Christmas cuckold

This time of year is always more fun to me than any other. I'm a cuckold husband and have been my whole marrage. Christmas time around here is a time of secrets , My wife normaly tells me when she is going out to have sex but not around Christmas. She knows the mistery adds to the excitment for me. So Friday night when I got home from work I was greated by my wife and she was wearing a very short " Miss Santa" outfit. It was the tipical red jacket and short skirt all trimed in white fir. Her legs where covered in white stockings with a wide white lace band at the top , they where being held up by six white garter straps. She was wearing a pair of black high hill boots that reached to her knees. I put away my lunch box and took off my jacket and went into the den where she was setting. At first I was trying to see what was under the skirt without being caught. It's more fun that way. After about ten minutes of stealing peeks I got caught. She said are you trying to see what I have on under my outfit? I acted like I wasn't and told her no mam I was just admiring your sexy legs. Then I asked where she was going dressed like that. She said no where I wore this to Mike's company Christmas party today. She said they hired her to give out the Christmas bonus checks to all the employees. I asked her if she had to wear that jacket all day? She said no it was hot in the meeting room so she took it off. I asked what she had on under it. She stood up and unbottoned it and held it open. There was a very low cut white lacey top and I could see her white push up bra through it. Her 34 B's where perfect little round globes. I said I bet the ladies at that company didn't like that . She said all the females had their own Christmas party and there where only men at the on she was at. I asked if she got any offers to dance? She said yes every guy there wanted to dance with her. I asked if any of them propositioned her? She said all the younger ones did. I knew I had just about reached my limit on the questions I could ask with her getting mad. So I smiled and headed to my bathroom to take a much needed shower.

I was in the shower for a few minutes when I heard the bathroom door open. I could see through the frosted glass that my wife had come in. She said I'm leaving you some things for you to wear tonight. I said OK and just before she closed the door she said shave everything then I heard the door close. I shaved my cock and balls velvety smooth then both legs and my arms. , she likes me totaly smooth. I opened the shower door to see my CB3000 laying on top of a Santa hat , that's all. I dried off and locked away my little buddy and put on the Santa hat. I thought I be a smart ass and go running down the hall carring my dirty cloths and making my caged equipment bounce. I tossed my stuff in the laundry room just as my wife called me to come into the den. I hoped into the den bouncing my chastised cock. I frooze. There in my den where three ladies I didn't know. I quickly covered myself with my hands. Each of the ladies turned when they heard me enter. They where each holding a mixed drink and they all three smiled. Ladies this is my husband I have been telling you about. Then she walked over to me and slapped my hands away from covering my caged cock. Honey she said to me these are the ladies from Mike's company , I met them after the party broke up , they where asking me if my husband knew that I was dressed like Santa's helper and having sex at a company Christmas party? I told them no he doesn't know , but he wouldn't mind. I invited them over to prove to them you didn't mind me having sex outside our marrage. I know my face was bl**d red with embarrassment.

The ladies started asking me questions about how long I had been a Cuckold to my wife. As I started answering them I fely more relaxed . I looked to my wife and said Sweetheart I didn't know you had sex at the party. She said well I was waiting to tell you after our guest arived. She then backed up toward the arm of the couch and said OK here is what I promised you this afternoon. Then she sat on the arm and lifted her skirt. She spread her legs and exposed her naked pussy for all to see. Then she said now clean me. I did as asked and got on my knees and burried my face in the well used loose womanhood of my wife. I could hear the ladies commenting about how well I behaved. After a good ten minutes of licking my wife pushed my head away from her . She said stand up and show the ladies how your cock tries to get hard while being locked up. I turned toward the three eagar to see ladies. My cock had filled up the small cage. They walked over and one took my hard cock in her hand and asked my wife how long do you leave him in here before he gets released? My wife told them some times a week or two. Hearing that the lady ( still holding my bobing member) said you poor man. Then she asked my wife if she could make me come without being released? My wife said you can try I don't care.

This lady looked to be about 40 then told me to set on the arm of the love seat. And told my wife to set back on the arm of the couch , this way we are facing each other. She then hiked up her skirt to show me that she was wearing stockings and a garter belt. She pulled her panties down to expose her shaved pussy to me. I could tell it was wet , probably from watching me clean my wife. She ran a finger between the lips then wiped them on my lips. My whole face aready smelled like pussy and seaman but I acked as if I could smell her. She let go of my cock and turned to my wife, she lifted my wife's skirt and started eatting her pussy, I have on just a few Occasions watched my wife with another woman. After a few minutes she turned and started kissing me French style , her tongue all on my mouth . I was so horny I was about to pop. She told one of the other ladies to take my caged cock into her mouth. I felt my cock being taking into a mouth but I couldn't see who's. I was still being frenched kissed as hard a one can be. The lady kissing me then stoped long enough to tell that same lady to put my cock in her pussy. She turned and flipped up her skirt and I saw she wasn't wearing panties. Her pussy wasn't shaved and I could see the part in the curly hairs. She worked the cage right into her wet cunt. She backed up a few times and I let go all in her. She let me finish and then stood up , straighted her skirt and sid she needed to go. I asked if she wanted me to clean that up for her, she said no she was going to make her husband do it. She told the other two she needed to go she didn't know how long she could keep the cum in her. My wife said hang on and she got her a pair of her tight panties that she wears to do just that. After the lady pulled them up tight and rubbed herself through them they all left. I was left locked up and my wife called Mike to come spend the night with her, I said didn't he fuck you this afternoon? She said he was the only one that didn't so she felt she owed him a full night of her services. They did fuck all night and I slept in the guest room next to our room.
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modelmaker 1 year ago
A great life.

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