Dear Diary: Today I let Daddy take my Virginity.

This is an extract from the diary of a bewildered girl, entering her puberty with so many questions about men, her confusions and new found desires, her changing body and lusting for the unknown, and her first real penetration, by her loving father, the unbreakable bonding a girl has for her parent and first lover.

Please read on and feel around with her as she ventures forth, enjoy her release and see if you recognize these traits in your s****r, or girlfriends, chances are their fathers have been with them, like mine was with me.

'Start of my daily dairy'

I sometimes wondered if men could be inside a girls head, if they would still try to fuck us?

It's not something you would ask a man, I mean, if you did then you would be admitting to thinking about sex, and him of course.

I sat home the other night and there was a movie on, with some erotic scenes, I drifted in and out as I watched and admit to being aroused, but my younger b*****r sat there with a boner.

Both our brains were stimulated and our sex organs responded accordingly, if my father knew I was, 'up for it', at that moment in time, would he sneak into my bedroom and have a feel between my legs, and on the same scale of thought, would mummy give my b*****r a blow-job, or the very least, a hand-job?

Daddies friends down at the local film club, would 'Jump my bones', I use this term because a few have said it to my face, passing it off as some sort of compliment, but I am convinced if they could pry my secret lips apart with their 'Bell-ends', I am sure they would not stop until their, 'Nut-sacks', were bouncing off my ass.

What I find disturbing is that thinking like this is a hormonal reaction inside me. I started bleeding two weeks ago for the first time, and all the talk in school is about sex, boys, men, and getting ourselves excited by stories of cocks.

Cocks, Dicks, that's their new designation, last year it was, Willies, and Pee-Pees, little girls amusing appendages, but now our periods have started, all of a sudden we are women, and a cock is something of a mystery and a bit of something on the side, up our assess, or a good shagging.

The week after my first menstruation, I overheard mother tell daddy I needed to be moved into another room of my own, perhaps the attic could be converted, she was apparently referring to my sexuality, being a young woman and all that, my feelings for my b*****r might take a turn for the worse, laughable mummy, your son, my darling b*****r has been jacking off every night and insisting I watch him, which I do of course, but as usual, she is way behind the times as usual.

Periods or menstruation, does draw one closer to ones vagina, pleasure for a week, then pain and cramps, then two weeks of naughty thoughts, and one week into the later, naughty thought cycle, I asked daddy about pubic hair, not his, but my lack off any.

He smiled warmly as any man would, when confronted by a girl wanting to talk about a subject so close to her secret lips, 'Why do you want pubic hairs Mariel'?

'To shave', I replied. What I really meant to say was I wanted to draw attention to myself in the manner, show mine like some of the hairier girls did, 'Pubic Coiffuring', shave your own individualistic styling, reel them in and get some cock.

I know you're scratching your heads right now, today's men like the baby girl look, all bald and smooth, like a little girls, well actually like mine is right now as I type this, well it goes to show just how fucked-up I am.

'Can I take a look'. I felt my heart skip a beat, daddy had seen me before, but this was different, my world had changed so much since my 'Periods', my awareness of myself down their had taken on a new meaning, and daddy would be the first man to look at me, just goes to show yet again, who fucked up I am.

I went across to where he was seated and undid my denims and pushed them over my hips and down my thighs, which were quivering like two blancmanges, 'Take your panties down'.

An order of that magnitude made me gush, and a dark stain spread on my cotton panties, daddy saw it and told me not to worry, as it was a very natural response, so I stood feeling sick in my stomach, a strange sickness, borne from sexual excitement, not from something I had ate, and as daddy pulled my panties away from my pubis region, I thought I would disgrace myself and have a fucking orgasm, honestly, I was that close, wavering on the edge, thank god we were alone.

I stood wavering with hands on hips, looking down at daddies balding pat as he stared at me, or more at my vagina. I could almost feel the inner working of that dominant organ of mine as it swelled in passion, and daddies experienced fingers were exacerbating my problem as they caressed the same spot I did whenever I felt in the mood to do so, and right now more than ever, only he was doing it better than I could.

'Does that feel nice darling', he asked me softly. I swallowed hard, I was fighting with all my body to stop cumming right there in front of him, but wave after wave of sheer pleasure kept enveloping me and weakening my resolve.

My knees gave way and I collapsed onto his lap, my legs straight out in front and my head falling back, from his lap. I was as rigid as a board, my legs crossed with daddies finger inside me,twisting and thrusting.

I was convulsing in little spasms as my orgasm enveloped me, daddy looked bemused at such power he possessed, I held his wrist with both hands, my hips pumping wildly as I rode his digit up and down, his voice in the background encouraging me to enjoy it.

When it finished I turned onto my side, naked and in a fetal position, as daddy stroked and soothed me, 'Our secret', he said over and over, to which I replied, 'Of course, yes daddy', all the time the recovery of youth began its evil cycle, and soon he was inside me again, with his masterly control, until neither of us could stop what nature had intended, we went to the bedroom, where daddy undressed, and lay back and received man inside me, drawing my knees high across his back, my finger nails digging hard into his buttocks, I drew him as far as his length provided, my bald pubis rubbing hard into his hairy bone, the growth of my own hair could wait, having a mans there was way to much fun, so I closed my eyes and humped.

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jot50 1 year ago
dam that was kinda hot.
olderman66 1 year ago
You have a lovely way with words that makes things so real it's like being there. XXXXXX
23tim 1 year ago
That was awesome as usual, Mariel.
PUSSYLICKER74 1 year ago
nice story !!!
VulvaLover13 1 year ago
Great story line Mariel, lover your work as you!!

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