomach. I got on bed and started to massage him on his back. Then moved to his legs. As I stroke on his leg I started to go little up to his groan. He still had his underwear on. I could see his dick was getting hard. I told him to turn on his back. When he turn I could see his dick kind of sami hard. I said to him looks like your tool need some massage too.
He did not say any thing but smiled. I knew that mean yes. But I started to do the chest. He had very nice body good muscles. I went lower to do his stomach His head was toward the door so he could not see if some one walk in. I started to massage his thighs and his dick was getting hard. I kept it massaging. At that time Bibi ji came in room but did not say any thing. Your dad had his eyes closed. I undid his underwear. His dixk was up like pole. Then i gave sign to bibi ji. She bend and started to suck his dick. Then her was curious who is massaging and who is sucking. As he opened his eyes her was surprised to see bibi ji. Mom said hiney how u like going back to young days?

Oh homey you still suck good as ever. Your dad had dick about the same as yours dad. Bibi ji said wait till Nalni suck your dick. Daddy said why? Mom said she has sucked my pussy for few times. I took his dick in my mouth. I toll all of his dick in my mouth. I kept on sucking did not got my mouth off his dick. I kept his dick for over a minute in my mouth. He was telling bibi ji as I had his dick in my mouth that she is great cock sucker. No one had sucked me for over minute.
Mom said I told you she is good.

Bibi ji said to dad you can fuck our made now. I like to watch you fuck girl. It has been long time since I seen u with girl. Dad asked maid how do u want to get fucked? She said first doggy style. Bibi ji said that is nice So I can suck his balls as he fuck you like a dog. I got on my knees had my ass up in the air.
He got his dick in my pussy very easily he start to pump me hard. I was asking him to do hard and fast.
He fucked me for 30 min non stop. Bibi ji started to suck his balls then she moved in front of me. I licked her pussy as your dad was fucking me.
Then I said now I want it on my back and lifted my legs up for him to fuck me hard. I was bit soar from his fucking. Thank God he cum soon.

This is how I started with your mom and dad.
I said you have made our day. It is nice to know my past?
How long have you been doing with my mom/dad?
Nalni said all the way till they died. I really miss them.

Pari said to Nalni: I want to know if Raja(son) fucked MIL AJ,s mom.

Nalni said yes Raja my son did fuck your MIL. You mean Ajay,s mom has been fucked by servant?

That be next story

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stargaazer05 1 year ago
hot story... love to hear more of your family orgy...
fulltimeflirt 1 year ago
Loved your story and I do want to hear more of it

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