I took my daughter to be deflowered by an old man

These were strange feelings, urges really, I wanted to feel pressure down there, so I pushed against the edge of the table, and began to rub along the decorative edge beading, and as I swayed gently, I dont daddy noticed it, but I remember many years ago, walking into the utility room and seeing mommy do something similar with the corner of the spin dryer, she did not see me, but now I know what she was doing.

Sarah was nude and running around the room, being chased by daddy with his camera, which kept flashing as he took pictures of us.

The toilet flushed and Uncle Bertie came out, he was not our real Uncle, just a friends of daddies, and as he emerged he caught me s****r around the waist and pulled her in tight.

She stopped running as her nude form meshed with his, she fell across the settee back and I could see Bertie's hand feel around s*s's bum, her head fell forward with her long hair covering her face, but her moaning took center stage, with daddy saying over and over, 'That's my girl, give it to him', all the while the camera kept flashing, and as daddy knelt down, Uncle Bertie stopped momentarily and slightly turned, so daddy could see the source of s*s's moaning, they were having sex, then daddy put his hand in and touched uncle Bertie, I never knew men did that to each other, that was when I heard my s****r say my name, 'Daddy Mariel's watching'.

I look back to those years through the mists of time, those images are superimposed on my own two daughters as they sit quietly, two teenage girls about the same age as I and their aunt was, and wonder what they would think if they knew about the perversions of their grandfather, especially Pia, my oldest, so beautiful and sexy, perfectly normal in every aspect, the product of a first generation i****tuous coupling, she was daddies c***d, born in Finland, whilst I was supposedly on an educational semester.

Knowing now what I did not know then, I could understand why I was whisked away to the wilderness, I was still in my formative years, a prize catch for a pervert like Uncle Bertie, an old man and a young girl all alone in a cabin, Bertie had the time of his life, my belly swelled with daddies seed, and Bertie opened me to the perversions my body offered men like him, nothing was sacred, Pia was born that day, and they say Bertie's sperm was still warm on her head, he was still inside me when she was in the birthing canal, I can still hear Bertie saying, 'It's OK, your squirting', but I was not, I had burst my waters, and Pia met Bertie's cock as one came down and the other went up.

Pia has a dimple on her chin and to this day, its nickname is 'Bertie's Dimple', yes we laugh, but I go red, Pia would die if she ever found out.

Wealthy peoples practiced this form of sex long before men like daddy enjoyed the fruits of his loins, my s****r and I were normal girls of outstanding beauty and as we grew into teenagers we were always walking around naked, we thought nothing off it, showering and saunas, then s*s began menstruating, I can remember her with her legs open and Bertie and dad feeling her down there, they were talking and inserting their fingers, moving them in and out, 'She likes that Joe', said uncle Bertie, as he stood up and undid his zipper, that was the first time I saw Bertie take it out, and my mouth dropped, even now I can feel a twinge, no doubt most girls do when confronted by a genuine 12" cock.

Daddy looked across at me, then Bertie did likewise, 'Let her watch, she needs to learn', and dad nodded, and got up as Bertie knelt down and lent across my s****r, but daddy turned back to them, obscuring my line of sight, no doubt doing what I saw later in life across the back of the settee.

'How would you like to visit Finland Pia'?

I dont know why I said it, but I did, and as I looked down on my beautiful daughter my heart pounded, Bertie would be in his mid to late sixties by now, I know he was my s****rs first, my second after daddy, and now the creme de la creme, Pia, my beautiful c***d, and like a witch skewered at the devils alter, I wanted to go back and offer up my virgin beauty to this pervert, in truth I yearned for those far off distant feelings I had lost over the years, I wanted relief, some closure to the sordid sex that thrilled me, I wanted in truth to view it reenacted, only my daughter would be me and I would watch as it unfolded, seeking the final thrill, secretly and passionately, as a voyeur, my daughter cries of pain and passion, meeting the cock that kissed her during birth, I was happy when she excitedly said yes.

'Who is this guy'?

Pia was looking around as the taxi drew up to the house, now she could see some of the attraction he held, the financial side of him, a large home on a larger estate, even though deep in the Winters first snow, which made it vaster than it really was, Bertie had it all, home comforts and sexual delights, anonymity and a place to commit his carnal acts, one of which was bringing her own beautifully formed penile implants for his pleasure, 'Mariel', I could hear him call from the back of the house as we entered, 'My God', I thought, he had aged, and I cast a worried look at Pia, but thankfully, she was smiling and looked excited.

We hugged and kissed, it had been thirteen years since that last day, and even through my heavy warm overcoat, I could still feel the vibrancy of his cock nestling between his legs, 'I can still feel your heartbeat', and we both laughed.

Pia caught on to my meaning as we parted and turned to her for an introduction, his cock was pronounced as it pushed against the silk material of his pajama come happy pants, for wont of a better word, her eyes were focused down there and she swallowed hard.

'I last saw you the day you were born', he said in a fatherly tone, as he gathered her up into his arms, and I watched as she just seemed to melt into his shape, part of which nestled between her thighs, 'He has the cock of a stallion', she said later when we were alone, 'Yes dear', I replied, 'and no doubt you will see it in the flesh, so no screaming', I continued, just as there was a knock on the bedroom door, of which was hers, we were separated, we felt it make things easier.

He came into the room armed with glasses and champagne, 'For my darling beauties', and he poured and handed us a glass each.

Pia was hesitant, she looked at me, uncertain to my reaction, but I reassured her, 'Why not, you're on holiday', and Bertie chimed-in, 'Out here dear, everything goes', and then in a slightly darker tone, 'and I mean everything', and on saying so, we rose our glasses and he winked at each of us in turn.

Unaccustomed to alcohol and in particular champagne, Pia downed her's quickly only to find it refilled quicker than she could bat her long lashes with, not that I did not see her expression change as the magic bubbles did their work, actually they were working on me too, and I began to wonder if this particular bottle was not fortified with a little something extra to encourage a lessening of inhibitions, Bertie's eyes remained focused and the pert breasts of my daughter, her nipples in particular, which were so pronounced with a mixture of champagne exuberance, teenage horniness, and the wondrous delight of being desired.

She downed her second to the raptures of Bernie, and she was rewarded by a kiss on one of her protruding nipples.
Her form remained slightly bleary eyed and rigid as Bernie's teeth grazed her erectile tissue through her thin cotton top, Bernie's cock looked as if it too could have done with a little attention, as it twitched, in unison with his tongue tip working feverishly between his clenched teeth on my daughters nipple.

'Welcome to the world of sordid sex darling'. Bernie had just gone to get a second bottle of champagne, leaving Pia standing in a trance, her empty glass dangling precariously in her hand.

She was glassy-eyed, sex and booze does that, but she had to learn to embrace both and gain control.
'Surely you have had your nipples sucked before'?

I was making light of it, 'I mean darling they do stick out crying for attention', I continued, but she remained somewhat pacified, distant even, as if she was dwelling on her first encounter with a man intent on fucking her, there was no doubting the bl**d in her veins was busily forcing its way into her sensitive tissue, nipples and clitoris, 'You need a fuck sweetheart', and I meant every word of it.

So what do you think happened next, I will conclude if you are horny enough to unravel the next three hours, just ask me for it.

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crmaster 1 year ago
silly boys..i know it finishes..use your imaginations!!
olderman66 1 year ago
It would be a crime to frustrate your readers by not finishing this story. XXX
daniboi999 1 year ago
Please please finish this
daniboi999 1 year ago
this is sooooo hot....please finish it
MorePeter 1 year ago
This is a story that begs to be concluded.
VulvaLover13 1 year ago
Wonderful, more please!
Nipper6969 1 year ago
More please
42gary 1 year ago
OMG I need to hear the rest, I'm so hard right now :-)
fionaglassfield 1 year ago
great opening looking forwart to part to x
nutsmuts 1 year ago
very good,waits for the next instalment :)
peanuttbutter 1 year ago
I'm waiting with cock in hand for the rest

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